The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 24 Part 2

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Chapter 24: The Glory of Our Ancestors Is Guarded by Us! (2)

Bai Lian was very upset right now.

The punch she swung was too metaphysical!

According to the system description, although she would take the Star Moon Special Effect when she fought, it wouldn't be as exaggerated as the punch just now.

If she was in an online game, she must have to pay a lot of money to buy such a Special Effect.

Suddenly, it was upgraded from the "Normal version" to the "Promax version".

Who could withstand such a Special Effect?

The painting of the moon and stars stretched across the sky, and could be seen by anyone who was not blind.

She heard some excited shouts just now. She was afraid that the demons on the Flying Fog would come to her door soon.

"Maybe I should run away now?"

Bai Lian paced up and down the room.

She also suspected that the rabbit had been killed by her fist. Otherwise, how come it hasn't returned yet?

If so, her crime would be heavier!

It's a pity that it's not so easy to escape.

She needed to find a loophole and then sneak out of it.

While Bai Lian was looking around for an escape route, the jade rabbit came.

Its ears turned fast and it stopped in front of Bai Lian in a rampant manner, "Haw, haw!"

Bai Lian got it.

the jade rabbit must be reminding her to run away!

the jade rabbit was really great.

Bai Lian was moved to embrace the jade rabbit.

"Let us run away together…"

Bai Lian was silent in the middle of the speech.

Out of consideration for the future of the jade rabbit, she couldn't run away together with the jade rabbit selfishly.

Hearing the word "Together", the jade rabbit shook her head desperately.

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We couldn't be together!

It grabbed Bai Lian's hand with its ears and intended to write words on Bai Lian's hand to explain.

Parting is always melancholy.

Bai Lian rubbed the jade rabbit's ear, "Don't worry. It's all going to pass."

I'll be back!

She was ready to jump out of the window, but she was still one step late. Qiong Zhi and other demons had "Surrounded" her residence.


Well, well.

Bai Lian felt the oppressive atmosphere.

There was no way out.

Do you want to be a coward for a lifetime or be a warrior of five minutes? She chose the latter.

She opened the door and strode out.

the jade rabbit behind Bai Lian opened her mouth slightly.

Bai Lian turned her back on her.

Bai Lian faced dozens of demonic beasts in front of her alone.

Bai Lian opened her arms.

Bai Lian's body radiated a light that was awe inspiring.

the jade rabbit only thought Bai Lian was as tall as ever.

This is not the demeanor of a Saint, but the courage of a mortal.

Courage is a hymn that has been handed down for thousands of years and will not be outdated!

At this moment, the jade rabbit was moved. It suddenly understood what it meant.

I like her.



Bai Lian finally came to the center where she should stand.

The moonlight was still beautiful tonight, which was a good day for shouting "You can fight me together".

She calmly tidied up her clothes, and then looked at the demonic beasts in front of her with the calmest eyes.

No one could see through my trembling heart, no one!

Bai Lian said, "I know what you're here for."

Just like a fairy under the bright moon, her posture drifted into the heart of every demonic beast.

Many years later, they would still remember this picture named "The Saint Under the Moon".

This is heroic posture of our ancestor!

A relatively weak Yaoguang Rabbit directly fell on the ground.

"Yaoguang Star Lord, you've finally come back, sob..."

When it shouted, other demonic beasts also bowed up in a huge and moving manner.


What did you just say?

"Yaoguang Star Lord!"

The invincible Yaoguang Star Lord is back!

From now on, the Flying Fog can regain its former glory!

In the chatter of discussion, Bai Lian gradually understood everything.

She was regarded as the reincarnation of the Yaoguang Rabbit Race's ancestor, Yaoguang Star Lord!

Damn it!

Bai Lian was dumbfounded.

This is really a problem.

Why did she suddenly become the ancestor of a group of rabbits thousands of miles away from the Duxian sect?

She really has no such ability!

