The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Women Will Only Affect the Speed of My Sword Drawing, but Martial Sister Bai Lian Won't!

Qiang Qiang!

Zhou Hongyun moved and the Duxian sect disciples pulled out their swords one after another.

This naturally didn't scare Zhou Hongyun.

He glanced at the Demon Soul with disdain and shouted, "Evil beast, do you really think that Fairy Bai Lian can't find that you have possessed this young man's body?"


All the disciples of the Duxian sect were stunned.


Is this saying that Elder Martial Brother Chen (younger Martial Brother Chen) was possessed?

The Demon Soul's face turned red. He pointed to Zhou Hongyun and shouted, "Liar! As the executioner of the White Tiger Hall, you slaughtered civilians and your crimes were extremely heinous. Now you want to play a little trick to turn us against each other? Do you think you can fool Martial Sister Bai Lian?"

Zhou Hongyun sneered, "Fairy Bai Lian has her own judgment. No matter how cunning you are, it's useless."


The breath of the Demon Soul became heavy.

He stared at Zhou Hongyun.

Zhou Hongyun's voice made his last hope collapse.

The coat he wore to protect himself was punctured. At this time, no matter how stupid Bai Lian was, she couldn't fail to realize that there was something wrong.


The Demon Soul shivered.

Chen Yizhi is the genius of the Duxian sect. Bai Lian can't let him go.

The Demon Soul now felt very regretful.

Unfortunately, though there are thousands of medical pills in the world, there is no "Regret Pill".

It's all Zhou Hongyun's fault!

If he hadn't ordered the white tiger to catch Chen Yizhi and then not return, how could the Demon Soul want to possess Chen Yizhi in a hurry?

The Demon Soul wanted to jump out and shout, "Yes, I'm the Battle General of Foreign Demons! You lowly humans, how dare you make noise in front of me!"

Then he will probably die a little more tragically.

But the Demon Soul dares not to do so.

As a soul, the reason why he could survive till now was that he was cowardly enough.

Other foreign demons had already died in ancient times on the battleground between demons and human cultivators. Only he survived.

What should I do?

The Demon Soul trembled.

He put on a frightened face and looked forward to Bai Lian's answer.

The originally noisy periphery of the forbidden area suddenly became quiet. Bai Lian's deep eyes looked at the Demon Soul and Zhou Hongyun.

That's the look!

The Demon Soul only had this same feeling of suffocation when being watched by the Foreign Demon Commander.

It's horrible.

It's like falling into a bottomless hole or an endless deep sea.

Actually, Bai Lian was attracted by the system task at this time.

[Task 1, "I'm in a hurry. You two, fight me together!" After that, fight with the two. (Reward: your cultivation base breakthrough to the Soul Changing Stage)]

[Task 2, "Zhou Hongyun, do you think this little trick can fool me?" (Reward: a top-grade magic tool - Spirit Crane Lightsaber)]

[Task 3, "Demon Soul, I can see through your disguise at a glance. But now, I give you a chance to repent. Leave my younger Martial Brother Chen Zhiyi's body immediately!" (Reward: Blood Melting Pill)]

Task 1 is no different from looking for death.

Bai Lian might try Task 2 if there were not so many disciples of the Duxian sect around. But now, she dared not make any mistakes.

Choose Task 3.

Bai Lian fixed her eyes on the Demon Soul and gently shouted, "Demon Soul, I can…"


Qing Luan was stunned.

Chen Yizhi's body has been taken over. Even if the Demon Soul leaves his body, what it leaves will only be a corpse.


Qing Luan suddenly understood.

Bai Lian must want to leave Chen Yizhi a whole body.

This woman…

She bit her teeth.

No wonder Bai Lian is so valued by the sect Elders. Even at this time, she can think so far ahead.

More and more disciples of the Duxian sect thought of this.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian…"

They looked at Bai Lian's back and were moved.

You can always trust Martial Sister Bai Lian!

When the Demon Soul heard Bai Lian's words, the sea of his divine sense almost exploded.

Sure enough.

Zhou Hongyun didn't shout out his true identity when scolding him, but Bai Lian quickly said that he was a Demon Soul.

The reason why Bai Lian didn't expose him immediately must be because she was afraid that he wouldn't leave a whole body for Chen Yizhi.

What should I do?

The Demon Soul trembled violently.

He had just possessed Chen Yizhi's body, and there was a gap between the soul and the body.

