The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: I Tell You That Bai Lian Is Garbage!

The Wushan Holy Palace was built inside a grand canyon.

Out of the four major sects, the Wushan Holy Palace, which had only female disciples, could be said to be the most low-key.

The disciples of the sect were always in retreat in the wilderness and rarely came out to the world. They would only show their sharpness in the ranking competition.

However, if you were to belittle the Wushan Holy Palace, you would certainly suffer a great setback.

Over the years, many arrogant people's "Evil roots" had been cut off by the palace's master.

This day.

As the cold rain fell.

The master of the Holy Palace played chess with her eldest disciple in the pavilion.

Purple smoke rose from the incense, and a spirit bird stopped on the fence to patiently clean its feet.

At that moment, a ray of light suddenly came in from the outside.


The palace master laid down a chess piece and calmly replied, "What? Is there someone who wishes to challenge me again?"

The disciple who stepped out of the glow bowed down and said, "That's right."

Oh, man!

The palace master's mouth was slightly cocked.

Her big sword was already thirsty!

The latest blood stain was left half a year ago. It was time to recast its glory with a new man's "Little brother".

"Capture the man and I will teach him a lesson slowly." The palace master said coldly.

"Yes!" The disciple answered quickly, but she added, "Master, but it's a strange woman."


The palace master was stunned.

So, isn't her sword useless in this situation?


Even if I can't use the blade, I can still use the handle!

"Catch the woman first."

The female disciple hurried away.

The palace master shook her head and said to the eldest disciple, "Let's continue playing chess."

She pinched a chess piece, but before she could think about how to play it, a light flew over again.

"Master! The disciples were all beaten down by that woman!"

The palace master frowned, "Where are the deacons?"

"The deacons were chained to a lance!"


The palace master hesitated for a moment, "Let the deputy palace master come out to deal with her."


The palace master's heart trembled, and she had some bad premonitions.

Sure enough, the disciple rushed over again in a short time.

"The deputy palace master was also chained onto the lance!"

"Start the Mountain Protection Tailsman Array!"

"Palace master, the root of the Mountain Protection Tailsman Array has been dug away by that woman!"

"Look for the Elders and report to me again!"

"Palace master, the Elders are all chained onto the lance!"


The palace master knocked over the chessboard. She stared at the shaky Mountain Protection Tailsman Array in the distance.

Did she defeat the deputy palace master and the Elders all? How powerful is the invader?!

Is this the doomsday of the Wushan Holy Palace?


As the palace master, she must not escape at this time. She must die with the Wushan Holy Palace!

"Be quick! Go to the Yanyu Building and invite the Supreme Elders!"

The palace master took out her sword and walked towards the Mountain Protection Tailsman Array with a determined look on her face.

"Palace master!"

The disciple who reported the news looked sad.

The palace master said in a deep voice, "May the Wushan Holy Palace live long and prosper!"

"Palace master!"

"Run if you can. You are the last hope of the Wushan Holy Palace."

The disciple hurriedly said, "Palace master, what I want to say is that the Supreme Elders are also strung onto that woman's lance."



The sword in the master's hand fell to the ground.

We're Finished.

Even the Supreme Elders are no match for that woman. What can she do?

The Wushan Holy Palace will no longer exist from today on!

Since then, there will be only four major sects without the Wushan Holy Palace!

The palace master sat on the ground mournfully.

The disciple quickly picked up the palace master and said, "Palace master, actually, the woman is not aiming at our Wushan Holy Palace."

What bullshit are you talking about!

If she isn't aiming at us, why did she beat down all of our Elders?

"The Elders are not dead," explained the trembling disciple, "That woman didn't kill them."

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Did you give me a chance?

The disciple lamented, "The woman said that she came to the Wushan Holy Palace to check some information. She wanted to relieve a disaster for her disciple."

The palace master opened her eyes and said, "Then why did she beat our Elders?"

The Wushan Holy Palace was almost destroyed, and her heart felt somewhat sad.

"She said that when she asked, she was scolded by the gatekeepers and the deacons."

The palace master asked, "How did they scold her?"

"How can an ant get the pity of the Wushan Goddess?"


The palace master's mouth opened wide.

What is this?

After a long time, she asked, "What's her name?"

"Lian Bai."

Lian Bai?

This name had been deeply imprinted on the hearts of the people of the Wushan Holy Palace.


People would change to new clothes on the first day of the new year for celebrating.

On New Year's Eve, Xiao Jinse finally made the clothes for Bai Lian.

