The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Elder Martial Sister Chen Lu Is Cold Outside and Hot Inside

How can we take revenge against those immortals who are high above?

At that time, Si Yunshang sat in a pool of blood and thought of this desperately.

Broken attics, broken human bodies, and a broken future…

There's nothing left.

Including her life as a song-chanter girl.

Originally, she was full of complaints about her life, and she was always unhappy with the people around her, thinking "The world is so big, I want to travel around."

But after all the restrictions were removed, she was suddenly confused, leaving only endless emptiness after the heart-piercing pain.

She was just a song-chanter girl, how could she take revenge on those powerful immortals of the Huaxin sect?

Si Yunshang decided to end her life.

This should be the case.

But when the blood bubbled out of her wrist, many strange things suddenly appeared in her mind.

She had a long dream.

In her dream, she sat under a towering tree hundreds of feet high. The tree asked her, "Do you want to understand the meaning of living?"

This is a boring question that Si Yunshang would never answer before.

Sitting alone under the tree, she was in a state of extreme confusion and extreme emptiness.

Her calm heart was stirred by the huge tree.

With her body as the center, circles of ripples ripple out, so the endless wind blew on the snowy ground where the giant tree was located.

It was also cold at that time.

Si Yunshang chose the former between [Want] and [Don't want].


Syllables jumped.

The wind and snow broke through the barrier of the huge tree and covered Si Yunshang's body.

She didn't feel cold anymore. There was something warm lying in her palm. In this way, even if her body was frozen into ice, her blood was still warm.

She felt a force full of vitality injected into her lower abdomen, which entangled and whirled, and finally formed a stable vortex.

With the passage of time, the vortex became more and more condensed, and finally condensed into a golden ball.

At this time, the ice shell could no longer trap her body, and the illusion could no longer lock her heart.

Si Yunshang woke up.

She realized that she had the power of immortals.

It's too abrupt.

She only vaguely remembered hearing a soft sigh when she opened her eyes——

"This is my last strength."

Was it an illusion?

After waking up, Si Yunshang spent a month to understand the world again.

She knew that the cultivation method she suddenly obtained was called "Spiritual Emptiness Casting Saint", which was the cultivation method of the Lingxun sect, and the reason why her strength improved so fast in a short time was that she had overdrawn her life.

What you give is what you obtain.

She also knew that the Huaxin sect was just an inconspicuous small sect, but even so, with her cultivation base of the Golden Core Stage, it was impossible to destroy the entire Huaxin sect.

Si Yunshang heard Bai Lian's name when she was traveling abroad.

Fairy Bai Lian of the Duxian sect. She is not only gifted and outstanding in appearance, but also called a female Bodhisattva and a true immortal by many ordinary people.

Si Yunshang knows many cultivators who like to help others, but Bai Lian is the first she know that is committed to helping mortals and creating a harmonious society.

Many people say that Bai Lian is stupid because spends her time helping useless mortals. If she didn’t waste her time on such things, her strength could grow two times faster than now.

Si Yunshang merely thought Bai Lian was cute.

If the Duxian sect were near Yuheng mountain, the Huaxin sect would not dare to do evil at all.

"I really want to meet Fairy Bai Lian."

However, Si Yunshang also knew that she was dreaming. She was just a cultivator with no sect, and she didn't even have the chance to make friends with Fairy Bai Lian.

She returned to Yuheng mountain. She may not be able to destroy the Huaxin sect, but at least she should try.

She forged her identity and tried her best to find the weaknesses of the Huaxin sect.

Thanks to the huge gap between the strength of the Huaxin sect and the Lingxu sect, the Huaxin sect didn't dare to verify her identity, otherwise, she might have been exposed long ago.

A year later, Si Yunshang suddenly learned that the joint trial organized by the Ten Thousand Immortals League would be held in Yuheng mountain.


With the strength of the Ten Thousand Immortals League, they can destroy the Huaxin sect with ease.

Maybe she can see Fairy Bai Lian this time.

Unfortunately, she did meet Bai Lian, but perhaps because of her Demon Woman identity, Fairy Bai Lian only seemed polite. In fact, she was quite distant.

On the contrary, Chen Lu always shows a disdainful look towards her, but in fact, she is quite concerned about her.

