The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: This is Saint Bai Lian's Spirit!

This story sounded fake!

In a house surrounded by trees.

When listening to two flower demons telling Bai Lian's story, the Yaoguang Rabbit King, Qiong Zhi's mind first flashed this idea.

Kill the dragon, kill the ghost, eliminate the demon… she had the mercy to help the world.

It sounded like they were talking about a Saint.


Bai Lian was a Natural Saint.

Then it would be fine.

Even if the above rumors were not necessarily true, the two flower demons' personal experiences couldn't be fake.

"On the way back to Flying Fog, we took the flying boat of the Yuantong sect."

"The Yuantong sect's flying boat was really slow. We should have taken the Guangtong sect's flying boat!"

"Shut up, that's not the point!"

The other flower demon immediately gave her friend a reprimand, and she continued, "At that time, several people on the ship praised Bai Lian. Bai Lian thought that they over-flattered her, so she went over and tried to explain."

Qiong Zhi nodded, "And then?"

"Amazing things have happened!"

Until now, the flower demons still thought it was incredible when they recalled what happened at that time.

It was so funny!

Hearing the noise, they hurried out of the cabin.

Then they heard the deacon of the Yuantong sect scolded Bai Lian——

"Bastard, how dare you belittle Fairy Bai Lian!"

"I'm here today to drive this maniac off the ship. Even if the sect leader would punish me, I would do it!"

"Deacon Wang, don't panic. We will publicize your righteous deeds outside. Your sect's leader is a reasonable person and will not punish you!"

"Thank you very much!"

Qiong Zhi was shocked, "Then you were driven down from the flying boat?"

The flower demons nodded, "Yes."

Bai Lian only told these people that she was not as great as they praised, then she was scolded and driven away.

Qiong Zhi looked serious.

At first glance, she only thought it was interesting, but when she thought about it, it scared her.

If she was in the world of mortals, she could easily overturn a dynasty if she wanted.

It was even more frightening in the cultivation world.

Cultivators are proud people and hard to convince of anything. However, there were so many people of different sects who admired Bai Lian.

What kind of spirit is this?

Just as the flower demon said, this is the spirit of the Saint!

"No wonder she didn't sign a contract with my daughter and never asked about her origin. Besides, she also fed my daughter white and fat."

Qiong Zhi sighed.

She didn't like people, but she didn't hate them either.

However, what Bai Lian did made her think more.

Especially after meeting Bai Lian alone.

"I like her."

Really good!

Is this the fun of youth?

She recalled her youth lost in heavy official duties, and felt more emotion in her heart.

Now Bai Lian liked the jade rabbit. As the jade rabbit's mom, she could naturally realize the jade rabbit's attachment to Bai Lian.

Both of them like each other. Great!

If Bai Lian and the jade rabbit were together, since the jade rabbit was her daughter, then Bai Lian would naturally be her daughter too.


That's not important. With the juice of the divine tree, the two sides' gender couldn't prevent them from having a baby.


That's equally unimportant.

The Great Tao has long transcended this unworthy barrier.

Qiong Zhi walked briskly to the outside of the jade rabbit's room.


The gate keepers bowed down to salute.

Qiong Zhi motioned them to step down for the time being. It was mother-daughter time now.

When she was alone, Qiong Zhi knocked at the door.

"Yao Ye."

The jade rabbit, the Princess of the Yaoguang Rabbit Race, was named Yao Ye.

A moment later, a weak voice came from the room, "Haw."

Qiong Zhi pushed the door and went in.

Here, she was no longer the Yaoguang Rabbit King, but the mother of a rabbit.

She took off her pretense, put aside the authority, and began to discuss the marriage with her daughter with anxiety.


Bai Lian was taken to a quiet residence.

After thanking the cat demon for leading the way, she immediately hid in the depths of her residence.

"Hoo ~"

After separating from Qiong Zhi, Bai Lian received the system prompt.

She planned to take this opportunity to see what the new Special Effect was for.

The Tao Halo Special Effect made her have to wear earrings when she went out. The Water Spirit Special Effect made her dare not cultivate in front of people. She was afraid that the Yaoguang Special Effect would be more publicized.

"Let me see."

Bai Lian first read the system description.

The word "Yaoguang" had already explained that this Special Effect was related to the Yaoguang Rabbit Race.

Sure enough.

It was pointed out in the description that the word "Yaoguang" came from the Yaoguang Star Lord.

Yaoguang Star Lord was the Yaoguang Rabbit's title after she ascended to the Immortal World.

Bai Lian reached out and touched the ★ in the corner of her eye.

For a moment, a translucent white disk floated behind her. The disk was slowly rotating, and it was engraved with numerous complex words and figures.

The sun and the moon were among them, and bright ★s were strung on several extended white lines.

The room was brightly illuminated.


Bai Lian, standing in front of the mirror, looked a little upset.

