The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 4 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: For Martial Sisters, I Will Do It!

"What is your cultivation for?"

Since childhood, Qing Luan had answered this question countless times.

For longevity.

For the sake of fame.

To know how high the sky is.


Every time she gave a different answer.

Maybe it was because her talent was far superior to ordinary people since she was young, but no matter what her answer was, she would be praised, whereas people who repeated her answer were often scolded.

At that time, Qing Luan understood that some people are born to be superior to others.

But she didn't become arrogant.

The reason for this is her sister, Hong Luan, who showed a higher talent than her from childhood.

Not long after joining the Duxian sect, Hong Luan became the leader of that generation of disciples and once had great hopes of succeeding as the next sect leader.

The light of Qing Luan was completely covered by Hong Luan.

She knows.

Since she embarked on the road of cultivation, her real goal is to surpass Hong Luan, and her desire to win or lose is only aimed at Hong Luan since the beginning.

However, Hong Luan is old enough to be her grandma. Her talent is better than hers, and her cultivation time is longer than hers. No matter how hard she tried, she found that she couldn't close the gap with Hong Luan.

Especially after entering the Golden Core Stage, Qing Luan found that there was something wrong with her proud talent.

The speed of her cultivation obviously failed to meet the expectation. If it goes on like this, she will never catch up with her sister.

Just when she was confused, Chen Yizhi's sudden strengthening showed her an unimaginable new path——

Follow Martial Sister Bai Lian's path!

Generally speaking, what a cultivator wants to pursue is his or her own way, so that he or she can climb to the peak.

Qing Luan thought so at first, but she soon realized.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is different from others.

Her way is a wide road to heaven!

There is no other reason. Because Martial Sister Bai Lian is a Natural Saint.

The way of the Saints is the way of heaven. Cultivators understand the way of heaven is no different to understand the way of the Saints.

Then why bother to go to insight in the way of heaven? Isn't it easier going for insight in the Martial Sister Bai Lian's way?


Qing Luan even found examples to support her theory in ancient books.

In ancient times, there was a Saint who preached, and those who listened to his preach all understood the great Tao and became immortals. Even the rabbit passed by obtained wisdoms and a demon cultivation method.

In Qing Luan's view, Martial Sister Bai Lian's Saint body has not been fully developed.

But even so, many people have benefited from it, the most obvious being Bai Lian's two younger Martial Sisters.

And the rabbit that has been following Martial Sister Bai Lian!

It must be inspired by the deeds of its ancestors that it firmly hugged Martial Sister Bai Lian's thigh.

Qing Luan walked into the hall where the sect leader handled the affairs of the sect with great expectation.

When she entered the door, Jue Yunzi was tapping the table with his index finger.

Qing Luan quickly saluted, "Sect leader."

Jue Yunzi raised his head, stopped his hand, and said in a deep voice, "Here you are."

He thought for a long time.

A few days ago, Elder Gaoyi proposed to put more burden on Bai Lian.

It is necessary to let her do more things, but what should be handed to her is a sharp problem.

Break into a secret realm or go out on a mission?

No, that's too dangerous.

Qing Luan's proposal brightened Jue Yunzi's eyes.


Help the strong find weakness, and help the weak find confidence!

Bai Lian looks more reliable than An Lan and Yan Yue.

If Qing Luan can go to a higher level under the guidance of Bai Lian, it must be a good thing for the Duxian sect.

Jue Yunzi said, "I agree with your request, but the details depend on Bai Lian's own meaning. This is the letter of introduction I wrote. Take it."

Qing Luan bowed, "Sect leader, thank you."

She doesn't expect the sect leader to force Martial Sister Bai Lian to teach her. That's unrealistic. With this letter, her probability of success will definitely increase significantly.

Qing Luan left the hall happily.

Not far away, she met her sister Hong Luan.

The woman in red has a cold temperament, which makes people feel that she is very difficult to get close to.

She stopped Qing Luan.

"What did the sect leader ask you to do?"

Qing Luan explained, "It's like this…"

Hong Luan looked at her thoughtfully.

Go to study from Bai Lian.

In her opinion, this is a good opportunity to find out Bai Lian's true strength.

She didn't get angry because her sister was going to look for her "Enemy", but said with a smile, "It seems that my Little Qing Luan is no longer a single-minded child."


Qing Luan stared at the tip of her shoe sheepishly.

"Well." Hong Luan said, "I'll go to the Qiongming peak with you. If Bai Lian doesn't agree, I'll help you beg her!"


Qing Luan was moved.

What a good sister!

Although her sister is very kind to her, she still tries her best to surpass her.

"Where are you going?"

Hong Luan stopped Qing Luan.

Qing Luan said, "I'm going to take the gift with me."

What she said was a bunch of medical pills.

In a quarter of an hour.

On the Qiongming peak.

After reading the letter handed over by Qing Luan, Bai Lian calmly moved her eyes away from Hong Luan.

The Demon Soul who possessed Chen Yizhi was killed, but this doesn't mean that she is safe now. Hong Luan is her number one enemy now.

Recalling the trouble Hong Luan caused her in the game, Bai Lian immediately understood.

This bad woman is planning something!

She must want to put Qing Luan, a traitor, beside me so that she can monitor me at any time.

Little Hong Luan, you're so ridiculous.

Will the wise Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian be fooled like this?

She wanted to cut off Hong Luan's unrealistic thoughts in cold-winter-like words.

But as Bai Lian thought, the system options popped out.

[Task 1, "Martial Sister Qing Luan, your studious spirit successfully moved me. But I refuse!" (Reward: Light Skill+2)]

[Task 2: Promise Qing Luan (Reward: Cooking +1)]


Since there is no danger, I should refuse decisively.

Qing Luan suddenly took out a lot of medicine bottles.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, this is the gift I brought. Although you don't need these medical pills, they should still be very useful for younger Martial Sister Xiao Jinse and younger Martial Sister Su Youwei."


Medical Pills.

Many, many medical pills!

Bai Lian said in a deep voice, "Younger Martial Sister Qing Luan, your studious spirit successfully moved me! But… Whether you can learn depends on your own understanding. After all, I have never been a teacher before!"

Hearing that "But", Qing Luan's heart pounded so fast. She didn't realize that Bai Lian had promised until she finished the second half of the sentence.


Qing Luan was too excited to speak for a moment.

Hong Luan nodded secretly. The first step was done.

Bai Lian tucked the medical pills into her chest.

She had no choice. The two younger Martial Sisters are like two bottomless pits. No matter how many medical pills she has, she can't feed their stomachs.

Although they just obtained a lot of medical pills, they would become poor soon. As their Elder Martial Sister, Bai Lian had to save more things for them.

As for the traitor Qing Luan…

Teach, teach her!

An Lan is a little lazy, but her theoretical knowledge is extremely rich.

She is different. She is not only lazy, but also doesn't understand any theoretical knowledge.

"I dare to teach, do you dare to learn?"

Don't blame me if you can't learn anything from me!

Bai Lian led Qing Luan into the room with a smile.