The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 10 Part 1

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Chapter 10: Use Your Invincible White Tiger Fist to Find a Way! (1)

Si Yunshang didn't show Bai Lian a good attitude all the way.

Although she is now convinced that "Chen Lu" didn't deceive herself, this will not make her attitude towards "Chen Lu" improve.

It was mainly because "Chen Lu" had just forcibly fed her another medicine, which made her unable to lift her spirit.

"Don't worry, this medicine usually won't do any damage to your body, but if you exercise violently, it will drown you in a "Tsunami"!"

Plus she got a punch from "Chen Lu" in the eye, and so far she hasn't recovered.

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As soon as she saw the dazzling ten ★s on Bai Lian's face, her eyes and chest began to ache.

"Is this woman also a pervert like Shen Xiangling?"

Bai Lian found Si Yunshang gently rubbing her chest several times.

It's worthy of being the Demon Woman, so brave!

Because of this, Bai Lian thought it was good for Si Yunshang to ignore her.

Oh, thank God!

Now she doesn't have time for any friction with this Demon Woman. She just wants to kill these restless demon sect members of the Huaxin sect as soon as possible!

Due to the long journey, Bai Lian arrived at the destination at dawn——

Taiwu city of the Yunheng mountain.

"Is the White Tiger Hall hiding in such a place?"

Looking at the bustling market, Bai Lian was stunned. Is this the so-called hidden in the city?

Si Yunshang explained, "At first, the Huaxin sect was just a common martial art sect, but more than 200 years ago, the leader of the Huaxin sect suddenly had an insight and directly reached the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage. Since then, the Huaxin sect has become a somewhat special cultivation sect…"

After hearing Si Yunshang's words, Bai Lian had to admit that the Huaxin sect was indeed special.

Other sects' cultivation methods are to let spirit Qi move. They move by themselves, and then let spirit Qi follow them.

"But the White Tiger Fist is not very strong, is it?"

Zhou Kai had been claiming to show her the power of his White Tiger Fist, but he was killed even before he could punch.

Master of Kungfu?

What a joke!

Si Yunshang continued, "Although the Huaxin sect was promoted as a cultivation sect: the boxing halls they opened before were not removed, but instead changed their appearance and did some shady activities for the sect."

"You know so much."


Needless to say.

In order to destroy the Huaxin sect, she has been investigating it for more than a year. If she couldn't find out this news, it would be better to find a piece of tofu to smash her head on it.

Si Yunshang said, "I don't know the specific location of the White Tiger Hall, but the owner of the boxing hall must know. But I have to remind you that once you attack the boxing hall, you must surround them before the White Tiger Hall reacts. If you let them run…"

"I understand."

Bai Lian nodded.

There's nothing to worry about. She doesn't plan to be a lone hero. She's not fighting alone!

"Go and have a look first."

Si Yunshang led the way ahead.

Bai Lian held the jade rabbit and stroked the jade rabbit's ear as she walked.

The jade rabbit's ears are longer and larger than ordinary rabbits. It's much more comfortable than rubbing a cat's head.

The jade rabbit, huddled in Bai Lian's arms, shivered and chirped.

Si Yunshang couldn't help asking, "Is this rabbit demon your spirit pet, or Fairy Bai Lian's spirit pet?"

"I raised it with Martial Sister Bai Lian." Bai Lian shook her head again. "Well, it's still Martial Sister Bai Lian's. Now she just lends it to me for temporary use."

"Are you lying to me?"

"Who doesn't know that Martial Sister Bai Lian has a spirit pet at the Nascent Soul Stage?!"


Si Yunshang took a breath.

This rabbit demon is at the Nascent Soul Stage!

She felt her head getting stuck. It seemed that it was really a wise decision to ask Fairy Bai Lian for help.

But then Si Yunshang became depressed. How could Fairy Bai Lian be friends with such a hateful person as Chen Lu?

Bad luck.

Soon they came near the boxing hall.

The gate of the boxing hall was already surrounded by people. Bai Lian first saw the sign that had been broken in half.

At this time, an anxious cry suddenly came from the crowd, "Brother Ma, use your invincible White Tiger Fist to find a way!"

Bai Lian couldn't see clearly for a moment because of the crowd. She could only quickly extend her divine sense.

In the courtyard wall of the boxing hall, a dozen people fell to the ground, crying in pain. They were connected end to end, forming a circle.

There are only two people left standing in the circle.

One is the young man called Brother Ma. His muscles are bulging under his clothes, looking very strong.

Standing opposite Elder Martial Brother Ma is an acquaintance of Bai Lian, Chen Yizhi of the Qingming peak, one of the three leaders of this test, who would be possessed by the demon according to the plot of the game.

Bai Lian didn't expect that he had found the White Tiger Hall!

Chen Yizhi took off his conspicuous outfit and wore the short clothes worn by ordinary people. His face was calm, his right foot retreated and his right fist slightly retracted.

Compared with Elder Martial Brother Ma, Chen Yizhi looked like an embroidered pillow, easily beaten down by a few punches.

But Elder Martial Brother Ma's breathing was almost stopped now, and bean-sized sweat rolled down his cheek, wetting the slate.

Young people are too arrogant!

This young man said that it was just a duel. But he beat his junior brothers so hard that they were still lying on the ground, unable to move.

The most annoying thing is that there is a younger Martial Brother who keeps shouting beside him.

"Brother Ma, punch his face!"

"Brother Ma, the next move is White Tiger Shining Wings!"

"Brother Ma, be careful of your ass, he's coming!"

"Brother Ma…"

Shut up!

Elder Martial Brother Ma's state of mind collapsed. It was already hard enough to fight this young man, and there was an annoying person beside him who kept disturbing him.

"Bro." Brother Ma said, "Is there any misunderstanding between us?"

Chen Yizhi said coldly, "I heard that this place is called a boxing hall, but is actually a den of thieves."

He came to the boxing hall to look for a girl. Unexpectedly, as soon as he got close to the boxing hall, he found that the boxing hall was guarded by a magic array. His divine sense could only get close to the inner hall of the boxing hall at most.

There is a big problem with this boxing hall!


Elder Martial Brother Ma immediately complained.

After a long negotiation, Chen Yizhi finally decided to accept Brother Ma's proposal to search the inner hall.