The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 10 Part 2

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Chapter 10: Use Your Invincible White Tiger Fist to Find a Way! (2)

Although Brother Ma may have evil intentions, he is at the Golden Core Stage after all.

"Too aggressive!"

Si Yunshang hurriedly said.

New task options also emerged in front of Bai Lian.

[Task 1: Come out immediately and enter the inner hall with Chen Yizhi (Reward: Heavenly Thunder Shaping Body Method)]

[Task 2: Wait and see its change (Reward: a top-grade magic tool - Explosive Flame Sword)]

[Task 3: Identify yourself and take Chen Yizhi away from here (Reward: a medium-grade magic tool - Silver Moon Flute)]

[Task 4: Inform the sect. (Reward: Light Skill +3)]

Task 1 made Bai Lian realize that this boxing hall was not as simple as Si Yunshang said.

Task 2 is to let the plot develop according to the script of the game. This way, Chen Yizhi will be possessed by the Demon Soul.

Choosing between the third and fourth task took a while, but in the end, Bai Lian settled for the latter.

This option is the safest.

If everything goes well, it may soon uproot the whole Huaxin sect.

She immediately took out the messenger jade slip and contacted Elder Gaoyi.

Elder Gaoyi would take some time to get here. Meanwhile, it would be up to her to watch the people in the boxing hall.

To Bai Lian's satisfaction, Si Yunshang immediately understood what she was planning to do.

"This is indeed the safest way to do it."

If it were Xia Qingqing a few months ago, she would have jumped out and started a fight.

We villains like this kind of brainless heroine best!

Then there will be some unspeakable R18 plots…

After the conversation with Elder Gaoyi, Bai Lian took out the Wooden Puppet Symbol. The Wooden Puppet Symbol can summon a wooden puppet that looks like an ordinary person, which is usually used for surveillance. Of course, in some perverts' hands, it had some other uses.

While everyone was not paying attention, Bai Lian tied up a disciple of the boxing hall back, and then copied his appearance with the wooden puppet.

Under her command, the wooden puppet hurried into the inner hall of the boxing hall.

"It's so boring that no one was killed."

"So how invincible is White Tiger Boxing?"

"Leave, leave."

Seeing that there was nothing happening, the onlookers disappeared.

In the inner hall.

When Chen Yizhi entered the room, he found the surrounding light had dimmed.

The oppressive atmosphere made him feel very uncomfortable.

Brother Ma walked ahead and enthusiastically introduced the use of each room to Chen Yizhi.

"This is the practice room."

"This is the bedroom."

"This is…"

Brother Ma came to an abrupt halt in front of a black wooden door.

Chen Yizhi waited for while, but Brother Ma still didn't say anything. Suddenly, Brother Ma turned around with a cold smile on his face.

"This is a prison for those who cause trouble in the boxing hall!"

Brother Ma clapped his hands, and a dozen people came out of the shadows and surrounded Chen Yizhi.

"Sure enough, there is a problem!"

Chen Yizhi let go of his divine sense and saw the bloody scene behind the wooden door. The girl he was looking for was here.

Brother Ma said, "These people are the first-class masters in our boxing hall. You'd better surrender…"


A cold white awn suddenly lit up the dark corridor. Brother Ma's voice suddenly stopped, and he stared at Chen Yizhi.

Chen Yizhi shouted, "Humph, you demon, stop barking!"

As soon as his voice fell, Brother Ma's body was cut in two. Like the person he called out, he died.

"White Tiger Fist? Don't make me laugh!"

Chen Yizhi shook his head.

These kind of unscrupulous people should be killed directly!

He stepped forward to open the wooden door. At this time, heavy pressure suddenly came from behind him, and Chen Yizhi, who was at the later stage of the Golden Core Stage, couldn't help shaking.

He turned around with difficulty and suddenly found himself falling into another magic array.

The lights in the corridor went out.

Suddenly, there was a gust of wind.

Then came the sounds of footsteps.

After everything calmed down, a white tiger leapt out of the darkness.

Chen Yizhi was stunned.

A demon beast!

And this demon beast's strength is not inferior to his!

The most terrifying thing is that the White Tiger stood on its hind feet and raised its front paws, it's stance akin to an experienced boxer.


"Don't kill him."

A middle-aged man patted the white tiger on the waist.

The white tiger roared, and it rushed straight at Chen Yizhi.

That majestic fist blew a vigorous wind as sharp as a blade. With only one punch, Chen Yizhi felt that he was fighting a mountain.

His sword can't break through the white tiger's fist shadow, and his spells are greatly weakened in the magic array.

Is this the invincible White Tiger Fist?


Chen Yizhi thought so gloomily.

As a sword cultivator, the sword was all he had. If his sword couldn't break through his opponent's defense, there was no more hope for victory.

Outside the boxing hall.

Through the wooden puppet, Bai Lian saw the battle in the inner hall clearly.

For her, the white tiger was nothing. It was the person standing beside the white tiger that was the real threat.

That's a cultivator at the Nascent Soul Stage!

If she had rushed into the boxing hall just now, she too might have been taught a lesson by the White Tiger Fist.

However, when Chen Yizhi was beaten by the white tiger, the middle-aged man suddenly took out a jade slip and looked at the message it just received.

His confident face was instantly replaced by surprise and anger, "What? My son Zhou Kai was killed?"

The middle-aged man crushed the jade slip, and his anger almost made him lose his mind.

"Take him back to the White Tiger Hall first."

After that, the middle-aged man flew out of the inner hall of the boxing hall. He hurried to meet the disciples of the White Tiger Hall who passed the news.

Here comes the opportunity.

Bai Lian quickly glanced at the task that had just jumped out.

[Task 1: Kill the white tiger immediately (Reward: Hell Prison Refining Heart)]

[Task 2: Follow the white tiger (Reward: an inferior magic tool - Golden Snake Lance)]

[Task 3: Do nothing (Reward: Hard Skill +2)]

The leader of White Tiger Hall just left. It's obviously not a wise choice to rush out at this time.

Choose Task 2.

The white tiger who received the order flew out of the city with Chen Yizhi on its back.

This matter concerned Chen Yizhi's life, so Bai Lian didn't have time to care about propriety. She hugged Si Yunshang and chased after the white tiger.