He didn't know whether he should believe Bai Lian's words. If he left Chen Yizhi's body, could he really be let go?


What if I don't believe her? Anyway, I'm no match for Bai Lian.

The Demon Soul stared at a male tiger nearby.

He can, at least he should try!

Reincarnation into a white tiger can also make great contributions to the ethnic reproduction of the foreign demon race!

The Demon Soul quietly began to peel off its own soul from Chen Yizhi's body.

But just as he was about to leave Chen Yizhi's body, the sea of her divine sense suddenly changed.

A sword!

An invincible sword!

"How's it possible!"

The Demon Soul was stunned. Chen Yizhi's soul had not been completely erased! When he realized it, it was too late for him to escape again, and the sword rain covered the whole sea of his divine sense.


All of a sudden, everyone present found that Chen Yizhi had become light.

"What's going on?"

Zhou Hongyun's face turned pale.

He felt that he could not allow this change to continue.

While everyone didn't notice, he waved his fist and smashed it hard at Chen Yizhi. The surge of spirit Qi instantly suppressed the light on Chen Yizhi's body.

"Jade rabbit!"

Bai Lian shouted.

The jade rabbit immediately opened its ears to protect the two younger Martial Sisters.

Bai Lian quickly spread a wide water curtain in front of her, stopping all the air currents that might hit other disciples of the Duxian sect.

Fortunately, her Hard Skill has reached 211 points, and she is wearing the Li Yue Taoist robe, so the continuous slapping didn't cause any obvious injuries on her body.

Wait for the glory to dissipate.

The crowd saw Chen Yizhi stretch out his right hand and press his two fingers against Zhou Hongyun's fist.

Very calm.

Zhou Hongyun's fist shook involuntarily.


With a soft sound, his fist suddenly exploded into countless pieces.

Chen Yizhi pointed his fingers out in a sword-like shape. Zhou Hongyun was cut into dozens of pieces without even struggling. Blood splashed, and the scene was extremely bloody.

The leader of White Tiger Hall died at this point!


What happened?

Bai Lian was speechless.

She saw Chen Yizhi coming toward her. Suddenly, Chen Yizhi knelt down, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, you saved my life. If you hadn't deliberately disturbed the Demon Soul's mind, it wouldn't take long for me to be completely assimilated by him…"

He said this from the bottom of his heart!

Half a day ago, his body was seized by the Demon Soul. Fortunately, he had the bloodline of foreign demons, which allowed him to retain a part of himself.

But normally, it's useless.

But Martial Sister Bai Lian must have found this and used her unique wisdom to disorder the Demon Soul's mind, so that he could find the Demon Soul's fatal flaw.

He tried his best to fight back, and he really defeated the Demon Soul. He devoured the Demon Soul and activated his Foreign Demon Bloodline, and instantly broke through to the Nascent Soul Stage.

Chen Yizhi immediately gathered the Demon Soul's killing intent, condensed it into his soul sword, and sent out the strongest blow he had.

No matter how hard Zhou Hongyun struggled, he could not avoid this blow.


Are you also a protagonist?

Bai Lian could only say, "That sword is good."

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian… I… How can I compare with you… If it was you, you could defeat him as easy as…"

Chen Yizhi said incoherently.

He was praised by Martial Sister Bai Lian!

Is there anything happier than this?

Chen Yizhi once thought that women would only affect the speed of his sword drawing, but after this crisis, he realized——

That's just because those women are too weak!

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is different.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian's sword skill is as wide as the sea. He might never be able to catch up with Martial Sister Bai Lian's training speed within his life.

Chen Yizhi's eyes became firm.

From today on, he will respect Martial Sister Bai Lian like respecting his parents! If anyone dares to offend Martial Sister Bai Lian, he will offend the person in the same way!

The crisis is over.

Qing Luan 's hand holding the sword trembled slightly.

I see. Bai Lian's real purpose was to save Chen Yizhi, and she succeeded!

She killed the Demon Soul with a simple sentence!

What a terrible means!

Although Qing Luan saw that there was something wrong with Chen Yizhi, she didn't realize that he had been possessed by the Demon Soul, and he was still alive!

She was on the first floor and thought Bai Lian was on the second floor. In the end, she found that Bai Lian was on the fifth floor!

The gap between her and Bai Lian has reached this point.

"Worthy of being the perfect Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

Hearing the cheers in her ears, for a moment, Bai Lian was speechless.

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