The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: The Qiongming Peak Is Saved, and the Duxian Sect Is Hopeful!

The birds flew back one after another.

After a long time, all that remained in Bai Lian's eyes were swaying branches and resting birds.

A faint sadness filled her heart.

No Si Yunshang, no Zhi He.


Only three days have passed.

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What a sin!

Bai Lian looked sadly at her sinful hands, so flexible fingers.

She began to feel afraid. Zhi He already knew her nature. As a demonic practitioner of the demon sect, if she discloses this matter…

No, no, she's not so bad, is she?

Bai Lian thought calmly and thought repeatedly, and then she completely calmed down.

"Don't be afraid, it's just a technical adjustment!"

When in trouble, what she needs to do is trust the ability of her teammates.

In fact, her teammates have surprisingly strong combat power.

Before the two Martial Sisters arrived at the Qiongming peak, all kinds of rumors about her never stopped.

Although flattery had occupied the mainstream, there were also many people who wanted to discredit her.

Some people said that she was bullying other Martial Brothers and sisters.

Some people said that she looked kind-hearted but was actually a vicious woman.

Others said that she was rich and bought a group of followers to blow for herself every day.

Before Bai Lian did anything, these rumors were crushed by Tong Yao and her followers.

Over time, these rumors can no longer make Bai Lian feel angry. Unless the enemy tears down her disguise and hits her fragile heart directly, this filled up balloon can be let out.

"So improving my strength is the most important thing!"

Bai Lian stretched out her five fingers, and lying in the palm of her hand was a white medical pill with ripples around it.

This is the Supreme Real Elixir the system rewarded. There is infinite energy in this small pill.

Today, Zhi He takes the road of the Demon Woman again.

Also today, Martial Sister Bai Lian will also reach the peak of the Golden Core Stage, living up to the expectations of everyone in the Duxian sect!

After adding a lot of skill points, her body is very solid and her spirit is also very vigorous.

If she returned to the Foundation Establishment Stage, even in the face of the two younger Martial Sisters, she has the confidence to defeat them.

In this state, not to mention one Supreme Real Elixir, she can withstand one more!

"Only with a strong body can we cope with the complex and changeable conditions on the cultivation road!"

Bai Lian went to a secluded area and swallowed the medical pill.

This is a good opportunity. When she returns to the Aurora Boat and is surrounded by everyone, it will be difficult for her to improve her cultivation base.

A sense of fulfillment instantly filled Bai Lian's heart.

The medicine burst in her body, and she felt as if she had been lit. The scalding stimulation gave her no time to pay attention to the surrounding situation, so she had to settle down and run the cultivation method.

This is bound to be a long tug-of-war.


In the place Bai Lian couldn't see, the colorful water rhyme began to surge like a sea tide, and the abundant spirit Qi rendered the open space in the forest like an Immortal World on earth.


He Yurou's feet softened and she sat on the ground.

"Too, too strong!"

She was worried about whether the person who triggered the power of the Soul Changing Stage would be the person sent by the hostile forces to assassinate Martial Sister Bai Lian.


I don't need to guess now!

Who else can exude such gentle power except for Martial Sister Bai Lian?

The rumors in the sect are true. Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was really only one step away from the Soul Changing Stage.

She must be breaking through to the Soul Changing Stage, so she caused such a big noise now.

That's the Soul Changing Stage.

From now on, Martial Sister Bai Lian will officially step into the high level of the sect.

That's great!

He Yurou was excited at the thought of this. The reason why she was recognized by the Taixuan needle was that she had the kindness of a doctor. She wanted to treat everyone who was tortured by illness.

But her strength alone is limited after all.

Learning medicine can't save the Duxian sect, let alone East Divine Land!

But Martial Sister Bai Lian is different. She has strength and kindness.

Led by her, the Duxian sect will become a paradise.

Under her leadership, the chaos in the East Divine Land will be greatly reduced.

This is really saving the people in the world!

He Yurou immediately got up, and she had to tell Elder Gaoyi about it.

The next moment, she flew to the Aurora Boat in the distance.

The upper level of the Golden Core Stage.

The peak of the Golden Core Stage.


Bai Lian is very excited. Now she is only a short step away from reaching the Nascent Soul Stage.

As soon as the time came, her Nascent Soul, "Little Bai Lian" would come out by itself.

In fact, the improvement of the cultivation base is only the incidental effect of the Supreme Real Elixir. The real change comes from the substantial improvement of her Focus.

Before taking the medical pill, her Focus was 257 points, and after taking the medical pill, her Focus directly rose to 386 points.

According to Bai Lian's conjecture, even many of the cultivators at the Nascent Soul Stage don't have such a strong divine sense as her.

Of course, compared with the cultivators at the Soul Changing Stage, her Focus is not enough.

After all, her soul still can't get out of the body now.

Bai Lian stood up from the ground.

Her current strength should be able to defeat most cultivators at the later stage of the Nascent Soul Stage and some cultivators at the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage.

"My strength can barely keep up with the rumors spread by the outside world."

Bai Lian was moved to tears.

The sadness in her heart suddenly went away.

The crisis is over, and she no longer has to worry about someone jumping out to debunk her lie!

Want to debunk me?

I will beat you to death!


At this time, she took out the jade slip. Elder Gaoyi sent a message, asking her to hurry back to the Aurora Boat.

"Is there an accident in the trial?"

Bai Lian frowned and put the jade slip away.

She rose in the air and flew towards the Aurora Boat.

Half an hour after Bai Lian left, someone looked dignified and landed in the woods.

"The fluctuation of the Soul Changing Stage?"

"Someone broke through the Soul Changing Stage here!"

"Who could it be?"

"What do you say?"

The two men who spoke were silent.

That name…

It's terrifying to think about it!

People came and went on the Aurora Boat. The disciples of the Duxian sect were happy and gathered in groups to discuss their gains in the trial.

To the reassured Bai Lian, it didn't seem to be a big deal.

She took a step forward, and Tong Yao suddenly jumped out of the roadside, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, you are so awesome!"

Bai Lian?

She took another two steps forward. This time, Chen Yizhi appeared, "Compared with Martial Sister Bai Lian, I'm like the fluorescence of rotten grass. Thanks to Martial Sister Bai Lian, my restless heart will never expand."

Bai Lian,"??"

She went on and found Qing Luan standing at the door staring at her with sparkling eyes. When she approached, Qing Luan arched her hands and said, "Congratulations, Martial Sister Bai Lian, on breaking through to the Soul Changing Stage!"

Bai Lian,"???"

What are you saying?

Bai Lian was confused.

When did I break through to the Soul Changing Stage?

Don't talk nonsense!

She walked into the room with a confused look, and Elder Gaoyi came over laughing.

"The Qiongming peak is saved, and the Duxian sect has hope, hahaha…"

Who can tell me what happened?