The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 3 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: All Encounters in the World Are For A Reunion After a Long Separation

Bai Lian remembered clearly.

The joint trial organized by the Ten Thousand Immortals League was the first major event in Battle of the Gods.

This game was similar to some traditional Chinese Martial Arts games in the system. It could basically be divided into two modules: the sect's internal and the bigger external map.

The former was mainly to do bad things that the players liked, while the latter was used to improve the strength of the game protagonist - Martial Sister Bai Lian, and to trigger some branch plots. In the game's later stages, it was also responsible for promoting the main plot.

However, with the system's emergence, Bai Lian didn't have to go to the secret realms to rob cultivation resources.

Recently, she had been wandering around, and her basic skills had increased significantly. Her Hard Skills, Soft Skills, and Light Skills had all exceeded 200 points, and her Focus had reached 241 points.

With the Dirt Free Sword and Li Yue Taoist robe, Bai Lian could compete with any Nascent Soul Stage cultivator.

"Although we can't compete for the first place, we can also get into the first group among all the disciples who participated in the trial."

This gave Bai Lian confidence!

In the game, Martial Sister Bai Lian was selected as the team leader, and in several endings, she died in the trial because she exposed her real strength.


Now the times have changed. Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is no longer a rookie that can be bullied by anyone!

After growing in strength, Bai Lian set her eyes on the jade rabbit.

She was going to duel with the jade rabbit, and let it completely worship the wise and powerful Martial Sister Bai Lian.

But after watching the rabbit carefully for half a day, Bai Lian muttered.

She found an amazing fact——

[The jade rabbit is getting bigger!]

After eating her grass for four months, the jade rabbit's body size was now 1.2 times that of the original.

This was growth.

For demonic beasts, growth meant strength.

Four months ago the jade rabbit could kill two tiger demons with a gust of wind. Now it would not be impossible for it to kill a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator with another gust of wind.

After touching the jade rabbit's belly, Bai Lian gave up her intention to compete with it.

She didn't want the duel to evolve into a one sided "beating" of her.

Bai Lian refocused on the joint trial.

She tried her best to recall the plot of the event.

Finally, Bai Lian came to a conclusion——

[I'm sorry for being born a pervert]

Because she was not interested in these things, she didn't read the conversation at all!

In this case, it is obviously very difficult to figure out the story of the game.

Thanks to Battle of the Gods' poor optimization, there would be a loading screen every time you changed the map, and some game tips would be shown on the loading screen. Bai Lian sorted out some useful information.

First of all, it was certain that the scale of this trial was different from that in the past.

After all, Xiao Jinse, Su Youwei and other "Protagonists" were going to participate.

If there were no special plots, what could these protagonists do to show themselves off?

Then there was the trial's true purpose.

If Bai Lian remembered correctly, they had to deal with the demon sect.

The people in the so-called demon sect were not ones who practiced demonic cultivation methods, but ones who studied the methods of evil and heresy and committed unscrupulous deeds.

This kind of judgment standard is worth a positive review!

The last important piece of information was that a disciple of the Duxian sect was killed and possessed by a demon in the trial, and became the villain who tortured and killed Martial Sister Bai Lian many times in the game.

Bai Lian remembered very clearly that the disciple's name was Chen Yizhi. He was the most famous person of Qingming Peak. He looked like a handsome man, but in fact, he only liked cultivation, and women were like dust in his eyes.

In the game setting, Chen Yizhi had the blood of foreign demons, which was also an important reason why he was targeted by them.

December. Winter was coming.

Thousands of miles of rivers and mountains were covered with snow looking like silver plains.

The snow stopped this day, and the sky was overcast for thousands of miles.

Bai Lian got up early in the morning.

When she stuffed all kinds of flags, talismans, medical pills, and secret medicines into the storage pendant on her chest, the two younger Martial Sisters and the jade rabbit were already waiting at the door.

"Let's go!"

Bai Lian looked at the energetic Martial Sisters.

Recently, Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei's immense growth speed was very gratifying.

Xiao Jinse followed behind Bai Lian and looked very happy, "It's my first time taking a ride on the Aurora Boat. I heard that the Aurora Boat is as big as a hill!"


Su Youwei curled her mouth.

She once took the Flying Magic tools, which could cross the central ruins sea. It was bigger than a city and was towed by flying dragons with great momentum.

Bai Lian touched Su Youwei's head, "Although it's a trial, you don't have to be so nervous."


Su Youwei immediately smiled sweetly.

At the foot of Qiongming Peak, the guide sent by Yunluo Peak was already waiting there.

He respectfully said, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, Elder Gaoyi asked me to meet you."

Bai Lian nodded, "Please lead the way ahead."

The guide was excited.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was really as amiable as the rumors said. Those senior brothers and sisters never said "Please" to him.

He decided to publicize Martial Sister Bai Lian from now on!

Led by the guide, Bai Lian came to the port where the Aurora Boat docked.

The huge flying magic tool, which was more than 100 feet long, floated quietly in the rolling clouds, and many disciples were looking at it dumbly.

Boating in the clouds is always charming.

Even when Bai Lian saw it, she couldn't help staring at it for a moment.

If this ship was hers, how many spirit stones would she be able to obtain by selling it!

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

The greeting in her ear made Bai Lian come to her senses. She quickly greeted the Elders standing to one side.

"Now that we are all here, let me tell you something about this trial," Gaoyi said.

Bai Lian silently counted the people.

Including her, there were four.

Shouldn't there be only three leaders?

Gaoyi said, "Gong Juren, Qing Luan, Chen Yizhi, you are the leaders of this trial."

What about me?

Bai Lian was stunned.

"Bai Lian is not needed to participate in the trial. You can treat her like a Deacon."

For a moment, three shocked eyes fell on Bai Lian at the same time.

Bai Lian had no time to pay attention to other people's reactions.

[Task 1, "Elder Gao, you'd better hire someone else!" (Reward: Water Spirit Special Effect)]

[Task 2: Accept the sect's arrangement (Reward: Water Spirit Special Effect)]


What the hell is this mission?

Bai Lian was shocked silly.

The rewards of Task 1 and Task 2 were the same, and the rewards were both Special Effects. Did the system want her to die quickly?

Bai Lian just wanted to cry.

Zhuyan Peak.

Wen Ren Ya Le, who had packed up, came out of the room with a smile.

She looked up at the overcast sky and felt that the entangled clouds were very similar to Martial Sister Bai Lian's flawless face.

It was the day of the trial. After two months, she must now let Martial Sister Bai Lian see her progress!

Tianji Sect.

Xia Qingqing stepped on the eagle's back with her sword in her hands.

Compared to two months ago, her temperament was now completely different, calm with a bit of coldness.

"She is the best among the disciples of Duxian Sect. She will definitely be coming to the test."

Xia Qingqing's eyes flickered, thinking something.

Biluo Sect.

Shen Xiangling, the Saint who was in charge of the trial, leaned against the window.

There were crowds outside the window.

It had been three months since the trip to Duxian Sect. Even so, Bai Lian's face in the depths of her heart was not blurred at all.


Blame that sentence.

Shen Xiangling propped her cheek, and her eyes gradually lost focus.

"Bai Lian, my heroine. All encounters in the world are for a reunion after a long separation."