The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: A Treatment Called Peace of Mind

Qing Luan looked nervously at Bai Lian who was silent.

She only looked at Martial Sister Bai Lian's room when she entered the room.

As she expected, it was simple, but it was full of an intoxicating fragrance.

Sniff sniff ~

It smelled like the smell on Martial Sister Bai Lian.


This is not what I should focus on now.

What Qing Luan wants to know more about is how Martial Sister Bai Lian will teach her.

By force?

By lecture?

By straight?

By roundabout talking?

The more she looked, the more she felt that Martial Sister Bai Lian was a real master!

She was energetic. While taking care of the Qiongming peak's affairs and raising the two younger Martial Sisters, she could patrol the Duxian sect every day.

She is broad-minded, and even in the face of provocation, she can calmly respond, using "Words" and "Deeds" to influence each other.

She knows people with insight. She obviously didn't have any experience in teaching, but she could teach students in accordance with their aptitude. In this regard, many teachers are inferior to Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Qing Luan felt that she had chosen the right person.

She carefully analyzed the transformation of Wen Ren Ya Le, Jiang Ning and others. Wen Ren Ya Le's talent was quite good. After all, she was a disciple of Master Yan Yue, and her transformation was very natural.

But Jiang Ning was different. At first, his talent in the Duxian sect could only be regarded as above average.

In this life, Jiang Ning may not be able to break through to the Soul Changing Stage.

But since he had a duel with Martial Sister Bai Lian, he has changed. Before, everyone called him a "Miserable young man". Now he has become a wild horse and a spring breeze in the field.

Combed his hair like a ranger.

Teared the clothes into rags.

And kept the sword in his heart.

"This state, it's feeling the flow of the wind with your heart!"

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As Jiang Ning, stood on the edge of the cliff, he said this and became happier.

His wind-like heart makes the Soul Changing Stage no longer a distant dream to him. How can he not be happy?

Apparently, everyone who has been seriously instructed by Martial Sister Bai Lian has a bright future!

Today, Qing Luan also wants to join the brightness.

She even wanted to directly worship Martial Sister Bai Lian as a teacher. Unfortunately, she already had a master.

After a long silence, Bai Lian took the lead in saying, "Younger Martial Sister Qing Luan, I'm not very familiar with you, so I can't help you even if I want to."

First, find Qing Luan's details.

This is the attack route of Martial Sister Bai Lian!

Qing Luan nodded.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is right.

She lowered her head and asked in a low voice, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, what do you want to know?"


Bai Lian thought seriously.

Her relationship with Qing Luan is still very ordinary now. She can't ask some private questions, which could only be found out slowly in the future.

So Bai Lian first asked a very common question, "What is your cultivation for?"

Hoo ~

Sure enough, this question again.

This time, Qing Luan didn't intend to hide her original intention, because she came to study.

How can I learn something from Martial Sister Bai Lian without being honest with her?

Qing Luan said, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, my cultivation is to surpass my sister!"

Bai Lian was stunned for a moment, "Do you have a bad relationship with your sister?"

Qing Luan said with a shy smile, "No. But my sister is a little older than me, and she is addicted to cultivation. We don't have much contact on weekdays. We are more like a grandma and a grandchild than sisters."


Is this move called "Deliberately clarifying the relationship with Hong Luan so as to win her trust"?


Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian won't be fooled easily.

Bai Lian sighed, "It's good to have a clear goal. What's the problem you're facing now?"

Qing Luan frowned and began to communicate with Bai Lian about her condition, "I feel like I have encountered a bottleneck. With my talent, it shouldn't be like this. It's strange that I feel like I haven't reached the top, but no matter what I do, I just can't reach the top."

First is loss, then emptiness, and then loss.

The infinite cycle of mentality made Qing Luan realize that she alone might not be able to break the deadlock.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, do you think I can still be saved?"

Ah, it sounds so esoteric!

Bai Lian thought that in this case, giving her a beating like what she did to Wen Ren Ya Le might be able to solve the problem.

Unfortunately, she couldn't beat her.

And even if she could do it, she would not do so. She wouldn't help her enemy!

At this time, Bai Lian saw new task options in front of her.