After that, she also made new clothes for Su Youwei, who suddenly broke into the room that night and shouted "Make new clothes for me too".

To Su Youwei's surprise, although the second Elder Martial Sister's attitude was extremely "Bad", the clothes she made unexpectedly fit her body.

Su Youwei made several turns in front of the mirror.

The skirt swayed lightly.

It not only fitted well, but also had a certain sense of beauty.

Even Su Youwei, who didn't like dresses on weekdays, rarely smiled.

She leaned close to the mirror, put her hand on her chest and pressed it. As soon as her hand was released, that part expanded again.

Great! The chest part of my clothes is filled with cloth!

From a distance, her chest looked a whole size bigger.

"Something's wrong!"

Su Youwei's face changed as she smiled.

Her smile was just her protective color.

In fact, this was a mockery, right? Otherwise, why did Xiao Jinse deliberately fill her clothes with cloth?

She rolled up her sleeves and decided to rush out to teach the second Elder Martial Sister a lesson.

When Su Youwei reached the door, she stopped again and looked down at her new clothes.

After all, it was made by the second Elder Martial Sister herself. Besides the two pieces of cloth, the second Elder Martial Sister did her best.

Forget it.

I wouldn't care about such trifles today.

Su Youwei pushed the door and went out.

This Spring Festival was basically spent in nowasy and occasional warmth.

When Bai Lian took the jade rabbit to Flying Fog, it would be nearly ten days before the lively Lantern Festival in the town below the mountain.

For fear of causing trouble, she deliberately concealed her true identity.

She hurried all the way, hoping to get back to the Duxian sect before the Lantern Festival.

In this way, two days later, Bai Lian standing on the huge flying boat could already see the blue coastline.

"If everything goes well, we can reach our destination in another quarter of an hour."

Bai Lian stretched herself.

She turned around and saw several cultivators wearing different styles of Taoist robes chatting together not far from her.

Somehow they talked about Bai Lian.

"Have you heard that Bai Lian of the Duxian sect has broken through to the Soul Changing Stage?"

"Who told you?"

"People of the Biluo sect."

"Damn, my Elder Martial Brother has not broken through to the Soul Changing Stage yet. How can this scourge already reach the Soul Changing Stage?"

"I can't sleep and eat if Bai Lian doesn't die!"

"That's it."

Bai Lian's ears stood up.

Many people scold her, but it was really rare that there would be people gathering together to scold her.

However, this was not what Bai Lian concerned about.

Please stop spreading rumors!

Who told you that I have reached the Soul Changing Stage?

She walked over with a serious face. This rumor must be clarified!

"Fellow Taoists, are you discussing Bai Lian?" She greeted the people with a smile.

Someone said, "That's right."

Bai Lian scratched the back of her head in embarrassment, "In fact, I have heard a lot of rumors about her recently."


Those cultivators were immediately attracted by her words.

Bai Lian nodded secretly.

She had planned to win the trust of these people by saying something to belittle herself, and then disclose the fact that she had not broken through to the Soul Changing Stage.

"Let me tell you something. Although Bai Lian has such a good reputation outside, she is actually a scornful woman!"


The faces of the cultivators immediately changed.

Bai Lian said with a smile, "Why did I say that? This is mainly because…"

"What did you say just now?"

Bai Lian was suddenly interrupted.


She stared at the people in disbelief. "What's the problem?"

"You just scolded Martial Sister Bai Lian!"


"You cursed Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

Wait, didn't you scold me first?


One of them sneered. He understood. He just said, "I can't sleep and eat if Bai Lian doesn't die!". This woman must have mistakenly thought that he hated Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Absolutely wrong!

He said this because his master always compared him with Martial Sister Bai Lian.

He was very depressed, but this didn't mean that he really hated Martial Sister Bai Lian. Rather, he regarded Martial Sister Bai Lian as the goal of his own cultivation efforts.

Scolding Martial Sister Bai Lian is equal to scolding him!

"How dare you! I must teach you a lesson!"

The group of people with the same idea stared at Bai Lian angrily.

The noise here attracted the attention of the deacon of the flying boat.

In a quarter of an hour.


Bai Lian stared at the flying boat in the distance.

"We don't welcome anyone who insults Bai Lian. They are the spirit stones you paid when you boarded the ship. Now I'll give them back to you!"

This was what the Deacon said when he left.

I was thrown off the Flying Boat because I scolded myself. What happened?

Bai Lian was stunned.


Stop! I haven't finished talking. I really haven't broken through to the Soul Changing Stage!

Damn it!