The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: This Is the Advantage of a Regressor!

In the light of red candles.

The light was dim.

For a time, only Su Youwei and the jade rabbit were left in the room.

The girl leaned back against the wall and curled up.

She had no intention of running away, not only because the lives of the fifth elder and her aunt were in Bai Lian's hands but also because she knew she was no match for the rabbit.

Although the jade rabbit was holding a spiritual herb and gnawing happily and looked feeble, at the speed it just showed, Su Youwei estimated that she couldn't run faster than it even with another 180 legs.


What a terrible night!

Su Youwei couldn't understand why Bai Lian suddenly appeared in Gray Wind Town after her rebirth and said she would be her Martial Sister.

The world seemed to be completely out of order. Even Bai Lian's character was different from the one in the memories.

Su Youwei didn't relax her vigilance because Bai Lian "temporarily gave up doing bad things". After all, Bai Lian in this period had not been scheduled to be the next sect leader of the Duxian sect.

According to the female disciple's words, Bai Lian was the model Martial Sister of the Duxian sect that countless disciples looked up to.

No one could think that under her dazzling body, there was a soul darker than an ink-stained water tank!

"Are you trying to trick me?"

Su Youwei's fist under her sleeve was slightly tightened.

She suddenly understood.

The reason why Bai Lian gave up her original idea must be because she temporarily changed her strategy.

All she had to do was to maintain her demeanor of being the Martial Sister, so as to lure her into "Doing that" voluntarily.


This woman's scheming is really terrible!

"But you really have the wrong idea."

Su Youwei's eyes blinked. She was not as naive as she looked. At least she once had the title of "Shura". It was impossible to deceive her by such a simple trick!

Even if Bai Lian racked her brains, she couldn't know that she was actually a reincarnated person, and she had already seen through her poor acting skills.

Thinking of this, Su Youwei's panicked heart gradually calmed down.

If she guessed right, she, the fifth elder, and her aunt would be safe for a short while.

But one thing to note was that she couldn't let Bai Lian know that she had seen through everything!

Otherwise, the angry Bai Lian was likely to use brute force.

Even if she obtained the relics of the immortal, it would not not easy for her to catch up with Bai Lian in a short time.

Bai Lian is a fake "Natural Saint", but her cultivation base is not fake. Otherwise, how could she pretend to be the real thing?

Su Youwei made a decision, to pretend to cooperate with Bai Lian first and then hastily escape with the fifth elder and her aunt when she found a chance.

At this time, she looked up and saw that the rabbit was looking at her suspiciously.


Could this rabbit see through her mind?

Su Youwei grabbed a corner of the quilt and whispered, "Are you Bai Lian's pet?"


The jade rabbit nodded happily.

In order to show goodwill, it picked a spirit herb that had not been bitten and handed it to Su Youwei.

Su Youwei was stunned.

It was clearly a 20-year-old Star Spirit Herb.

If she could refine the medicinal power of this Star Spirit Herb, her cultivation base could successfully break through to the eighth level of the Qi Refining Period.

Su Youwei was excited.

She suddenly found that she could, in return, use Bai Lian.

Eat and drink her things before running away!

If she could use the Duxian sect's resources to repair the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl in advance, Bai Lian wouldn't be a threat at all and the hatred accumulated in her heart could be ended.


Su Youwei, who had been in fear for a night, had never been so happy and relaxed as now.

This is the advantage of being a reborn person!

"Thank you."

She took the Star Spirit Herb from the jade rabbit.

She saw that the jade rabbit had clear eyes and didn't look like an evil rabbit.


Poor rabbit!

I'm afraid it doesn't know what a terrible demon its master is.

Su Youwei was not in a hurry to refine the Star Spirit Herb. She knew this was not the right time. She must confirm that Bai Lian really wanted to save the fifth elder and her aunt.

She just stared at the half-opened window.

Waiting is extremely painful.

Su Youwei heard a clanging sound when the crescent moon poked its tip out of the clouds.

She jumped out of bed quickly and didn't even have time to put on her shoes.



A white shadow flashed past.

Bai Lian, carrying two people, stood in front of Su Youwei.

Su Youwei became excited after seeing the two people's faces.

"Aunt and adoptive father!"

She took two steps forward, but suddenly stopped and looked at Bai Lian with angry eyes.

"What have you done to them?"

Bai Lian explained, "Don't worry, I just knocked them out temporarily. Since time was tight, I did not have time to explain it to them, I could only do this."

Su Youwei sensed for a moment their breathing were steady. It seemed that Bai Lian didn't lie.


Now she was 70% sure that Bai Lian was trying to seduce her.

This meant that Bai Lian was still quite greedy for her poor body.

This was her chance.

Stay calm.

Su Youwei forcibly suppressed the excitement in her heart.

She asked in a slightly hoarse voice, "When shall we leave Gray Wind Town?"

Bai Lian helplessly stood up and said, "We may not be able to for a while."



Su Youwei shrunk.

Did Bai Lian change her mind again?

Bai Lian said, "On the way back, I found that the main access road of Gray Wind Town was secretly blocked."

Su Youwei blurted out, "Are we exposed?"

Bai Lian shook her head, "It has nothing to do with us."

Because of this, she felt that she was targeted by the world!

It's like buying milk tea without a straw.

She was so angry that she wanted to beat the table!

Su Youwei whispered, "What's going on?"

Bai Lian said, "Someone has offended Red Moon Sect."

It must have started upon her arrival in Gray Wind Town.

The girl she saw before had a conflict with the stall owner who sold the shell of cotton trees. As a result, less than half a day later, Red Moon Sect came out to make trouble.

Bai Lian knew that there would be no good result if she came forward rashly.

Judging from the task reward, the girl should have done something else to completely anger Red Moon Sect.

Sigh. Her experience was too insufficient.

If Bai Lian was to do it, she would kill the stall owner secretly so that no one would know.

Bai Lian estimated that if she were to leave Gray Wind Town at this time, she would be surrounded by the Red Moon Sect.

Su Youwei's eyes turned red when she heard the name Red Moon Sect, and the murderous spirit in the bottom of her heart showed itself uncontrollably.

"Calm down!"

Bai Lian quickly woke up Su Youwei.

She had a headache.

Originally, she was worried that the second Martial Sister was too "Soft", but this time she had to worry that the third Martial Sister was too "Hard".

If the third Martial Sister can't control her killing intention, she may behead me one day!

Bai Lian was afraid at the thought of it.

What a tragedy!

Why was there no normal person around her?

Bai Lian sat down by the bed and sighed, "It's a long night, Martial Sister, let's find something to kill time."


Looking at Bai Lian, who suddenly leaned over, Su Youwei panicked again.

Not now.

At least not in front of the fifth elder and my aunt!

She held her breath and saw Bai Lian reach out and pull out a Go board.

"Play Gobang."



Su Youwei opened her mouth wide in shock.