[Task 1, "Your problem is a little serious. I think you'd better ask for other people's advice!" (Reward: Snow Lotus Pill)]

[Task 2, "I can save you, but you have to cooperate with me!" (Reward: Soft Skill +1)]

Bai Lian doesn't need these low-grade medical pills, and she has brought Qing Luan into the house. How can she live up to Hong Luan's "Conspiracy" without "Teaching" her well?

Choose Task 2.

Bai Lian said, "I can save…"

Qing Luan nodded like a chicken pecking rice.

Cooperate, we must cooperate.

She was ready before entering the house. No matter what the storm was, she could bear it.

Come on!


Bai Lian pondered.

Anyway, it's random teaching.

"What you should do now is to stop cultivation!"


Qing Luan was stunned.

How can she chase Hong Luan's steps without cultivation?

Bai Lian said seriously, "I call this method 'peace of mind'. You have entered a dead end. Since you can't get through this road by brute force, why don't you try to step back?"

"Please give me some advice, Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

"From today on, don't consider cultivation for the time being. Be an ordinary person, watering flowers, chopping firewood, and walking around."


Is this really useful?

Qing Luan fell into doubt.

This is completely different from the extreme training or enlightenment she imagined.

There is a saying that learning is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall back. Similarly, if you stop cultivating for a month or two, your cultivation base will certainly be surpassed by many people.

Bai Lian smiled and got up. "Think about it for yourself. I have something to do."


Qing Luan hurriedly answered.

Seeing Bai Lian turn and leave, she looked sadly at the picture hanging on the wall. The person in the picture seemed to be Martial Sister Bai Lian's younger Martial Sisters.

Does she need to find a way to listen in on how Martial Sister Bai Lian taught her younger Martial Sisters?

With such a mind, Qing Luan began to meditate on Qiongming peak.

The other side.

Bai Lian asked the jade rabbit, "She didn't do anything strange, did she?"

The jade rabbit shook its head.

"That's good."

You can't relax your vigilance against Qing Luan. You can't tell when she will do something bad.

Unfortunately, Qing Luan didn't seem to be fooled by her.

Sure enough, it won't work to let her stop cultivating. Why don't ask her to practice her body? Just tell her that strengthening her body can improve her Focus!

Bai Lian thinks this method is good.

In a flash, the night came, and Martial Sister Bai Lian's night class started again.

When Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei walked into Bai Lian's room, Qing Luan pretended to inadvertently come to the window.

She felt helpless that Martial Sister Bai Lian had used a magic circle to hide the movement in her room.

She saw nothing and couldn't hear anything. She didn't dare to let go of her divine sense and forcibly check it.

"Forget it."

Qing Luan gave up her intentions of peeping.

As soon as she turned around, suddenly found a person hanging on the crooked neck tree behind her.

What is it?

To be exact, there was a person sitting.

"Master An Lan!"

After seeing the face of the person in the tree, Qing Luan was scared enough to step back.

"Who are you?"

An Lan, sitting on the branch, hugged her chest with both hands and looked cold. Apparently, she was very unhappy.

Qing Luan hurriedly explained.

To her surprise, An Lan's expression looked more annoyed, as if a storm was brewing.

"Master An Lan."

Qing Luan looked at An Lan tremblingly.

After a while, An Lan waved, "You can leave now!"


Qing Luan hurriedly ran away.

Why was Master An Lan's attitude so bad?

She didn't understand.

In fact, An Lan doesn't understand it herself.

But after hearing that Qing Luan came to ask Bai Lian about the problems she encountered in her cultivation, her heart became inexplicably agitated.

She seemed to have lost something.

Something very precious.

An Lan raised her right hand and gently pressed it against her flat chest.

What flashed through her mind was the picture of Bai Lian asking her for advice when she encountered problems.

After spring, summer, autumn, and winter, day after day, year after year, Bai Lian came to ask her questions fewer and fewer times.

Suddenly, all the pictures were as broken as falling mirrors.

An Lan looked up, and what fell into her eyes was the bright moon above the sky.

How ugly!

She grabbed the crooked tree and finally gave up the plan to torture it.

"Well, it's normal to feel irritable for a few days every month."

Thinking like this, An Lan was not in the mood to study the Tao halo.

It's better to go back to the cave early to have a rest. After wandering outside all day, she was also tired.

The next moment, An Lan quietly left the top of the Qiongming peak.