The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 15 Part 1

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Chapter 15: I Would Rather Burn Everything in the Fire! (1)

"Wheeze, wheeze -"

After hearing that Bai Lian was taken away by Hong Luan, Su Youwei burst out at an unprecedented speed.

She panicked.

She knew that someone wanted to kill Martial Sister Bai Lian, so she always dreamed that she could protect Martial Sister Bai Lian when she became stronger——

"Elder Martial Sister, lie down and let me come!"

But she didn't expect those people to start so quickly.

They robbed Martial Sister away in broad daylight!

She must rescue Martial Sister Bai Lian.

If not…

Su Youwei thought of the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl in her body.

"Don't try to bully a poor girl!"

When she repairs the pearl, its "Poison" is no joke!


In her eagerness, Su Youwei stumbled to the top of the Yunluo peak.

Her ears were full of exclamations. She turned a deaf ear to them and just looked around until she found Bai Lian standing like a tall pine in front of the main hall.

"Elder Martial Sister!"

Su Youwei hurried to the scene.


She ran her head into Bai Lian's arms, who suddenly turned around.

Deep down.

Su Youwei almost choked by the softness rubbed against her face. She could hardly move her head out of the gully.

After a long time, she turned up her head with crimson cheeks, "Elder Martial Sister."

"Who bullied you?" Bai Lian said in surprise.

"Nobody bullied me." Su Youwei shook her head quickly, "But Martial Sister, I thought you were in danger."

When she calmed down, she finally heard the conversation around her.

So she misunderstood it.


Not ok at all!

Xiao Jinse was angry.

It is clear that she was the first to enter the Duxian sect, and the first to see Martial Sister Bai Lian's feet. Why is it the third Martial Sister who holds Martial Sister Bai Lian in front of everyone?

Although she also hugged Martial Sister Bai Lian not long ago, it was Martial Sister Bai Lian who took the initiative…


Oh, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian took the initiative. It's OK.

"After all, I, Xiao Jinse, have the upper hand!"

Xiao Jinse raised her head and chest. She stepped forward and patted Su Youwei on the shoulder.

Want to take this opportunity to brew an ambiguous atmosphere?

Get away!

Your second Martial Sister is not blind!

Su Youwei turned around angrily and saw Xiao Jinse's face.

"Don't disturb Martial Sister. Elder Martial Sister has something important to do!"


Su Youwei couldn't say anything to refute her. As the younger Martial Sister, she couldn't disturb Martial Sister Bai Lian.

She clenched her teeth and left Bai Lian's arms.

Jealousy. Second Martial Sister must be jealous of her.

Oh, woman!

Just be jealous. I've already held Martial Sister Bai Lian!

"After all, it's me, Su Youwei, who has the upper hand!"

Their eyes stared at each other.

Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei felt self-satisfied in their hearts.

At this time, Bai Lian remembered what Tong Yao said to the second Martial Sister when Hong Luan was kneeling in front of her——

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian must have expected…"

You can always come up with some new tricks for me!

Bai Lian gave a long sigh on purpose and looked away at the clouds.

"As you can see, the whole journey of cultivation is full of dangers. You have to fight not only with people but also with the sky. It's uncertain when you will encounter unexpected dangers. I can't take care of you all the time. You must learn to take care of yourself. Don't be impulsive when things happen. You are my… and the master's wings!"

Integrity can be broken, but the Tao heart cannot be broken.

I'm so afraid!

"Elder Martial Sister!"

Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei were moved.

I want to get closer to Martial Sister Bai Lian!

But the person next to me is watching, so forget it.

"What about me?"

At this time, Tong Yao, standing beside Bai Lian like an outsider, tried to get in.

As a crazy fan, she can proudly say that no one knows Martial Sister Bai Lian better than she!

Even if she can't be her wings, it's OK to become a fitting clothes that can touch everything of Martial Sister Bai Lian, right?


Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei suddenly became alert.

Want to come in?

Close the door.

As soon as they squeezed into the middle, they stuck together and completely blocked the road for Tong Yao.


Bai Lian was about to say something when a call came from the rear.

"Bai Lian!"

She turned around and saw Yan Yue, who stood at the gate of the main hall, dressing like a goddess.

It is said that people have two sides - front and back.

Bai Lian very much agrees with this statement. She has tried both sides of Yan Yue. It is really good to use one word to describe it - "Good"!

She arched her hand and said, "Master Yan Yue."

Yan Yue smiled and said, "Come in with me."

They walked into the hall in parallel.

When the sight behind her completely disappeared, Yan Yue smiled and patted Bai Lian on the shoulder.

"That's amazing. How on earth could you find that Hong Luan was making trouble behind this?"

Bai Lian bowed her head, pretending to be embarrassed, and said, "It's not as exaggerated as others said. In the beginning, I just guessed. Until I really found the metal card in the double-headed dragon's nest, I could finally confirm it."

Yan Yue looked at Bai Lian with doting in her eyes, as if she were looking at her daughter.

What a good child!

Modest and polite, considerate of the overall situation, intelligent and charming…

Think about An Lan again.

Forget it. Don't mention that woman when I'm happy.

Yan Yue said with a smile, "You don't have to be too modest. When you need to be tough, you'll have to be tough!"


Yan Yue praised Bai Lian again.

While talking, they came to the back of the main hall.

The atmosphere here was completely different from that in front of the main hall. The air was filled with a burning smell. An innocent tree was burned into black charcoal.

When Bai Lian, wearing long white dress, appeared from the side, everyone's eyes shifted.

"Bai Lian!"

First came a beautiful young woman.

Bai Lian knew her. This was Qing Luan's master, Elder Xu of the Yunluo peak.

"Save Qing Luan." Master Xu looked sad. She grabbed Bai Lian's hand, "She's just a child! She's just embarked on the road of cultivation, and her life has just begun. She has many things she hasn't experienced. She…"

"Martial Sister Xu!"

Yan Yue and Jue Yunzi shouted at the same time.

Elder Xu shuddered. She let go of Bai Lian's hand and stood there at a loss.

Bai Lian opened her mouth.

She didn't know what to say to comfort Elder Xu. Do you want me to say that it was my fault?

For a time, Bai Lian only felt that her body was extremely heavy.

What a wicked woman she is!


Jue Yunzi, who came by, sighed.

When Bai Lian comes, Qing Luan will be saved. Is that true?

I'm afraid not.

But there was nothing he could do about it. He must try his best to save Qing Luan. Otherwise, he didn't know how angry Elder Xu would be.

Jue Yunzi said, "Elder Xu is just too concerned about her disciple. I apologize to you for her."

Ah, this…

Bai Lian quickly waved her hands, "Don't worry. I can understand Elder Xu's feelings."

Jue Yunzi said, "Qing Luan has taken medical pills and the pain has been suppressed, but she is still in a coma. The situation looks very bad."


"This kind of thing should not be handled by you, but…"

Bai Lian understood.

New task options appeared before her.