The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 20 Part 2

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Chapter 20: For Years To Come, All the Nice Mornings and Charming Views Will Be Wasted on Me (2)

Bai Lian recalled the scene when she first caught the jade rabbit.

She could now understand why the reward of Task 1 [Beat the rabbit] was a top-grade spirit tool.

If she really beat the jade rabbit, she would provoke the whole Flying Fog!

When the jade rabbit's mother came to her, she would know what a real "Iron fist" was.

A top-grade spirit tool? Even the strongest spirit tool couldn't stop an angry rabbit demon at the peak of the Transcendency Stage!

Unless she kept hiding in the Duxian sect… but how could she know that the jade rabbit had such a big background?

There would be a great possibility for her to be beaten.

The jade rabbit also mentioned that the reason why it wanted to go back this time was that its mother was injured.

Even if it still had resentment in its heart, it must go back and have a look.

"Haw haw (I'll be back)"

Can you really come back?

Bai Lian lowered her head.

The jade rabbit's mom must be very angry. When it went back, her mom would probably lock it up.

"Wait until after the Spring Festival."

After a long silence, Bai Lian spoke.

The two flowers wanted to refuse, but after seeing Bai Lian's eyes, they finally agreed.

They had been out for a long time. Even if they went back half a month later, there would be no big problem.

So they decided.

For most cultivators, there wasn't a clear boundary between life and death, so they didn't value the Spring Festival, but Bai Lian made preparations every year.

In her fourth year in this world, she was no longer alone to recall her past life.

After writing the couplets, Bai Lian took out Yan Yue's diary.

In the process of rescuing the two flowers, she only did a little bit of trivial work, and it was the Blood Tree Patriarch who really contributed to it.

"Patriarch, do you drink nectar?"

The words appeared on the paper, "I don't drink."

It's a pity.

Bai Lian told the flower demons' story to it.

The Blood Tree Patriarch replied, "Since they gave it to you on their own initiative, you should keep it."


An old person in the family is like a treasure.

No one would have thought that in both the Qiongming peak and the Zhuyan mountain together, the most reliable one would be a tree!

In the night.

Bai Lian took out the nectar that had already cooled.

The cup of nectar gave her 13 Hard Skills, 16 Soft Skills, and 7 Light Skills.

But she was not happy, even though the nectar tasted good.

It was sweet in her throat, but her heart felt hurt.

Ton ton——

Bai Lian stood against the window, supporting her chin with her hands.

Tonight, it was overcast, and she couldn't see the moon.

But at this time, the same bright and white figure attracted her attention.

"The jade rabbit!"

The jade rabbit was standing on the branch of the crooked neck tree outside the window.

Bai Lian turned out of the window.

Hearing the footsteps, the jade rabbit turned its head, and then jumped toward Bai Lian happily.

Bai Lian firmly caught it.

Anyway, she could not understand the chirp of the jade rabbit, so she sat down on the cliff with the jade rabbit in her arms, and then unconsciously rubbed the jade rabbit's ears.


What Bai Lian saw was the endless wilderness under the dark night.

At this position, she couldn't see the deep ditch blown by the jade rabbit.

Bai Lian sighed.

Although she no longer needed the Jade Rabbit to fight her battles, it would have been several times more difficult for her to successfully pass the "Weak period" when she just recovered her memory without its help.

Moreover, she had long selected the jade rabbit to manage the Qiongming peak medicine garden. Now the new spiritual field was ready, but the administrator was going to run away.

What is this?

Qing Luan, who liked to water flowers and chop firewood, was also no longer there. It seemed that she would have to take care of the medicine garden herself in the future.

Bai Lian looked down at the jade rabbit with her slightly narrowed eyes.

She had a sudden impulse.

She wanted…

"Jade rabbit."

The task came out quietly.

[Task 1: send the jade rabbit back to the Flying Fog. (Reward: a top-grade magic tool - Autumn Wind Sweeper)]

[Task 2, "Nothing." (Reward: Tailsman Making + 1)]

Since it is dangerous, she should escort the jade rabbit back to the Flying Fog!

Although the reward would be a top-grade magic tool, it was not particularly difficult for her to cope with such a task with her current strength.

Bai Lian said, "Let me send you back to the Flying Fog."


the jade rabbit's eyes become round.

"It's decided!"

Bai Lian made the final decision.

But before that, she must have a good Spring Festival.

Stick couplets, clean up, new year's Eve dinner, and go to the town under the mountain.

These are routine items.


Far away in the Grand River Valley.

An Lan stared at the jade slip in her palm.

Is it the Spring Festival?

She hadn't celebrated any holiday for a long time.

Only when she first entered the Duxian sect, she was led by her nominal master to celebrate festivals several times.

"Why did you always like to put people together? In the end, it was only making troubles."

After a slight sigh.

An Lan finally sent out the blessings she had already written through the jade slip.

In previous years, when Bai Lian was sleepy with a table of dishes, she was standing outside.

What would happen if I went in at that time?

I wouldn't worry more than I did now.

Therefore, the sentence "I will come back as soon as possible" was affixed at the end of the blessing to Bai Lian.