The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: The Most Important Thing Is to Stay Away From Feelings

Some people were born extraordinary.

Some people were born with unique lights and sounds and always have good luck.

Some people were born with excellent bones and have the possibility of becoming great emperors.

Some people can understand any cultivation methods at a glance.

It was on December 18, 2327 years ago, at a quarter past noon.

There was heavy snow floating outside the window.

With a loud cry, she was born.

As with many other extraordinary people, the wooden house was shrouded in dense purple and black smoke when she was born.

In the words of older generations, it was like the Demon Lord's birth.

When she looked at the white world with confused eyes, she remembered her own name——

Zhi He.

At that time, the tribal people got their names quite casually. At least her name was not bad.

She grew up quickly.

She learned to crawl, walk and speak.

She began to consciously observe the world.

She was curious.

Why is the sky blue and grass is green?

She was curious.

Why can birds fly and fish swim?

She was curious.

What is on the other side of the mountain and what is on the other side of the sea?

So she wanted to go out to have a look.

But her ideas were not recognized by others.

Tribal people have lived in this land for hundreds of years.

What they need is not to know how vast the world is, but enough food to last through the cold winter.

As the daughter of the patriarch, she had to give up her dream.

She was not alone.

She still had many things that she couldn't give up.

She forgot how long it had passed.

Her puppy grew into a fierce dog, and the trees she planted became thicker and taller.

It was still a snowy night.

Beasts easily overturned the fence, and the man who drove the beasts waved a sword and killed everyone who appeared in the field of his vision.

She fell in a pool of blood.

Life passed through the wound.

She felt her body was heavier than ever before, and her eyes blurred.

Is this death?

She knew that everything she was curious about would no longer have an answer.

It should have been like this.

When the snow stopped, someone stepped in front of her on the thick snow and said to her in a cold voice, "Do you want revenge?"

She couldn't speak.

She hated her lack of strength.

The man continued, "Blink if you want."

She blinked her eyes as hard as she could.

On that day, she was brought to the Lingxu sect by her master.

Since then, the Lingxu sect has embarked on a new road that no one has ever imagined.

She defeated her senior brother who looked down on her in the competition.

She counterattacked and won the championship in the trial.

She was ranked number one in the battle of qualifying.

She became the leader of the young generation of the Lingxu sect.

She didn't know how many years had passed.

She took over the position of sect leader of the Lingxu sect, and the Lingxu sect reached its peak and became the Lord of all demon sects. The name of Demon Woman Zhi He even spread to the East Divine Land and became famous all over the world.

This prosperous age is as expected by all predecessors of the Lingxu sect.

It took her half a lifetime to build this prosperous age.

She seemed to have achieved success.

However, she still pulled out her sword and looked around blankly.

She joined the Lingxu sect for revenge, but after all these years, she still didn't know who her enemy was.

Maybe they have already died of old age.

Maybe they have been killed by other enemies.

She cultivated for nothing.

One day, she suddenly learned that the reason she came to the Lingxu sect was all planned.

The fence was pushed down by her master, the wild beasts were sent by her master, and those crazy people were also hired by her master.

She found her master.


"Zhi He, have you seen your destiny?"

She shook her head.

"Your destiny is doomed. Only when you are far away from feelings can you find your way from thousands of roads."

She lifted her sword.

Her master said calmly, "The great disaster is coming, and the Lingxu sect can't survive this great disaster. In the next era, the Lingxu sect will disappear. I was born in the Lingxu sect, grew up in the Lingxu sect, and will finally die in the Lingxu sect. It has been thousands of years since the founding of the Lingxu sect. I can't watch it fall in the great disaster in the near future, so I want to bet that you, who is not bound by feelings, have the possibility to lead the Lingxu sect to survive the disaster."

"Aren't you afraid that I will destroy the Lingxu sect in advance?"

"I'm afraid."

"Is it worth it?"

In response, she got a sigh, "It's not worth it."

