The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 18 Part 1

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Chapter 18: Give Me One Too! (1)

At night.

The night was thick.

Behind the Yunluo peak, the sect leaders' cemetery.

Jue Yunzi came in with two jugs of wine.

He stopped in front of the gravestone of the former sect leader, and took a seat on the ground.

"Speaking of…"

Jue Yunzi looked up at the starry sky.

The vastness of the starry sky reminded him of Bai Lian's mind.


Nearly two hundred years have passed since his master's death. After becoming the sect leader of the Duxian sect, he felt like walking on the ice every day.

But this year, he finally saw the dawn!

Jue Yunzi's face showed a happy smile.

"Master, when you brought Sister An Lan back from the outside, you said that she had the potential to be an immortal and would certainly lead the Duxian sect to prosperity."

He put a pot of wine in front of the tombstone and remembered the excited look when his master pointed to Xiao An Lan and said this.

Like a child who gets his favorite candy.

He sighed with regret, "More than 400 years have passed, and I always thought you were wrong. Although Sister An Lan has excellent talent, she has a strange personality, which has made her stay in the Transcendency Stage for more than 200 years without any progress."

Jue Yunzi took out another pot of wine and took a sip before continuing, "I didn't expect to see a turn in the past two years. Shifu, three and a half years ago, younger Martial Sister An Lan accepted a disciple named Bai Lian. It's a strange name, isn't it? I think so too. Shifu, you can't imagine that she is a Natural Saint!"

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He paused and wiped the corners of his eyes with his long sleeve.

They were tears of excitement.

Jue Yunzi said incessantly, "At first, I thought it was all rumors. A Natural Saint! How could someone Like that appear in the Duxian sect? But it is true. She has the Tao halo, and she is smart enough to see through everything… If Bai Lian is not a Natural Saint, then who is?

"Although younger Martial Sister An Lan often makes trouble, she has finally brought hope to the Duxian sect.

"As long as there is no accident, with Bai Lian, the Duxian sect will have the capital to compete with the four major sects in 50 years or at most 100 years."

"When Bai Lian becomes strong enough, even if she gives younger Martial Sister An Lan the title of Immortal Emperor, no one will have any objection."

Jue Yunzi suddenly sat up.

He stared at the seemingly ordinary tombstone with extremely serious eyes. At that moment, he seemed to be integrated with the world around him.

"Shifu, is this in your calculations?"

The tombstone naturally wouldn't answer Jue Yunzi's question.

After saying that, he shook his head with a wry smile and then lay on his back on the grass.

Let the breeze blow.

It's just that this winter night is cold after all.

In another part of the cemetery, Yan Yue, who was hiding there, curled her lips.

Why don't you continue to say "Disparaging" words about An Lan?

She wanted to hear more.

Yan Yue went out and said, "Elder Martial Brother."

"Oh, Yan Yue. Are you also here to see Shifu?"

Yan Yue knew that this "Shifu" referred to her father, "I just came to have a look. Elder Martial Brother, you seem to be in a good mood?"


"What do you think of Bai Lian?"

"She needs to continue to grow."

"I think Bai Lian should be given more responsibilities."

"What responsibilities?"

Yan Yue smiled, "Let Bai Lian be the master of the Qiongming peak!"


"If only we could change the Qiongming peak's name, it would be better."


"All the people around Bai Lian have a bright future. Let's call it Bright Peak!"


Jue Yunzi coughed violently.

I'm afraid you are wanting to add some burden on yourself!

If younger Martial Sister An Lan knows, she will certainly hang you up and beat you.

Jue Yunzi said, "Yan Yue, I don't think you and younger Martial Sister An Lan have a deep hatred. Why do you make such a bad relationship? It's been several…"

"Elder Martial Brother, this is a private matter between An Lan and me." Yan Yue's expression became serious.

Yes, yes, yes.

Jue Yunzi didn't know how many times he had tried to persuade them.

It's no use.

Yan Yue's attitude softened, "Where has An Lan gone recently?"

Don't you care about her very much?

Jue Yunzi said, "Someone saw a person suspected to be Martial Sister An Lan near the Wushan Holy Palace."

"What did she do there?"

Jue Yunzi held out his hands.

Forget it.

Who cares?

Yan Yue immediately changed the topic, "Elder Martial Brother, I think your mind just wandered into the world unintentionally. Are you about to break through?"

Jue Yunzi said, "The Guafeng Tribulation. I'm going to face it within two years."

Yan Yue became nervous, "Then…"

"I'm not sure. If I fail, the Duxian sect will depend on you.."

"Elder Martial Brother."

Jue Yunzi said with a smile, "I don't worry. I think the Duxian sect is like this starry sky. The crescent moon is now Bai Lian. One day she will become the sun!"

Yan Yue also looked up.

She remembered the words she heard from Tong Yao——

If Bai Lian was never born, the Duxian sect would forever be in darkness!

Tong Yao has a good vision. Her master must be happy to have such a disciple.


It was the same night.

In Bai Lian's room.

The candle flickered.

Xiao Jinse nervously raised the ruler in her hand.

Less than half a meter away from her, Martial Sister Bai Lian was dressed in thin clothes and opened her arms, letting Xiao Jinse play with her at will.

Calm down.

Calm down!

Xiao Jinse took several deep breaths to slow down her pounding heart.

She hadn't even started, so she couldn't light herself at this time.

A quarter of an hour ago, she said that she wanted to help Martial Sister Bai Lian make a dress. Unexpectedly, Martial Sister Bai Lian agreed on the spot.

"The clothes must fit well. Can I measure them for you, Martial Sister?"

"No problem."