The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 24 Part 1

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Chapter 24: The Glory of Our Ancestors Is Guarded by Us! (1)

"It's a miracle!"

The slightly shrill hiss almost spread throughout Flying Fog.

In fact, even if the rabbit demon guarding the tree didn't shout, other demons all knew that Yaoguang Star Lord just showed her holiness.

The Scroll of the Moon and Stars was one of the pieces of evidence.

In spring the river rises as high as the sea. And with the river's tide uprises the moon bright!

It couldn't be wrong.

Only those who have mastered the Great Tao could draw this bewildering moonlit painting.

And above the Flying Fog, Yaoguang Star Lord was the only one who had this power in the recent 5000 years.

Qiong Zhi turned her head back.

At this sight, she fell.

the jade rabbit's eyes were blurred.

This is the glory of our ancestors!

During the reign of Yaoguang Star Lord, the Flying Fog was a transcendent existence on the boundless sea. No force dared to provoke the Flying Fog.

Qiong Zhi wished she was drunk and didn't want to wake up, but she had to wake up. There were more important things waiting for her to confirm.

The laurel tree that had been swaying in the wind for 5000 years had changed.

From afar she could see a faint halo around it.

Qiong Zhi hurried over.


The rabbit demon guarding the tree looked at their king with fear.

Qiong Zhi didn't speak.

When the wind blew.

The laurel tree was suddenly full of star shaped flowers.

The silver light flickered, like countless fireflies flying up and down.

Her eyes gradually moved down, and she saw that the Scroll of the Moon and Stars carved on the stone wall came to life at this moment.

It seemed to be covered with a layer of rippling wave light.


Qiong Zhi's breath became rapid.

Is it true that Yaoguang Star Lord has returned?

If it was true, she would immediately call all the Elders of the Flying Fog together!

Just as she was preparing to take action, a black shadow suddenly appeared at the end of the Scroll of the Moon and Stars floating in the sky.

Qiong Zhi's eyes widened.

"Que Yue?"

Que Yue was the rabbit that was blown away by Bai Lian.

Its forehead was swollen, but its face showed a smile more brilliant than the sun.

"Hee hee… Ha ha…"

"Yeah! I saw the Star Lord! Yeah!"


Qiong Zhi was stunned.

Did she become a fool?

Que Yue, what's wrong with you? Que Yue!

Que Yue ignored Qiong Zhi, laughed, and flew over from above.


Anger welled up in Qiong Zhi's mind.

Qiong Zhi flew up and grabbed Que Yue's tail.

She stretched out her fluffy little front leg and kicked Que Yue, whose body was ten times bigger than her.

"Are you still shouting?"

Que Yue's head felt dizzy under Qiong Zhi's kicks.

It stood still for a long time. It didn't speak, but its glowing eyes finally returned to normal.

After a long time, Que Yue covered her swollen forehead and shouted, "Mom!"

Qiong Zhi asked angrily, "What happened? Who beat you like this?"

Que Yue stretched out her claws and pointed to the sky, "It was Yaoguang Star Lord, it was Yaoguang Star Lord's fist!"

Fuck you!

Qiong Zhi raised her claws and slapped Que Yue's head hard.

"I really didn't lie," Que Yue cried.

She explained her experience before.

At first, Qiong Zhi was angry at her rash behavior. However, when she heard Que Yue's description of the world she saw from Bai Lian's fist, Qiong Zhi's body trembled violently.

"How… How could it be?"

"I'm not lying!" cried Que Yue.

She looked more serious than ever.

If she hadn't been hit by a sudden blow, she felt that she would have begun to realize the Great Tao.

"Come on, follow me."

Qiong Zhi took Que Yue to the palace.

She had a guess. She must hurry to discuss it with other demonic beasts.


the jade rabbit had been lying by the window for a long time.

Until the moon and stars in the sky dissipated, she jumped down from the window frame and planned to practice her "Rabbit Boxing" to calm her restless heart.

As soon as she was ready to start, she heard a quick knock at the door.


Qiong Zhi suddenly appeared at the door.

the jade rabbit looked puzzled.

Shouldn't my mom have to deal with official business at this time?

When she opened the door, she didn't even have time to say a word. She heard Qiong Zhi say, "Yao Ye, the situation has changed!"


Qiong Zhi said, "Your wedding with Bai Lian may not be possible!"


the jade rabbit was petrified on the spot.

In fact, it didn't want to marry Bai Lian at the beginning, which was not realistic at all in her mind.

Although Bai Lian advertised that she liked women, it was obvious that her two younger Martial Sisters were closer to her. As for her, she was just a rabbit running away from home, weak and helpless.

Moreover, the jade rabbit didn't know whether she liked Bai Lian or not.

It shyly told Qiong Zhi what it thought.

After a heart-to-heart talk, Qiong Zhi let her take off her guard.

"You just have to be psychologically prepared, and I'll think of a way!"


I will marry Bai Lian!

It took her half a day to adjust her mind. Well, now Qiong Zhi suddenly came over and told her that the wedding might not be possible.

What about that?

Qiong Zhi read out the loss on the jade rabbit's face and explained, "It's not that I want to stop you, nor is it that other Elders are making trouble. The main reason is, alas…"

She shook her head.

This is too fucking!

"Have you seen the stars and moon in the sky?" Asked Qiong Zhi.

Converting to past tense…

"That was caused by Bai Lian."

the jade rabbit immediately became nervous. Did Bai Lian make trouble?

No, it must rescue Bai Lian!

Qiong Zhi said, "She's fine. No, she's not fine. She could perform the same moves as Yaoguang Star Lord's. Because of her, the laurel tree, which remained unchanged for five thousand years, has also performed miracles."

the jade rabbit's eyes were wide open.

So what?

Qiong Zhi said in a heavy voice, "This shows that Bai Lian is probably the reincarnation of Yaoguang Star Lord!"

Before she ascended to the Immortal World, Yaoguang Star Lord said that she would definitely come back, but this situation was still too shocking.

the jade rabbit felt as if she had been struck by thunder.

Its eyes began to become dizzy and its feet became vain.

Yaoguang Star Lord is the ancestor of the Yaoguang Rabbit Race!

If Bai Lian is really the reincarnation of Yaoguang Star Lord, isn't her marriage to Bai Lian a marriage to her ancestor?

This is absolutely impossible!

At any rate, it couldn't pass this hurdle in its own mind.

But is Bai Lian really the reincarnation of Yaoguang Star Lord?

It looked at Qiong Zhi with pleading eyes.

Qiong Zhi turned her head away. She could understand the jade rabbit's mood. After all, this was more frightening than suddenly discovering that your girlfriend was actually your sister!

"If not, how could she attract the laurel tree planted by Yaoguang Star Lord?"

the jade rabbit was confused.

It took two steps back and then suddenly rushed out of the house.

"Yao Ye!"

Qiong Zhi shouted, but it was no use.

She knew that the jade rabbit must have gone to see Bai Lian. It happened that she also wanted to go to see Bai Lian now.

There's no way. We have to face it after all.