The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 13 Part 1

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Chapter 13: Sister, Turn Yourself In! (1)

At the moment when the magic array outside the cave was smashed, the river flowed backward, and the cave dug by the double-headed dragon was filled up.

This is the most suitable environment for Bai Lian to exert her strength.

She flicked her fingers.

A water column fell.

In the transpiration of the clouds and fog, the river was divided into numerous small pieces.

Time seemed to have stagnated.

A moment later, the "Giant hammer" pushed the Li River to continue flowing.

At that moment, the huge force accumulated suddenly hit the cave and completely wiped the cave from the bottom of the Li River.

"Special Effect is worth 100 points, and the Destructive force is worth 10 points. But as long as it looks cool, it's worth it!"

Bai Lian nodded with satisfaction.

Squinting her eyes like a crescent moon, she turned to the jade rabbit and Qing Luan and said, "Let's go."

As an excellent person, whatever she does is good-looking.

Qing Luan thought so.

When returning, Bai Lian still used the Earth Talisman, but Hui Qing Luan had no time to pay attention to the scenery on both sides.

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She was worried and full of thoughts.

After she said goodbye to Bai Lian at the foot of the Qiongming peak, she bowed slightly, like a little maid who was bullied by the miss every day.


Looking at Qing Luan's slightly embarrassed back, Bai Lian felt puzzled.

Is it because she killed the double-headed dragon so ruthlessly that she scared Qing Luan?


Bai Lian opened her hands.


She didn't want this.

Who let the strength of the double-headed dragon be blown out, so that the formation flags, talismans, and secret medicine for snakes she prepared were all useless?

Bai Lian looked up at the rising sun in the eastern sky.

It's almost dawn.

She still didn't think of what gift to send to the Blood Tree Patriarch.

Finally, Bai Lian took out the diary and stroked the black cover.

The frosted cover felt very good.

For more than 400 years.

If no one pushes in the middle, the strange relationship between Yan Yue and An Lan will probably last for countless 400 years.

The Blood Tree Patriarch was really working hard to solve their problem.

Otherwise, it would not deliberately copy Yan Yue's diary, nor would it write notes in the diary, nor would it secretly give this diary to Bai Lian.

In fact, Bai Lian felt even more anxious.

There is no eternal stability.

Even if An Lan didn't do anything, one day, the enemy who beat her down from the Immortal World would come to find her.

It might be 20 to 30 years later, but even the longest time would not be longer than 1000 years.

At that time, An Lan would have no way to survive.

Even if Yan Yue and An Lan became friends again at that time, what would be the use of it?

This future is not the future Bai Lian wants.

She would rather be crying to welcome everyone's reunion.

Tragedy, no!

Comedy, OK!

"As the Eldest Martial Sister of the Qiongming peak, I have to stand up!"

Bai Lian decided to push behind these two awkward people.

"Let's go to the Zhuyan mountain!"

Bai Lian picked up the jade rabbit, who was squatting on the ground to tease the flowers.


The jade rabbit kicked its legs carelessly.

It was held high above the head by Bai Lian, like flying.

The jade rabbit soon stopped struggling.

It looked down at Bai Lian. Although it didn't know what happened, it knew that Bai Lian was very happy now.

Bai Lian's cheeks blushed.

Even the rising sun had become vivid.

Bai Lian was happy, and the jade rabbit's mood also improved.

It likes the present life, carefree, it just needs to do its own.


No matter how good a story is, it will come to an end.

the jade rabbit looked up and saw a lovely flower demon.

"Haw haw (I believe Martial Sister Bai Lian will get better)"

the jade rabbit's face bloomed with a brilliant smile that was more eye-catching than the delicate flowers.


The Zhuyan Mountain。

Bai Lian soon came to the forest where the Blood Tree Patriarch was located.

Yan Yue was not here.

The trees that were swept away by the aftereffects of the battle were replanted.

Before Bai Lian spoke, the Blood Tree Patriarch, who was still dozing, woke up trembling.


Bai Lian smiled awkwardly.

She didn't have any high-level nutrition liquid, and she couldn't take out other valuable things. What she had was just a promise that she didn't know whether it could be achieved.

"I know what you're coming for. You don't need to say much."

The Blood Tree Patriarch was unexpectedly tolerant. Its wrinkled face put on a kind smile. When it stretched out the branch, a drop of red liquid was floating on the branch.

"Come here."

the jade rabbit carefully handed over the dying flower demon.


The drop of heart blood fell on the stamen, and the dying flower demon returned to normal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Bai Lian was relieved.

Then she felt that her burden was heavier.

Yan Yue's side is relatively easy to deal with. The key point is An Lan. It can't be achieved overnight to grasp this key point.

An Lan's awkward personality is much more difficult to deal with than the four younger Martial Sisters.

Bai Lian felt that instead of calling her master, she should be regarded as the special Martial Sister No. 0.

Bai Lian said, "I've finished reading that book. It's really a sad story."

The Blood Tree Patriarch sighed, "Yes."

Bai Lian added, "I think I should do something."

She took out the diary.

The Blood Tree Patriarch said, "Keep it. What you want to say to me can be written directly on the paper. Yan Yue will come back in a little while."

Bai Lian nodded.

So she doesn't have to run to the Zhuyan mountain frequently.

After thanking the Blood Tree Patriarch for his help, she returned to the Qiongming peak with the jade rabbit.


When the sun rose.

In an inconspicuous room at the Yunluo peak, Qing Luan tightly held the metal card in her palm.

Even if the pain came from her palm, she didn't let go.

It was not until the morning light lit up the window sill that Qing Luan got up and set up a mini magic circle in the four corners of the room.

You always have to face it, don't you?

She took out the jade slip and wrote, "There is information related to Bai Lian, come quickly."

Hong Luan came and arrived at the room faster than Qing Luan imagined.

Think about it. It only took Hong Lian two hours to come.

Hong Luan smiled. She felt that Qing Luan had finally figured it out.

"What information?"

That eager look made Qing Luan look at her with a little disgust, "Didn't you want to know the strength of Martial Sister Bai Lian?"

"That's right."

Hong Luan said so, but the "Martial Sister Bai Lian" in Qing Luan's words made her feel a little unhappy.

Qing Luan said, "Have you ever heard of the demon beast double-headed dragon?"

After that, she stared at Hong Luan's eyes.

But Hong Luan, sitting by the window, squinted and supported her cheek with her hands, showing a languid manner. Qing Luan could not see anything.

"Of course, does this have anything to do with the strength of Bai Lian?"

Qing Luan said in a mechanical tone, "Just now, Martial Sister Bai Lian and I went to the Li River."

"And then?"

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian killed the double-headed dragon."

Hong Luan's eyes suddenly widened, "How did you find the double-headed dragon?"

Qing Luan didn't answer this question, "Martial Sister Bai Lian just waved her sword four times to kill the double-headed dragon!"

Hong Luan's pupils shrank.

She had a personal experience with how powerful the double-headed dragon was.

Because the double-headed dragon had two heads and two internal pills, most of the demonic beasts with the same cultivation base are no match for it.