I must explain it at once!

But how to explain it is a matter of learning.

Bai Lian quickly glanced at the new task that had just appeared.

[Task 1, "The Flying Fog, your Yaoguang Star Lord is back!" (Reward: your cultivation base break through to the Soul Changing Stage)

[Task 2: Deny that you are the reincarnation of Yaoguang Star Lord. (Reward: a middle-grade magic tool - Flying Cloud Burning Sun Lance)]

[Task 3: Tell Qiong Zhi alone, "I'm not Yaoguang Star Lord, I just got the blessing of Yaoguang Star Lord." (Reward: Light Skill + 3)]

Task 2 is obviously a bad choice.

Bai Lian chooses Task 3.

She whispered, "The King of the Flying Fog, I want to talk to you alone."


Qiong Zhi immediately got up.

Seeing that Bai Lian turned and walked into the house, she immediately appealed to the other demonic beasts not to move, and then followed Bai Lian into the house respectfully.

This room is so small.

Qiong Zhi thought so.

She looked at the jade rabbit as soon as she turned her head.

Bai Lian stood by the window,

This trip to the Flying Fog was really full of twists and turns.

After she sighed, she said in an ethereal voice, "Actually, I am not…"


Qiong Zhi stood still.

She made a mistake?

Bai Lian reached out and pressed the ★ at the corner of her eye.

Therefore, the eye-catching Star Moon Disc slowly opened like wings.

The room was haunted with clear light.

That's it, the symbol of Yaoguang Star Lord!

She saw a divine light rising out of the window, and she knew that the laurel tree was in that position.

Qiong Zhi's tight body gradually stretched out, and her confused mind was also settled under the influence of the Star Moon Disc.

"What I practice is a kind of water-type cultivation method, which is completely different from Yaoguang Star Lord's."

"Moreover, Yaoguang Star Lord is still alive, otherwise I would not get her blessing."

"I think that because she has always been concerned about you, she will try her best to get in touch with you through the barriers between immortals and mortals."

"Seeing that the inheritance of the Flying Fog has not been cut off after thousands of years, Yaoguang Star Lord in the Immortal World must be very happy."



These words softened Qiong Zhi's heart.

At first she had been really disappointed, but now she wasn't.

If Yaoguang Star Lord Had really reincarnated, wouldn't it mean that she had died in the Immortal World?

This was not what she expected.

For the Flying Fog, Yaoguang Star Lord did everything she could.

She could not have lived so tired, but she desperately suppressed her cultivation base, hoping that she could protect the weak Flying Fog as long as possible.

Hundreds of years later, when she could no longer resist the call of the Immortal World, she flew to the Immortal World on a starlit night.

When Yaoguang Star Lord left, she was smiling.

She believed that even without her, the Flying Fog could survive in this cultivation world full of disputes.

Today, although the Flying Fog is no longer glorious, it's still a strong force of this land.

"I was too greedy."

Qiong Zhi only hoped that Yaoguang Star Lord could live well in the Immortal World. She had done enough. It was time to have a rest and live for herself.

The Flying fog was not only the Flying Fog of the Yaoguang family, but also the Flying Fog of all demonic beasts. If everything depended on Yaoguang Star Lord, how could they talk about inheritance and protection?

"It is our duty to rebuild the glory of the Flying Fog!"

She was the king of the Flying Fog, and she would lead the charge.

Qiong Zhi asked with a smile, "Does Yaoguang Star Lord have anything to say to us?"

Bai Lian shook her head. "You should listen to her voice yourself."

That's right.

The laurel tree seemed to want to say something.

Qiong Zhi said, "I'll explain to those guys outside."

Bai Lian was relieved.

The misunderstanding is over.

But she didn't know that Qiong Zhi's mind was rolling more fiercely.

It's really a miracle!

The Natural Saint of the Duxian sect!

Only she, only she is the most suitable one for Yao Ye. This is from a mother's intuition.