Her master regretted it.

Whenever he sees the smile on the corner of Zhi He's mouth, he feels that his world is closer to collapse.



The Lingxu sect?

It's almost gone.

The more he insists, the less he can get.

People like him should be forever buried in the abyss.

Zhi He's master confessed the truth to her.

"Why didn’t you keep concealing it?"

"Your sword is confused. One day, this confusion will trap you."

She twisted and broke her master's neck.

She also wanted to detonate the mountain protection array of the Lingxu sect and wipe out the whole Lingxu sect from the East Divine Land.

But after seeing the familiar faces, she was still confused.

What is her Tao?

She already knew her destiny.

Anyone she values will stay away from her for various reasons.

It's not necessarily death, but it may be more unacceptable than death.

So her master said, Zhi He, the most important thing is to stay away from feelings.

Without emotion you will not be held back and you can pursue your own way.

She looked at her cultivation method.

Spiritual Emptiness Casting Saint.

Will the founder know that the Lingxu sect has become a demon sect?

After destroying the holy stone tablet of the Lingxu sect, she left.

Many years later, she died in the Gua Feng Disaster.

Her cultivation base was lost, her bones and flesh disappeared, and only a wisp of her soul miraculously survived.

Eighteen years ago, on December 18, a quarter past noon.

Heavy snow was still floating outside the window.

With a loud cry, she was born again.

The difference is that this time, her birth was very calm, without purple and black smoke, and no ghosts visited and cheered for her birth.

When she looked at the new world with curious eyes, the poor scholar nearby gave her a new name——

Si Yunshang.

She was like all ordinary people born in this era.

She was even more numb than other children.

But for lovely girls, being a little silly doesn't seem to be unforgivable.

She had no memory of her previous life.

She grew up healthily.

If there was no Huaxin sect, her life would be extremely peaceful.

There is no Golden Finger with her, but only a little consciousness sealed by Zhi He.

Bai Lian looked up at Zhi He floating in the sea of her divine sense.

It's really a Demon Woman.

Dressed in purple, she looks like a blooming hell lotus.

In fact, her appearance is not better than Si Yunshang, but her deep temperament makes her look different.

After playing with these dusty memories, Zhi He's consciousness finally couldn't hold on.

Her body became unreal, and she said to Bai Lian, "You can see it, too. If you want to save me, you will be entangled by my fate."

Bai Lian nodded, "I know."

The reward is a Supreme Real Elixir. With her current strength, she still hopes to complete this task alive. After all, her strength is comparable to a cultivator at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage.

Although the Supreme Real Elixir is valuable, its value is just equal to a Nascent Soul Stage weapon.

Zhi He looked at Bai Lian and didn't say a word.

She could barely stay awake until now.


A moment later, Zhi He's last consciousness broke down and sank deeply into Si Yunshang's divine sense, integrating with Si Yunshang.

Bai Lian scratched her head.

She wanted to try.

If there is only one person in the whole East Divine Land who can save Si Yunshang, it will be her master An Lan.

Although Zhi He's fate is unique, compared with An Lan, who was the Immortal Heavenly Lord in her previous life, it should be nothing.

In An Lan's previous life, she could even wipe out an entire world's Tao.

"Master, if there is a person?"

Bai Lian told the story of Si Yunshang on the jade slip.

To her surprise, An Lan wrote back so soon.

An Lan, [Isn't it very simple? Treat her casually]

Bai Lian,【???】

Don't be so casual!

An Lan curled her lips.

Is there anyone more experienced than you in being possessed by "Death"?

An Lan, [Didn't she have any anomalies when she was born again? It shows that she has long been free from the influence of that fate]

I see.

Bai Lian nodded repeatedly.

An Lan won't cheat her on this.

So the question is, since that fate has disappeared, why is the task reward for treating Si Yunshang so high?

Bai Lian thought for a long time, but she still picked up Si Yunshang.

She wanted to try.