The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 16 Part 1

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Chapter 16: Then Say Goodbye to You in the Most Magnificent Gesture! (1)

Qing Luan.

This name was from a legendary bird.

It is said in the "Book of Mountains and Seas", that walking all the way to the west, three green birds live in Sanwei Mountain.

The green birds were called "Qing Luan".

In the world before Bai Lian's crossing, it is said that Qing Luan was a divine bird that often accompanied the West Queen, and its sound was similar to that of a Phoenix.

Although there are no immortals such as the West Queen and the Jade Emperor in the world view of the Battle of the Gods, Qing Luan is also a divine bird second only to the four divine holy animals.

As long as Qing Luan grows normally, it will surely fly to the Immortal World and have the strength that can even make the gods and Buddhas tremble.

Simply, it's one of the top-level holy animals!

This change is too sudden.

A moment ago, the top of Yunluo peak was covered with clouds, and the sun was hidden behind the dim sky.

At the next moment, seven colored lights came down from the sky, swallowing the entire peak.

Even the beauty of an aurora Borealis would be inferior to this scene.

Even more incredible were the bright stars falling in the glow.

That was not a Special Effect, but a gift from the divine bird after the flame burnt out!

Each star was filled with amazing and strong vitality.

Withered grass faded and green swept through the entire land.

The dead branches were spreading and the new buds were blooming again.

The tree that was burned into black charcoal was also full of vitality in its wriggling, "I am alive!"

Outside the main hall, a disciple with a lower cultivation base reached out to catch the star point.


His head was smoking, his whole body turned red, and his trousers moved.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah… I'll hit ten!"

He climbed down from the Yunluo peak with a lance in his hand and went straight to the town outside the Duxian sect.

Other disciples were not distracted by such trifles. They raised their heads and stared at the pure white world after the glow.

"What is that?"

Someone pointed to the sky and something came out.

They were feathered tails.

There were five in total. The cyan was dotted with some dazzling light blue, which was like a magnet and made people unable to move their eyes away.

"This is…"

Jue Yunzi rubbed his eyes vigorously. He thought he had an illusion, but the fact proved that it was not him but the world that was wrong!

Damn it!

"Qing Luan!"

Jue Yunzi, who was very well-educated, could not help shouting and scolding at the bottom of his heart.

He was confused. Why did the Qing Luan divine animal, which had disappeared for thousands of years, appear in the Duxian sect?


Jue Yunzi's body was stiff.

If he was right, the glow came from Qing Luan's room at first.

Could it be…

He suddenly turned around and saw that Qing Luan's master, Master Xu had rushed to the next room long before he reacted.

"Qing Luan!"

Then another person rushed up. It was Yan Yue.

"Bai Lian!"

However, both of them stopped at the door.

The small door was covered with a thin film of water, which was so fragile that it would break with a light touch.

It was such a water film that stopped Elder Xu and Yan Yue. In fact, this was not an ordinary water film, but a water film with a feeling.

"I want to be alone."

Elder Xu and Yan Yue stared at each other. They recognized that this was Bai Lian's voice.

What's going on?

Bai Lian also wanted to know what this was all about.

She looked up at the sky. Standing in the VIP seat, she could easily see the creature that dominates the pure white world——

Qing Luan.

She has a phoenix-like figure, but she is a little less irritable.

She is as beautiful as a peacock but less seductive.

How powerful!

It must be very cool to use it as a mount.


Bai Lian punched hard.

"Damn it!"

What about Qing Luan?

Why did Qing Luan suddenly become a bird?!

She patted her cheek and wondered if she was dreaming.

"I want to be alone!"

So Qing Luan obeyed her will and closed the door. Now there were only one person and one bird in the world who looked at each other.

"Calm down and analyze!"

Bai Lian immediately moved the content of the game from the depths of her memory. Qing Luan was just a marginal character in the story of the game. At the beginning, Bai Lian's impression of her came from her sister Hong Luan.

The most critical problem is that Bai Lian doesn't remember the scene in the game where Qing Luan becomes the holy bird Qing Luan.

Hidden feature?

Bai Lian thought of Si Yunshang, who reached the Soul Changing Stage in the blink of an eye.

How many hidden plots (waifus) did she miss in her previous life?!

But now was not the time to think about these things. Qing Luan circled back and forth, and her beautiful tail feathers drew a circle in the air.

Many people must have seen this scene.

I'm finished.

Bai Lian's face was pale, and she had a bad feeling in her heart.

For a long time…

After she calmed down slowly, Qing Luan fell down from the air. She landed on the edge of the cliff outside the house and stood quietly. Her height was twice Bai Lian's height now.

Martial Sister Bai Lian didn't expect that one day she would become "Delicate" and "Soft".


No, this is too big!

Human, no, at least she can't.

Qing Luan's wings drooped gently. She looked more sullen than Bai Lian and shouted in a shy voice, "Martial Sister Bai Lian."

Bai Lian opens her mouth.

It was the voice of younger Martial Sister Qing Luan. Should she smile at this time?

But she didn't dare to smile. She knew it must be very ugly. That's not the style that Martial Sister Bai Lian should have.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian should be like moonlight.

Bai Lian also shouted, "Younger Martial Sister Qing Luan."

Still the familiar taste.

Qing Luan thought.

Her heart was finally relieved. She was afraid that Martial Sister Bai Lian would not recognize her, and she was even more afraid that Martial Sister Bai Lian would not accept her.

It was for this reason that she didn't fall from the air.

To be honest, she was also surprised. Her Tao heart was broken and she was reborn. Then she became the holy bird Qing Luan.

This story is too mysterious!

If she can, Qing Luan still wants to be the younger Martial Sister Qing who is just tall enough to reach Martial Sister Bai Lian's ear, so that she can hold Martial Sister Bai Lian and thank her.

It's too strange for her to hold Martial Sister Bai Lian now.