The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: It's Too Difficult to Feed So Many Daughters

The wind blew.

The tree was shaking.

The shadows overlapped.

There was not a bird in the clear night sky.

There were only lonely stars, and the soft moonlight.

"Elder Xu."

Bai Lian saluted respectfully.

She had little contact with Elder Xu, and she only remembered Elder Xu's appearance after nearly four years.

"Did I bother you?" Elder Xu said softly.

Bai Lian shook her head and said, "I'm fine."

Elder Xu smiled and said, "Do you still have the jade pendant on you? Come on, take it out and give it to me first."


Bai Lian was stunned.

No, no!

Isn't it a gift for me? Do you want to take it back now?!

She hesitated and took out the [Half Inch Spirit Field].

There's no way. She couldn't beat this woman, whose chest was even bigger than hers.

"Elder Xu."

She would lose her first inferior Spirit Tool so soon after getting it. Bai Lian was very sad.

Should I complain it to Master An Lan after a while?

Elder Xu pinched the jade pendant with her index finger and middle finger.

She shook her head with a wry smile, "I was too anxious at that time. I forgot to remove the seal on the jade pendant when I gave it to you."

With this, she drew a drop of blood from the jade pendant, and then handed the jade pendant to Bai Lian.

"Here it is."


Looking at the jade pendant lying in her palm, Bai Lian felt guilty.

Everyone seems to be very kind. After careful consideration, it seems that she is one of the few black-hearted people in the Duxian sect!

It's really amazing…

Eh, it seems that it's no big deal.

Bai Lian's empty heart was filled up again soon.

Elder Xu didn't notice Bai Lian's abnormality. She said, "Hurry up to use your blood to control it."


Bai Lian did as she said. The blood slipped down her fingertips like a blood red gem.


The white smoke rose, and the white jade pendant was immediately "Stained".

When a connection between her and the jade pendant appeared, Bai Lian realized that she could change the jade pendant into the shape she wanted at any time.

It's up to you——

Crescent moon!

"When you refine this jade pendant completely, you can plant spiritual herbs in it." Elder Xu patiently explained for Bai Lian.

It's a perfect after gift service.

The master pays her disciple's debts.

Although Bai Lian was still very angry, she decided to "Ride" Qing Luan a few times less when they met again.

"I won't let you be my eternal mount!"

Elder Xu walked slowly to the edge of the cliff. She sat under a twisted pine tree.

When Bai Lian came over, she suddenly sighed, "Bai Lian, can I ask you some questions?"

"Elder Xu, ask me."

Bai Lian sat down beside Elder Xu.

Elder Xu was silent for a moment. "Did Qing Luan mention me in front of you?"

Bai Lian thought about it.

Although Qing Luan didn't mention Elder Xu when she flew away, she still explained why she wanted to study at the Qiongming peak.

In her impression, Qing Luan's words were slightly complaining.

It's better not to tell Elder Xu such words, lest she be sad.

So Bai Lian shook her head.

But Elder Xu saw through her disguise at a glance.

"She must have complained."


"I knew. I knew it when Qing Luan would rather study at the Qiongming peak than come to me."

The mountain wind was blowing.

For some reason, Bai Lian smelled a slight sour smell in the air.

She listened to Elder Xu's speech, but felt that the voice was coming from the opposite side of the mountain.

"After leaving from the top of the mountain, I thought for a long time that it was all my fault. Since I first saw Qing Luan, I thought she was a better genius than her sister. Because of this, I put forward the most strict standard to ask her. But…"

Elder Xu held her head in her hands and buried it deeply.

"This is wrong after all. People are different. If it was Hong Luan, she would grow faster under this pressure. But Qing Luan was different. She was a person with a loose nature. My strict requirements had the opposite effect, and she embarked on a road full of wind and snow."

Bai Lian nodded.

When she saw Qing Luan watering flowers and chopping firewood, Qing Luan showed a bright smile; a genuine smile.

Even if she looked back now, she would inevitably feel envious.

"At that time…"

Elder Xu's eyes were blurred.

She felt the cold mountain wind, and her thoughts drifted slowly to the year when Qing Luan had just arrived at the Duxian sect.

It was also a cold winter in December.

The girl whose face was red with cold stood in front of her and called out timidly, "Shifu."

"I didn't hear you. Speak louder!"


"Well, we need to show such momentum. Now I'll teach you the basic cultivation method of our sect."

She was happy, but didn't consider whether the girl was happy.

"How can you get the fragrance of plum blossoms without a bitter cold!"

In this way, she threw the girl into the ice and snow.

At that time, if she had brought the girl closer to the warm inner hall after seeing the pain in her eyes, would everything be different?

Regret is useless.

With Qing Luan's qualifications, she should have broken through to the Nascent Soul Stage long ago at the age of 22.

But her childhood experience made her fall. She was fighting with the past. She was fighting with herself. She was trapped in a strange circle where she could not find a way out.

At this time, it was too late even if Elder Xu tried to remedy it.

If people's hearts are easy to change, everyone would be Bai Lian.

