The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 22 Part 2

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Chapter 22: Please Return My Daughter to Me! (2)

Is this familiar and strange Yaoguang Rabbit really her eldest daughter?

The chest of the "Girl" was slightly undulating.

It's fake!

Hey, you human, hurry up and return my real daughter to me!

She had imagined the scene of seeing the jade rabbit again many times.

Quarrel, silent treatment, unilateral accusation…

But the jade rabbit's admission completely disrupted her plan. At this moment, she even felt that as a mother, she was redundant.


Ah ah!

This should not be the case.

The "Girl" pulled her head off and ran to the back of the palace.

Ah, this?

Bai Lian was dumbfounded.

She could fully understand the feelings of the "Young girl" when she fled.

But… did she just pull her head off?


The flower demons who led the way hurried up.

In the blink of an eye, only Bai Lian and the jade rabbit were left in the palace. The jade rabbit, squatting on the ground, looked at Bai Lian at a loss.

"It's not a bad thing anyway!" Bai Lian picked up the jade rabbit and said, "It's hard to solve problems by quarreling. Most of the time, it can only solve people with problems."

the jade rabbit nodded vaguely.

Bai Lian said, "The best solution is to communicate! More communication."

It must be the same case between Master An Lan and Master Yan Yue.

If they could have a good talk, they would understand each other.

The crux of the problem was how to create an opportunity for them to sit down for peace talks.

"Go ahead and have a good talk with your mother. It's time to admit your mistakes. You don't have any deep hatred, understand?"

Bai Lian patted the jade rabbit on the bottom.


"I'll wait for you here."

the jade rabbit hesitated. In the end, it still chased after the "Girl" according to Bai Lian's words.

In fact, it didn't want to quarrel either.

But perhaps most of the time, the relationship between the mother and the daughter was like this.

It was Bai Lian who gave it the excuse and courage to take a step back.

Bai Lian wanted it to do this, so the jade rabbit did it.

After seeing the jade rabbit go away, Bai Lian idly surveyed the palace.

She waited for nearly half an hour.

A flower demon came out from behind the palace and respectfully said, "Your Excellency Bai Lian, our king wants to meet you alone."

"Please lead the way."

Bai Lian walked along the thick branches.

She saw an expressionless "Girl" near the branch of a tree.

"Here you are."

Bai Lian nodded and said nothing.

Is this the danger of sending the jade rabbit back?

She had always thought she would be robbed and killed on the way.

She thought that there would be someone from the Flying Fog who didn't want to see the jade rabbit's return. It would be normal if they sent assassins to kill the jade rabbit on the way.

But Bai Lian guessed wrong. Flying fog was unexpectedly peaceful.

"Can you tell me something about my daughter?"

the jade rabbit?

"Of course."

However, Bai Lian only told what happened after the jade rabbit arrived at the Qiongming peak, and hid the story of deceiving the jade rabbit. As for what happened before that, even if she wanted to say something, she didn't know about it.

It was these daily trivialities that made the heart of the "Girl" ripple.

She was envious.

As if she had eaten several lemons in a row.

Even such ordinary daily life, she never shared it with the jade rabbit.

What made her feel sadder was that the jade rabbit learned to apologize!

Obviously, this should be a happy thing for her, but when she thought that it was all taught by Bai Lian, she was not happy at all.

She felt that she had lost something important. She began to be jealous. She was so jealous that she wanted to take Bai Lian's head off.

But she couldn't.

In no way could she do such a thing.

She thought, if she was placed in the position of Bai Lian, could she be as good as Bai Lian?

She couldn't.

The girl remembered the news she had heard from the flower demons.

Bai Lian was the Elder Martial Sister of the Duxian sect. Her kindness was written on her face, engraved on her hands, and printed on her heart.

She was good to her master, younger Martial Sisters, fellow disciples, strange demonic beasts, and even people who were hostile to her…

People in the Duxian sect said that she was a Natural Saint.

This reminded the "Girl" of her ancestor, Yaoguang. They might be the same kind of creatures.

"But she is my daughter, my daughter…"

The "Girl" held her head and her voice was full of confusion.

Her daughter grew up, but not because of her.

What's the use of her?

Bai Lian zipped her mouth.

She felt that her words of comfort at this time would only add fuel to the fire. Maybe it would make the jade rabbit's mom want to strangle her.

Well, let's not talk about it.

She was touched.

There should be no big difference between raising younger Martial Sisters and raising daughters.

She tried to think about the story ten years later. At that time, one of the two younger Martial Sisters would defeat the whole Yunshan Mountain, and the other would hold a fairy weapon and shock the world.

Would they still accompany her like now?

When the children became old, they would leave their "Mom" after all.

Thinking about this, Bai Lian felt sad.

She suddenly thought of An Lan again. Was it because Master An Lan was afraid of this feeling that she refused to talk to Master Yan Yue?

Without feelings, there would be no concern. She would not be happy, but she would not suffer from it too.

What a tragedy!

Bai Lian looked up and suddenly heard the "Girl" ask, "Do you like my daughter?"

Then, the system task came out suddenly.

[Task 1, "I don't like her." (Reward: Magic - Yaoguang Star Meteorite)]

[Task 2, "I like her." (Reward: the Yaoguang Special Effect)]


Bai Lian took a breath of cold air!

There must be something wrong with this task!

Although Task 1 was riskier, the reward of Task 2 was a Special Effect.

So far, the two Special Effects she had obtained had brought her countless troubles, and the Yaoguang Special Effect would be probably no exception.

Maybe I should choose Task1?

Bai Lian shook her head.

Did she hate the jade rabbit?

Of course not.

Did she like the jade rabbit?

Yes, just like she cherished the two younger Martial Sisters.

She couldn't lie in front of the jade rabbit's mother.

"I like her."

"I see."

The girl stood up.

She had a plan. If her jealousy couldn't be eliminated, let Bai Lian become her daughter too! She would never envy her daughter.