The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Overflowing Talent

In the crowded sightseeing cabin on the lower second floor of the Aurora Boat.

"You may not believe it."

"So you say, but how can you know I won't believe it if you don't say it?"

"I got lucky these two days!"


"You know that I have a middle-class Spiritual Root. I can break through to the Foundation Establishment Stage at this age only by relying on my family's money."


"In fact, I'm also working hard. Cough, don't say this. Since I came to the Aurora Boat, I suddenly found that my cultivation speed has reached three times as fast as usual! Three times, you heard me right, I will be able to break through to the later stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage in a few days."

"Really? I don't believe it."

"I don't care. You'll be thrown away by me after a few days!"


Similar conversations took place in several places on the Aurora Boat.

Some people shut up immediately after getting benefits, for fear that their luck would be robbed.

"You're stupid." A disciple shook his feather fan with disdain on his face. "Don't you find that people who meet 'luck' live close together?"

"It's true."

"Such large flying magic tools will inevitably have a central magic array, and the number of spirit stones consumed during the operation of this magic array is very amazing. Those people must live near the central magic array, and it is normal to increase the cultivation speed by two or three times."

The audience exclaimed one after another.

"Listening to your words is better than reading for ten years!"

"I know today that human wisdom cannot be generalized."

"Congratulations to the group of idiots."

The disciple shook his head and said, "There's nothing to envy. This means that the spirit Qi of the magic array leaked. There must be an accident… Eh, isn't that Elder Gaoyi? It seems that I guessed right. Elder Gaoyi must be ready to repair the magic array."

The crowd followed his line of sight.

Elder Gaoyi in a white robe appeared at the corner.

His eyebrows and eyes used to be a little sad, but his worry was relieved after hearing what the disciple said.

Can it be explained like this?

It's amazing!

After investigating, Gaoyi had found that the root cause of the raising spirit Qi was Bai Lian.

Originally, the rumor that Bai Lian was a Natural Saint attracted many people's attention to her. If other sects knew that staying with Bai Lian could increase their cultivation speed, they would defintely find a way to catch her for their sects and use her as a tool for Gathering Spirit Qi!

With Bai Lian's life span, it's no problem to use her for a thousand years!

Gaoyi pulled his face and said, "Don't worry, the magic array is just having a small problem. As long as we replace a formation flag we can solve the problem."

The disciples nodded repeatedly.

The disciple's feather fan waved even more vigorously.

I'm really smart! I'm a man with the wisdom of God!

Gaoyi waved again, "Tomorrow the Aurora Boat will be able to fly to the destination. This test is a good opportunity to show your past achievements. You have to perform well. Don't let yourself down!"


Gaoyi smiled and turned away.

A moment later, he came to Bai Lian's door.

The water-typed spirit Qi in the air was so thick that it was about to overflow. Except for the fire-type spirit Qi, other types of spirit Qi were also two or three times stronger than normal.

This talent is really terrible. It's almost overflowing!

Bai Lian didn't show this qualification before. It must be a new ability unlocked after the awakening of her Saint Body.

When the Saint comes, there is hope. When the Saint comes, the Duxian sect is saved!

For the first time, Gaoyi felt that the catastrophe predicted by the Eastern Divine Land was not particularly terrible.

"Dong Dong Dong…"

He knocked on Bai Lian's door.

"It's me."

"Elder Gaoyi?"

Bai Lian immediately got up.

Idle and bored, she was playing with water in bed. the jade rabbit quietly laid beside her, with stars in its eyes like it was drunk.

Bai Lian opened the door, "Elder Gaoyi, what are your instructions?"

Gaoyi said what he was worried about.

Hearing that, Bai Lian's face showed an annoyed smile.

System, can't you do something good?!

The Tao halo Special Effect that was rewarded before was like this. Everyone else could get insight from it, but she looked at her own feet for a long time and didn't understand anything from it.

Now the Water Spirit Special Effect was also the same.

Only she herself couldn't get any benefit from it!

She looked at the task options that appeared in front of her eyes.

[Task 1, "Are you telling me what to do?" (Reward: Thunder Breath)]

[Task 2, "I see, Elder Gaoyi!" (Reward: Light Skill+1)]

Bai Lian said helplessly, "I see, Elder Gaoyi! I just want to improve my strength as much as possible before arriving at the test site. I didn't expect to cause such a big disturbance."

Gaoyi nodded his head in relief, "It's fine if you understand."

He wanted to turn around and leave like this, but after listening to Bai Lian's words, he felt that his behavior had dampened Bai Lian's enthusiasm too much.


Gaoyi took out a bottle from his storage ring.

"This bottle of Jade Purification Pills is my compensation for you."

Is there such a good thing?

Bai Lian was stunned when she took the jade bottle from Gaoyi.

Jade Purification Pill was a medical pill used for cultivation. It was useful even to the Nascent Soul Stage's cultivators, not to mention her, a cultivator at the early stage of the Golden Core Stage. After eating this bottle of pills, she would definitely break through to the middle stage of the Golden Core Stage.

Elder Gaoyi is a good man!

Bai Lian was moved.

She sent Elder Gaoyi away with enthusiasm.

However, Bai Lian was not in a hurry to swallow the pills.

As long as she ran the cultivation method, there would be a Special Effect. It was better to wait until they got off the Aurora Boat.

Half an hour later, the news that the central magic array's formation flags were damaged, resulting in spirit Qi leak, spread all over the Aurora Boat.

The disciples who had enjoyed the welfare beat their legs in chagrin.

"If I had known this, I wouldn't publicize it everywhere. Now the formation flags have been repaired!"

Disciples who had not enjoyed this welfare were also very upset.

"Why was I only told of this news after the leak was blocked?"

"It's better not to tell me!"

In the noise, the Aurora Boat crossed the sea of clouds and arrived at its destination at noon the next day.

Somewhere on Mount Yuheng in the north of East Divine Land.

Two peaks and one valley.

In the open space in the valley, countless people looked up at the slowly descending Aurora Boat.

Including the Saint and Xia Qingqing who had already arrived in the valley.

"She finally came!"

The Saint's eyes twinkled with light of unknown significance.

The Biluo Sect disciples who followed her whispered.

"We need to pay attention to only a few people in Duxian Sect, among which the number one enemy is Qiongming Peak's Bai Lian."

"I don't know who is better? Our Saint or Bai Lian?"

"Our Saint, of course!"

"When Bai Lian walked in front of our Saint, our Saint didn't even look at her!"

While talking, the Aurora Boat had stopped on the ground, and one after another disciples of Duxian Sect came down from the boat.

After seeing Xiao Jinse mixed in the crowd, the Saint left the other Biluo Sect disciples and ran over.

"Miss Xiao, where has your Elder Martial Sister gone?"

"Sister Su, why isn't your Elder Martial Sister with you?"

Two sounds sounded at the same time.

The Saint subconsciously looked back and met Xia Qingqing's sight.

Suddenly, a sense of crisis raised in her heart!