The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 6 Part 1

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Chapter 6: Bai Lian? Ah, I Often Beat Her (1)

Among her peers, Si Yunshang was very strong.

Even in the face of the ordinary Nascent Soul Stage cultivators, she could ensure her own safety.

Because of this, when she found that the strength of the rabbit demon was equal to her, she still planned to have a try.

There was not much time left for her!

She didn't want to be so timid that she did not even dare to give it a go.

Otherwise, even if no one scolded her, she would still look down on herself.

She could stand here after countless hours and attempts.

"If I can hit its ass with one blow…"

Si Yunshang glanced at the short dagger hidden in her sleeve.

The breeze blew gently, and the cold awns flowed.

Maybe it can be stabbed into the rabbit's stomach in one step!

She held her breath, even her heartbeat slowed to the point of stopping, and only spirit Qi was still running through her meridians.

Under the influence of the strange stone that emitted colorful water rhyme, the flow of spirit Qi around here was chaotic.

Si Yunshang was confident that the rabbit demon could not detect her presence.


When the dark light wrapped around the dagger, Si Yunshang got up.




The sudden rabbit cry made Si Yunshang's body freeze.


Behind the bushes, Si Yunshang didn't move.

A moment later, she saw the rabbit demon pointing its buttocks, and then ran quickly to the front.

What's over there?

Si Yunshang's eyes turned.

Suddenly, she realized that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

The rabbit demon guarding the stone left. Wasn't this the time for her to do whatever she wanted?

Ha ↑ ha ↑ ha ↑ ha ↑ ha ↑ ha ↑

Si Yunshang's smile gradually became wanton.

No pain, no gain.

If she left early, how could she wait for such an opportunity?

Finally, she was also being favored by the heavens!

Si Yunshang no longer hesitated.

She stepped forward and turned into purple clouds. In a flash, she came to the strange stone.

At this time, the rabbit demon had run off to somewhere.

The stone's spirit Qi, as thick as water, refreshed Si Yunshang.

She raised her right hand, pointed the storage ring at the strange stone, and whispered at the bottom of her heart:

"Get in!"


"Get in!"

There was still no reaction.

It seemed that this strange stone that could automatically condense spirit Qi was of such a high grade. It was impossible to put it into the storage ring without taking some time to refine it!

Si Yunshang bit her teeth.

There was no time to hesitate.

The rabbit demon could return at any time.

Thinking of this, Si Yunshang shook off the purple ribbon wrapped around her right wrist, rolled it up and pulled it, carrying the stone that was two times her height, and ran away from the cliff.

-=≡ヘ(*・ ω ・)ノ

I will be rich, I will be rich!

In this short time, Si Yunshang found that her Golden Core moved!

It had a vague trend of expansion.

The warm current washed her body.

If this state continued, a white and fat Nascent Soul would be born in her body soon.

Too strong!

This strange stone must not be handed over to others.

Si Yunshang glanced back.

"Hoo ~"

She breathed a sigh of relief.

The rabbit demon didn't seem to realize that the strange stone it guarded had been stolen.

Si Yunshang didn't dare to take it lightly.

The strange stone kept gathering spirit Qi. Even if she ran far away, the rabbit demon could still catch up with the traces of the spirit Qi.

I have to find a way to seal this strange stone temporarily.

Si Yunshang was about to find an inconspicuous place to hide. At this moment, she suddenly found out that the rich spirit Qi floating above her head seemed to have been moved into a hole, and all of a sudden, it leaked away.


She stopped for a while, and the strange stone didn't continue to gather the spirit Qi around it.

"Can this stone hear my heart?"

There were so many strange things happening today.

Si Yunshang raised her head, then she froze.

One head.

It was less than a foot from her nose.

She could even feel the warm current flowing slowly from the upturned little nose, like a weak palm gently stroking her cheek.

However, this scene was naturally nothing to Si Yunshang, who was called the Demon Woman of the Demon Sect.

If there were not ten ★s that suddenly came into her sight, she could calmly reach out and hold the girl that suddenly appeared, so that the girl could feel her own warmth.

"Damn, why are you carrying me?"

An angry voice sounded.

It was too late for Si Yunshang to throw the stone away.


A fist fell on her eye socket, and she screamed and flew out.

When she came back to her senses, the girl who had beaten Zhou Kai violently was already riding her.

It's Bai Lian!

A huge force was exerted on the waist, and Si Yunshang found that she could not shake the girl at all even with her full strength.

She tried to launch a fierce attack from below with magic. The girl held an ice butterfly and printed it on her lower abdomen. As if she had been stabbed by a needle. The sharp pain instantly dispersed her newly accumulated spirit Qi.

She could only use some instant spells such as fireballs, icicles, and so on, but these spells didn't cause any effect on the girl's body.

Si Yunshang was a little confused.

She had no idea about what happened.



Now is not the time to think about such things.

She looked up and saw the girl raise her fist. Seeing that the fist was about to fall on her face, the girl stopped.

Bai Lian triggered a new system task.

[Task 1: Kill Si Yunshang (Reward: an inferior spirit tool - Magic Sound Pot)]

[Task 2: Catch Si Yunshang (Reward: a bottle of secret medicine - Hallucinogenic Holy Water)]

[Task 3: Let Si Yunshang go as if nothing happened (Reward: Tea Ceremony +1)]

If Si Yunshang was just a random NPC, Bai Lian would not have had any impression of her.

But who makes her a "Rideable" character in the game?

Although she had not many appearances, there were nearly ten CGs about her in the game. Bai Lian clearly remembered that one of her weaknesses was the caudal vertebrae.

From the task reward, Si Yunshang couldn't be killed. After all, she was the descendant of the Lingxu Sect of the Demon Sect. She might have soul marks on her body, and as long as she was killed, the marks would be attached to the killer's body.

But she was not willing to let Si Yunshang go like this.

She had let Si Yunshang run away once. It was not easy for her to deliver herself to the door, how could she let her go so easily?

Choose Task 2.

Bai Lian took out a prepared secret medicine from her chest and forced it into Si Yunshang's mouth.