The most obvious flaw of her "Natural Saint" identity was that this ★ in the corner of her eye was just an ornament.

There was no way. After all, it was drawn by An Lan casually and didn't contain any special power.

It was only because of Bai Lian's identity that no one dared to check the ★ on her face.

That was good. The Yaoguang Special Effect directly filled this defect.

See? It's called "The Star Lord's Blessing"!

Bai Lian, you are really a Natural Saint!


Bai Lian could not tell what this was.

Was it good news?

Indeed, no one would know that she was just a fake Natural Saint now.

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Was it bad news?

That was right. She didn't want to be a Natural Saint. She kept pretending because of the never-ending rumors and her position.

People are a mass of contradictions.

Cultivation is also cultivating the "Real self".

The end of cultivation is to seek the true self and transcend the world.

Bai Lian scattered the Star Moon Disc behind her.

The light became dim, but the room was still filled with tiny white dots.

Just then, a loud cry came out of the door.

"Bai Lian, come out, I know you are inside!"


Bai Lian was stunned.

When she opened the door, she saw a magnificent rabbit in front of her.

Is it a bagless kangaroo?

The rabbit demon's ears were straight.

For some reason, at the moment of opening the door, it felt a heavy pressure, so that its heart beat slowly.

What's to be afraid of?

It regained its courage and shouted, "Was it you who bullied Yao Ye?"

"Yao Ye? Who?"

Bai Lian looked confused.

She had just come to the Flying Fog, how could she have time to bully others?

I see!

Bai Lian's eyes became sharp.

The Battle of the Gods was an R18 game full of plots copied from web novels.

If this was a web novel, it would be a common occurrence for the enemies of the Yaoguang Rabbit Race to deliberately come to the door to look for trouble.

You want to fight, right?


Bai Lian's fist hardened instantly.

The rabbit demon's eyes also became sharp. This human cultivator was really too much!

She bullied Yao Ye, but she didn't even remember her name!

Pooh, a scum woman!

No wonder the ancestors left a saying that "We should never trust the insidious and cunning human cultivators".

Anger surged up, and the originally magnificent rabbit demon became more magnificent. The irascible spirit Qi circulated around its body and bent the nearby trees.

Bai Lian squinted.

Many demon cultivators had strong bodies.

In the game, humans had a lot of skills, but usually, their HP bars were relatively short.

Meanwhile, most of the demons in the game had fewer skills, but their skin was rough and their flesh was thick, and their HP bars were very long.

Comparatively speaking, Bai Lian preferred to fight with those demonic beasts.

They were easier to deal with.

Bai Lian and the rabbit look at each other. There was no need to say more. Just fight!

The rabbit demon suddenly ignited a dark flame around its body.

The wind was howling.

The circling spirit Qi instantly completely circled a mile around.

It was to prevent Bai Lian from escaping.

Bai Lian's eyes were as calm as an ice lake.

Just so so.

She didn't plan to kill the rabbit. After all, this is the territory of the Yaoguang Rabbit Race, so she didn't take out the Dirt Free Sword.

"Take this punch!"

Bai Lian ran the cultivation method, so she could give a punch.

The rabbit demon who wanted to vent its anger suddenly froze.

That punch was not so fast that it could not react, but it saw a world from this punch!

At the beginning.

That punch was like a magnet.

Spirit Qi from the black flame surged in.

With Bai Lian as the center, the waves rolled, the water rhymed washed, and the color light overflowed.


The rabbit demon felt that it had fallen into a sea of towering waves.

It watched helplessly as the black flame released by itself was blown out under the impact of countless spirit Qi.


Under the boundless water wave, the rabbit demon raised its head stupidly.

There were sun and moon.

There were brilliant stars flowing in the river.

What slowly unfolds is a fascinating galaxy.

If it remembered correctly, it had seen this similar picture under the laurel tree where the Yaoguang Star Lord once meditated.

But the paintings on the stone wall were lifeless after all. No one had ever been enlightened by the murals.

But now it was different.

What it saw was a living world!

If it could stay in this world for ten days, it would certainly feel the state of mind when the Yaoguang Star Lord understood the power of the stars and the moon.

Therefore, the rabbit demon, who should dodge Bai Lian's attack, walked up to her without any evasion.



Her fist had crossed the fetters of five thousand years!

This fist broke a world!

Without any accident, the rabbit demon flew out.

It flew very high, over the highest tree of Flying Fog. It flew far and directly to the boundless sea.

It seemed that it had turned into a huge brush, and had drawn a 30 mile long painting of stars and moon in the sky with its own body.

At that moment, all the demonic beast on Flying Fog saw this scene.

the jade rabbit climbed to the window.

The flower demons jumped onto the roof.

Qiong Zhi rushed out into the street.

The rabbit demons guarding the laurel tree raised their forelimbs and shouted at the top of their voices:

"The Yaoguang Star Lord is showing her holiness!"

"This is a miracle!"