The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Previous Victim

Bai Lian walked across the street and landed on the window frame of the teahouse compartment without anyone noticing.

At this time, the jade rabbit was squatting by the window. Its ears were firmly attached to both sides, only showing a pair of eyes to scan the street outside the window vigilantly.

Bai Lian asked, "Have you found anyone who looks suspicious?"

The jade rabbit's ears immediately pricked up and shook left and right like a human palm.


"Then leave here first."

Bai Lian didn't believe that the most dangerous place would be the safest place.

She planned to rent a room in an inn far away. Fortunately, this was not the peak season to explore for relics, so she didn't have to worry whether the inn would be empty.

Of course, she wouldn't go to the wilds.

Who knew if there was a demon beast hidden in the sand?

And that kind of place had a wide view, so it was not suitable for hiding.

There are many cultivators in the city. It's reasonable for me to cover up my identity with a magic trick as a hobby, isn't it?

Bai Lian saw a group of people in a hurry on the street. The strongest person was in the early stage of the Golden Core Stage.

They might be off to commit bad things.

In the Sand Region, this was not unusual, so Bai Lian didn't care too much.

Soon she took Su Youwei and the jade rabbit to the door of an inn.


System tasks naturally popped out.

[Task 1: Walk in with Su Youwei (Reward: a Spirit Herb - Ice Jade Vine)]

[Task 2: Go in alone (Reward: Cooking +1)]

Bai Lian's mood suddenly brightened. She liked this kind of simple task.

She didn't plan to bring Su Youwei into the inn. After all, the third Martial Sister was the daughter of the Su family. The innkeeper was very likely to recognize her.

It could also be seen from the task reward that as soon as Su Youwei showed up, the innkeeper would report to the Su family or Red Moon Sect.

"Wait outside first."

Bai Lian said this and entered the inn.

Su Youwei looked up.

She didn't quite understand why Bai Lian brought her to the inn. Because there was a bed inside? Was it more comfortable?

Anyway, she couldn't feel comfortable.


She only hoped that Bai Lian could bring the fifth elder and her aunt out as soon as possible.

A moment later, Bai Lian jumped out of the window of the inn room and brought Su Youwei and the jade rabbit in.

She did it covertly and used magic, so no one found anything unusual.

As soon as they entered the room, Su Youwei was stunned.

In the middle of the room was a large wooden barrel, and the steaming heat slowly floated out of the barrel.

A bath?

Su Youwei got it!

Bai Lian was going to take her after she takes a bath.

No wonder Bai Lian brought her to the inn.

She really deserved to be the famous Martial Sister Bai Lian of Qiongming Peak. Unexpectedly, she was very particular about this aspect.

Bai Lian pointed to the bucket and said, "I thought you looked nervous and sweated a little. Take a bath to relax. Well, this dress can't be worn. It's too conspicuous. I'll prepare a new set of clothes for you."

She even prepared special clothes!

This demon!

Su Youwei bit her lip.

She could not refuse, but she still had to ask, "When will you pick up my adoptive father and aunt?"

"I'll go when you're settled."

Su Youwei nodded gently

She closed her eyes and tried to take off her clothes in one breath, but her trembling body revealed her inner uneasiness.


Su Youwei took off the hairpin on her head, and her snow white hair drifted and fell. Even the air seemed to be a little colder.

Just as she put her hand on her skirt, Bai Lian's voice suddenly rang out in her ear.

"I put new clothes on the edge of the barrel. You can change into them after you wash your body."

Su Youwei looked up. Somehow, Bai Lian had gone to the window, turned her back to her, and held a jade slip in her hand.


So she's not going to watch me bathe?

Su Youwei was a little confused. After hesitating for a long time, she quickly took off her underclothes, gently moved her slender bare feet into the barrel, and then sank down.

At this time, the advantage of a petite figure reflected. Unless you stood beside the barrel, you couldn't see her at all.


The sound of water stirred the quiet night.

Bai Lian made up her mind.

With her strength, it was very easy to use a spell to clean the third Martial Sister's body. But if she deliberately let the third Martial Sister bathe in a barrel, maybe the system would publish new tasks and let her earn some skill points?

Sure enough, as soon as the third Martial Sister was ready to take off her clothes, she gained 1 point of Hard Skill.

"Too strong!"

But before Bai Lian was happy, she found that her jade slip had received new news.

Xiao Jinse, [Elder Martial Sister, have you seen the third younger Martial Sister? Is she beautiful?]


Well, she is indeed good-looking.


What clearly appeared in front of her were only cold words. Why did she feel a little chill at the bottom of her heart? Was it because of the cold desert night?

Bai Lian carefully replied: [I just arrived in Gray Wind Town today and haven't seen the third Martial Sister. I think her beauty should be inferior to yours.]

She did not received any new messages for a long time.

Just when Bai Lian thought Xiao Jinse was not next to her jade slip, a new message came.

Xiao Jinse: [I'm not as good as you said! Qiongming Peak will be lively when the third Martial Sister comes.]

But… I hope so!

Bai Lian suddenly had a bad premonition. She quickly cut off the topic and began to tell Xiao Jinse about her experiences in Gray Wind Town.

The conversation between Bai Lian and Xiao Jinse didn't end until Su Youwei finished her bath and put on the inferior magic tool "Green Lotus Clothes".

"Ah, seriously!?"

Bai Lian touched her own forehead.

It was a pity that she only got 1 Hard Skill.

Damn it!

Bai Lian was very upset. Did the system see through her scheme?


Su Youwei sat quietly by the bed.

She didn't know how to describe her feelings at the moment.

She thought Bai Lian would do something when she was taking a bath, or at least stare at her with eager eyes.

In the end, Bai Lian sat by the window with a jade slip in her hands for almost a quarter of an hour, like a wooden puppet.

Did she think too much? Was her body, in fact, not attractive to Bai Lian at all?

After changing into new clothes, Su Youwei became even more confused.

The exposed uniform she imagined didn't exist at all.

The fabric of this new dress was much better than the one she wore before, and it is an inferior magic tool!

What on earth is Bai Lian thinking?

As she was thinking this, Su Youwei noticed Bai Lian had moved.

Are you coming?

A cold hand suddenly fell on her head, and she twisted her body unnaturally.


Su Youwei said with a trembling voice.

Bai Lian nodded, "Don't worry, I will be very careful and try not to hurt you, otherwise it will be difficult to clean up at that time."


Su Youwei was scared.

Hurt me?

How on earth is this demon going to torture me?


For a moment, she wanted to exchange the immortal relics for her freedom from Bai Lian, but she finally endured it.

Without the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, she would have nothing.

Come on.

All the pain and suffering will be buried in the bottom of my heart and eventually turned into fireworks of revenge!

Su Youwei opened her arms and waited for Bai Lian to come up.

But after a long time, still, nothing happened.

She secretly opened her eyes and found Bai Lian looking strangely at her.

"Is your stomach sick?"

"No, no."

"Oh, that's good. I'm not good at medicine. I'm afraid I would make it worse. Since it's all right, you can rest here, I'll pick up your relatives."


Doesn't she want me?

Su Youwei was at a loss.

Seeing that Bai Lian was about to jump out of the window, she hurriedly asked, "What were you doing with that jade slip?"

Bai Lian said, "I was chatting with my second Martial Sister, that is, your second Elder Martial Sister."


Is she the previous victim?

Su Youwei pondered as Bai Lian left.