She's stupid, really.

After returning to her residence, Elder Xu became more and more afraid. If Bai Lian was not here this time, she might never see Qing Luan again.

"Qing Luan must be angry with me at the bottom of her heart. I am no longer qualified to be her master. I told the sect leader that I intend to resign all my posts and sit quietly in the forbidden area of the back mountain until Qing Luan comes back."

Under the moon, Elder Xu's figure looked very lonely. She didn't fit in with the surrounding environment.

Bai Lian felt that her breath was falling sharply.

It seemed to sink to the bottom of the sea.

Hey, it doesn't mean your heart is broken, does it?

Get up quickly!

Bai Lian's eyes widened.

No, she thought she should say something.

She really doesn't have the ability to repair a Taoist heart. If Elder Xu fails here, it will be like the collapse of heaven for the Duxian sect.

"You are wrong!"

Bai Lian shouted.

Elder Xu didn't answer her.

"I'm sure Qing Luan doesn't hate you! I'm not trying to comfort you. She doesn't hate you, she doesn't hate Hong Luan, and she doesn't hate anyone."

"That's impossible."

Elder Xu finally raised her head.

Bai Lian said, "Because she is such a person, she is innocent, she is kind, she is cute…"

She said all the praising words she could remember.

After her throat was a little dry, Bai Lian said, "You are her master. Don't you know that? She likes to keep her words in her heart. If she really hates you, how could she let me say goodbye to you on her behalf?"


"Yes, you did make a big mistake in education. You did disappoint Qing Luan. But if you chose to escape at this time can you really be forgiven by Qing Luan? Qing Luan is working hard to return to the Duxian sect in a fair manner. When she comes back, what will she think if she sees you like this?"

Escape is shameful and useless.

Elder Xu pursed her lips. She had a lot to say. The last thing she said was, "What should I do?"

Bai Lian said, "Try to be a better master. No one can be faultless, but as long as you can correct your mistake, you can be a better person."

Elder Xu lowered her head.

She remembered that the second half of the sentence was what Bai Lian wanted to tell Hong Luan.

"What if Qing Luan still refuses to forgive me?"

"At least you tried."

At least I tried.

Elder Xu stared at the darkness at the foot of the mountain.

She nibbled her lips and had many thoughts in her heart.

At that moment, a hand gently rested on her shoulder.

A gentle voice came over, "When you are sad, you cry. Sometimes, you have to be weak."


Xu Chang opened her mouth.

By the way, I'm an Elder and you are just a disciple, right?

You made me cry in front of you!


When the wind blew into her eyes, Elder Xu suddenly finds something hot rolling over her cheek.

It's tears.

She was wrong.

She was really wrong.

"I'm sorry."

She could no longer control the tears in her eyes, and hugged Bai Lian's waist like a child, letting the tears wet Bai Lian's clothes.

"Wow, sorry…"

The sudden burst of crying swayed in the night sky.

"Take your time."

Bai Lian gently patted Elder Xu on the shoulder.

It's not easy. She took too much effort for the Duxian sect.

Elder Xu had never been so rude as she was today, and it was in front of a younger generation.

But she didn't care about such trifles anymore.

She thought of her master who had passed away. The last time she cried was in her master's arms.

"Listen to the snow."

She once wanted to be as gentle as her master, but in the end, she and her master went on opposite paths.

Is life always so dramatic?

Elder Xu, no, Xu Tingxue looked up.

In the hazy vision, Bai Lian's face was vaguely replaced by her master's face.

At this moment, she believed that even if Bai Lian was just an ordinary person with no strength to tie a chicken, she would certainly realize her master's long-cherished wish.

While blaming herself and suffering, Xu Tingxue also admired An Lan for the first time.

In fact, An Lan didn't do anything for Bai Lian because she didn't want to suppress Bai Lian's nature, right?

After all, Bai Lian is a Natural Saint, and the lecture from a mortal would not make her grow better.

An Lan is a real teacher!

She decided that when An Lan came back from outside, she would learn from An Lan the way of teaching disciples.


After a long time.

Xu Tingxue, returning to normal, left the Qiongming peak.

Bai Lian also went to the top of the mountain.

She was not in the mood to wander down the mountain.

It's not easy to teach a disciple, and it's not easy to teach a younger Martial Sister. Maybe she also needs to teach her master too.

It's too difficult to be an Elder Martial Sister. It's even more difficult than being a mom to teach her daughter!


Bai Lian sighed.

After a few steps, she suddenly stopped.

Behind the tree, two younger Martial Sisters, one tall and one short, huddled together. After being found, they walked out in embarrassment.

"Elder Martial Sister."

"I can't tell you what happened just now."

The two younger Martial Sisters nodded like chickens pecking rice, "Mm-hmm."

"Go back.".

In Bai Lian's bedroom.

Bai Lian took a look at the pictures whose positions had been changed again. She thought that maybe she should draw a "Family portrait".

She turned her head to the window.

The moonlight tonight is really suitable for recalling the past.