Although Chen Lu didn't admit it, Si Yunshang could see it!

Before, she mercilessly belittled Chen Lu. Chen Lu was not angry nor did she want to kill her. She didn't even scold her, but just smiled awkwardly.

And Chen Lu clearly could turn her over to the sect, and finally, she just contacted the kind-hearted Fairy Bai Lian.

Besides, now, when she was about to freeze to death, Chen Lu reached out again and pulled her back from the darkness.

Si Yunshang tried to find a reason for these abnormal behaviors.


Chen Lu had long seen through her disguise!

From the time of meeting, Chen Lu knew that she was not a descendant of the Lingxu sect. Otherwise, Chen Lu would have definitely not been kind to a Demon Woman, unless, Chen Lu liked her.


How can it be?

Si Yunshang shook her head secretly.

It's unexpected that Chen Lu is also a good person with a cold appearance but a kind heart. No wonder she has such a good relationship with Fairy Bai Lian!

She accidentally touched Chen Lu's hot spot, her body warmed, and her heart warmed up.

Life is really wonderful.

Because of her special constitution, Si Yunshang clearly remembered the words in her dream.

She didn't want to continue playing the Demon Woman anymore. She wanted to let herself die in innocence instead of carrying a heavy curse.

She realized that this was a good opportunity.

Is there such a thing?

Bai Lian was stunned.

Unexpectedly, Si Yunshang was also a poor woman.

If she wants to verify Si Yunshang's words, it is very simple. As long as she sends someone to investigate the Lingxu sect, she can distinguish their authenticity.

But Bai Lian still felt strange.

Since Si Yunshang is a cultivator with no sect, why is the task of killing her so risky?

"Does she have a 'Golden Finger' with her?"

Bai Lian looked at Si Yunshang suspiciously.

Except for a jade pendant, there seems to be nothing worth paying attention to on her body.

But it was inappropriate to test Si Yunshang at this time.

We'll talk about it later.

Thinking like this, Bai Lian raised her head.

She has told her Martial Sisters her position, and it wouldn't be long before they came.

But at this time, Bai Lian suddenly found that her waist had been hugged.



Si Yunshang climbed on her. She waved her hand around dishonestly, and was about to throw her to the ground.

This… Why are you so troublesome?!

Bai Lian angrily took out another fire-type inner pill. She was about to put the inner pill into Si Yunshang's palm, when a cry suddenly came from above her head.

Xiao Jinse said, "Elder Martial Sister!"

Su Youwei said, "Where?"

"Didn't Martial Sister say she was here?"

"Was there an accident?"

"There is no such possibility!"

"Let me check around with my divine sense."



Bai Lian saw new task options in front of her.

[Task 1: Immediately reply, "I'm here!" (Reward: a secret medicine - Fire Refining Real Gold)]

[Task 2: Hold your breath and don't say anything (Reward: an inferior magic tool - Tongtian Stick)]

Bai Lian realized that it was bad.

Si Yunshang was hanging on her now. Her face was crimson and her clothes were messy. There is a problem at first sight!

If this is seen by her two younger Martial Sisters…

"I'm innocent!"

Who would believe it?

Choose Task 2!

Bai Lian immediately blocked her existence with her divine sense. She didn't dare to move, for fear of making a big noise and attracting the attention of her Martial Sisters.

But it's obviously not so simple.

Su Youwei is a cautious person after all. After finding a place under her feet that her divine sense could not detect, she realized that there was a problem.

"There may be a secret room below. I guess Martial Sister Bai Lian must have gone in to explore. Let's separate and look for the entrance."


Xiao Jinse didn't blame Su Youwei for this kind of thing.


Why don't I pretend to be dizzy?

No way.

In her anxiety, Bai Lian saw the jade rabbit eating grass in the corner, and she quickly commanded the jade rabbit.

Although the jade rabbit didn't understand the reason, it just needed to do what Martial Sister Bai Lian said.

Then, the jade rabbit picked up the Golden Snake Lance and rushed out of the ground.


A loud noise attracted Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei's attention.

"It's the jade rabbit!"

"Come and have a look."

The two hurriedly chased the jade rabbit.

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