The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: I Lied to You

Bai Lian finally understands why the danger of doing nothing is different from that of sneaking into the White Tiger Hall.

When she entered the White Tiger Hall with Si Yunshang, she felt a terrifying presence.

At the peak of the Nascent Soul Stage!

Bai Lian looked up and saw the leader of White Tiger Hall standing above the sky.

Back so fast!

The leader of the White Tiger Hall's right fist pressed down and the golden fist formed by spirit Qi instantly collapsed the heavy defenses of the three-layer array guarding the forbidden area.

Half of the buildings in the White Tiger Hall were turned to dust by the impact of the aftershock.

Bai Lian swallowed her saliva.

She figured out the danger the best-grade magic tool award represented——

A Nascent Soul Stage cultivator's anger.

Thinking carefully, this is very reasonable!

The Nascent Soul Stage cultivator can use the best magic tools at full power. If the cultivator's strength is a little higher, the cultivator would use spirit tools instead.

Bai Lian was glad that she hadn't rushed forward. With her current strength, she could fight a cultivator at the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Stage.

If she met a strong man like the leader of the White Tiger Hall, she had no chance to win.

"Damn it!"

If I stay outside the White Tiger Hall honestly, how can there be so many troubles? Just wait quietly for the reinforcements of the Duxian sect to come and clean up the White Tiger Hall.

Bai Lian looked around, and a hole leading to the underground attracted her attention.

"Find a place to hide first."

She was about to walk over when a hand suddenly grabbed her sleeve. She turned around and saw Si Yunshang's delicate face slightly wrinkled.

Bai Lian said, "What can I do for you?"

Si Yunshang said, "Chen Lu, didn't you say that you and Fairy Bai Lian are 50-50 and often beat her? Now the whole White Tiger Hall is in a mess. If you catch the leader of the White Tiger Hall here, the Huaxin sect will not know it, and you can also find out the details of the Huaxin sect."

She is serious!

Bai Lian found that Si Yunshang was not satirizing her.

Why did you believe what I said?

Bai Lian hesitated.

If she admitted that she was Bai Lian at this time, wouldn't her reputation be ruined?

[Swindler], [Evildoer], [You are not worthy to be our Elder Martial Sister!]

Especially the last sentence shook Bai Lian's heart.

No way!

"Miss Si." Bai Lian looked serious, "Sorry, I lied to you. Compared with Martial Sister Bai Lian, I… how can a waste like me compare with Martial Sister Bai Lian?"

A thick disappointment suddenly appeared at the bottom of Si Yunshang's eyes, but she quickly regained control of her emotions.

"Oh, I knew it."

Bai Lian hurried underground with Si Yunshang and the jade rabbit.

The candles on both sides of the wall had been extinguished. Bai Lian used her spirit Qi to illuminate in all four directions.

What came into sight was clearly a prison.

There were no living people in the room, and all that remained were dark red walls, scattered white bones, and deformed mummies.

"These people are all sacrifices used to wake up the Demon Soul," Si Yunshang said.

Her eyes were unexpectedly calm, but Bai Lian still saw something in that calmness.

Bai Lian said, "Miss Si is not like the common disciples of demon sects in my opinion."

Si Yunshang replied, "That's because you don't know me yet."

"That's right."

Bai Lian sat on the ground, and she estimated that the Elders of the Duxian sect were coming.

She casually said, "Many people here look very young."

Si Yunshang sat beside Bai Lian, "Because young people have more vitality."

Bai Lian changed the topic again. "Did Miss Si grow up in the Lingxu sect?"

Si Yunshang didn't immediately answer. She seemed to be remembering something, and finally shook her head, "No."

Does this mean that her heart hasn't been stained yet?

Bai Lian took out her jade slip. She received a message from Xiao Jinse. The second Martial Sister said that she was following the army to participate in the trial. For a time, Bai Lian didn't care about Si Yunshang next to her.

Si Yunshang glanced at Bai Lian.

It happens that she is not interested in talking now.

While sitting quietly, Si Yunshang suddenly found that the temperature around her fell rapidly.

The air becomes cold.

Si Yunshang's body shook violently.

She had kidney deficiency syndrome, and now her Tendons and veins were blocked by Bai Lian, so she couldn't use her spirit Qi to warm herself. For a time, she felt as cold as being stripped and thrown into the ice and snow.

She curled up, but it didn't help.

Si Yunshang stood up, planning to move her body to warm up a little.

Just as she opened her arms, she recalled that Bai Lian had fed her a secret medicine that would make her rise in "Tide" as long as she exercised violently.


Si Yunshang stamped her foot. She gave Bai Lian a vicious stare, and then sat down again.

As her eyes wandered, she saw the jade rabbit waving the Golden Snake Lance.

This rabbit must be very warm, if I hold it in my arms…

The jade rabbit silently turned around and faced Si Yunshang with its plump behind.


It's just a little cold. Can she really freeze to death?

At least she is a cultivator at the Golden Core Stage!

Si Yunshang bit her teeth and shrank into a ball.

Gradually, she felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave. Her hands and feet were numb, and her vision was blurred, covered by countless snowflakes.

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In her eyes, the mummy in the left prison gradually plumped up.

Familiar figure, familiar dress, and familiar face.

Like in the past.

"If I could gain strength earlier…"

The sudden murmur startled Bai Lian.

"What did you say?"

Bai Lian turned around.

Si Yunshang didn't answer her, but said to herself, "Don't worry, although I won't live long, I will definitely destroy the Huaxin sect before I die."



Bai Lian frowned, and she realized that Si Yunshang was talking in her sleep.

Not long ago, Si Yunshang told her that the destruction of the Huaxin sect was her leaving trial.

Si Yunshang lied.

She is a Demon Woman, it's normal to lie.

Bai Lian glanced at Si Yunshang, and she was frightened at the sight. At this time, Si Yunshang's face was pale without any blood. Bai Lian reached out and touched it, feeling that she had touched a frozen iron plate.

New tasks emerge.

[Task 1: Let Si Yunshang freeze to death (Reward: Jinwu Tianxiang Array)]

[Task 2: Help Si Yunshang warm up by normal means (Reward: Painting +1)]

"If she is frozen to death,will that be my fault?"

Bai Lian was stunned for a moment.

She took out the inner pill of the white tiger killed by the jade rabbit and stuffed it into Si Yunshang's palm.

The effect of the fire-type inner pill is far better than a hand warmer. After a while, Si Yunshang's skin color returned to normal.

Well, she has no problem now.

Bai Lian stretched.

Just as she was about to put down her hands, a cold body suddenly stuck up to rest on her thigh.


Why are you so troublesome?

Bai Lian reluctantly took off the outer layer of her dress and covered Si Yunshang's body.

Si Yunshang murmured, "In fact, I don't want to be a cultivator at all. I'm very tired… If I were as powerful as Fairy Bai Lian, you wouldn't have an accident… In fact, Chen Lu is not bad-tempered. She's just a little timid."

Bai Lian opened her mouth.

Is this praise or blame?

However, she didn't want to argue with Si Yunshang at this time and she didn't hate this kind of scene.

After a long time, Bai Lian took out the jade slip again.

There is only one sentence on the jade slip——

[Elder Martial Sister, I've arrived at the White Tiger Hall with the third Martial Sister]