The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 22 Part 1

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Chapter 22: Please Return My Daughter to Me! (1)

East of the East Divine Land.

On the coast.

Standing in front of Bai Lian were "Stone pillars" that rose straight into the sky. When they were put together, they became magnificent mountains.

Flying Fog was like a knife on these high mountains.

Beyond the mountains and rocks, leaving the sea reflecting the golden light behind, and entering the endless sea of clouds, Bai Lian came to the top of the mountains.

The jade rabbit jumped in front of an inconspicuous stone.

After moving the stone to a special position, a translucent golden light column rose to the sky.

The originally clear sky suddenly became overcast.

An island floating in the sky appeared out of thin air, with stone steps winding down and finally ending in front of Bai Lian.


The two flower demons ran up excitedly.

After running for a few steps, they turned back to greet Bai Lian and the jade rabbit.

Maybe it was because of the fear of returning to its hometown, the jade rabbit walked to Bai Lian's feet, jumped up, and firmly hung onto Bai Lian's calf.


Bai Lian's lips slightly opened.

She felt that the jade rabbit's body was shaking, and it had no intention of stopping.

"Rest assured."

Bai Lian bent down to hold the jade rabbit in her arms.

She gently touched the jade rabbit's plush back and said in a gentle voice, "If your mother scolds you, I'll stand in front for you!"


The jade rabbit wriggled uneasily.

It didn't know how to explain to Bai Lian. After all, it was just a rabbit.

It was indeed a little afraid of her mother's scolding, but it was more worried that she would never meet Bai Lian again after returning to Flying Fog.

This feeling was very complicated.

At least the jade rabbit couldn't tell what it was.

If you had to use a word to describe it, the first thing it thought of was attachment.

"Let's go."

Bai Lian motioned the two flower demons to lead the way.

The journey was short, and it took her less than a hundred breaths.

It was also a long way to go. In the shaking of her body, her heart began to tremble.

Why do I suddenly feel like I'm meeting my lover's parents?


Something's wrong with me!

Bai Lian recited the Heart Clearing Mantra to calm down.

After putting aside the strange idea, she began to look at the Flying Fog above her head.

Her skill with Arrays was not high, but she could see that Flying Fog had an extremely complex magic array.

The demons living on Flying Fog must be strong. She would have to be more careful.


The long lost Princess Yaoguang Rabbit has returned!

The news spread all over Flying Fog at a very fast speed.

Hundreds of demonic beasts emerged from the roadside. They poked their heads to see what the legendary princess Yaoguang Rabbit looked like.

Bai Lian felt like she was walking on the red carpet.

She saw a flower as big as a buffalo standing beside the road, making an abnormal wheezing sound, and a viscous liquid like lubricating liquid flowed out of the flower's stamens.

She also saw a powerful tiger demon beside the road. It wore silver armor, which especially protected it's abdomen.

Flying Fog belonged to the Yaoguang Rabbit family, but they were not the only race living here.

On the way here, the two flower demons explained to her.

Once upon a time, there was a rabbit named Yaoguang, who established Flying Fog.

This kind Yaoguang Rabbit didn't commit evil after gaining its strength. It pitied those weak demonic beasts and let them live together with it on Flying Fog.

Most of the demonic beasts here came to Flying Fog in this way.

Yaoguang Rabbit gave them the dignity to live, and they honored Yaoguang Rabbit as the "King" of Flying Fog for generations.

Through the low jungle, Bai Lian came to a "Palace" made of white trees.


In a moment, all the demonic beasts guarding the gate of the palace bowed to the jade rabbit in Bai Lian's arms.

The jade rabbit seemed not to be aware of all this.

It buried its head deep in Bai Lian's chest, leaving only a short white tail waving outside.

"Come in."

Suddenly, a majestic female voice came from the palace.

Led by the two flower demons, Bai Lian walked into the palace.

The shape of the palace was simple and unadorned.

But even if it was as gorgeous as the Moon Palace, she was afraid it would be covered by the glory of the "girl" sitting on the chair.

The "girl" dressed in a moon white robe was like a fairy walking out of the Moon Palace.

Her eyes were bright as if they were reflecting moonlight inside.

Who would have thought that such a beautiful "girl" was already the mother of several rabbits?

"Great!" Before Bai Lian said hello, the "girl" stood up angrily from the chair. "You finally remember that this is your home, hum?"

The jade rabbit's ears moved, and it chirped at its mother discontentedly.

"Wait a minute!"

Bai Lian quickly stepped forward and stopped the "war" that was about to explode.

She held the jade rabbit in her arms and said, "Didn't you agree that we should not quarrel before? Quickly, go and admit your mistake first. Anyway, it's your fault to leave home without leaving a word."

Bai Lian had already considered it.

At any rate, the jade rabbit's mother was also a leader. Even if she was angry with the jade rabbit, as long as the jade rabbit took the lead in admitting her mistake, she would not lose her manners in front of Bai Lian, who was an outsider.


The "young girl" turned her head to the side.

Full of disdain on her face.

She knew her daughter well.

If the jade rabbit really apologizes, she will take off her own head!

The jade rabbit hesitated.

However, after a long moment of staring at Bai Lian, it still gave in.

Just this once.

Even if it was Bai Lian's request, I will only do this once (sure)!

It jumped out of Bai Lian's arms and squatted on the ground awkwardly.

"Haw haw…"

At that moment, Bai Lian saw the body of the "girl" freeze.

She was like a perfect ice sculpture.

Accidents always happen so suddenly. Bai Lian smiled.

Then she saw the astonished look on the face of the "girl". She pointed at the jade rabbit and her index finger trembled.

"You… You really know you're wrong?"


The jade rabbit nodded.

It didn't seem to want to admit it very much.


The girl put her hand over her chest.

The jade rabbit really said it!

What does she want to say? What should she say? What can she say?

At this time, she was a little confused.