The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: I Will Be a Rude Woman Today!

How to create a harmonious Qiongming Peak?

Bai Lian knew this was a problem and would be one for a long time!

If the younger Martial Sisters couldn't make Qiongming Peak their home, it was obviously impossible to achieve this goal.

So how to implant the concept of home into their hearts?

The method in the game had been proved to be a dead end.

The moment she looked at Su Youwei, Bai Lian thought a lot.

She felt that the younger Martial Sisters must first realize she was a good Martial Sister, so as to promote the great cause of building a harmonious Qiongming Peak.

However, in the eyes of different younger Martial Sisters, the definition of the term "Good Martial Sister" was different.

For Su Youwei, the first important thing was to help her save the fifth elder and her aunt.

As for trust?

Even if Bai Lian gave her body to Su Youwei, it would be difficult to win her trust in a short time.

"Sigh, looks like I have to do it, and then think about a solution!"

Bai Lian's eyes became firm.

The longer it takes, the worse the situation will be for Su Youwei, and it's not good news for her.

This time Bai Lian decided to be a "Rude woman" for the time being!

Task 1 must not be chosen. The third Martial Sister would have regarded her as a pervert. To do this again was to live up to the name of a pervert.

Bai Lian's eyes fell on Su Youwei.

The third younger Martial Sister held her head high, and there was an elusive light in her dark eyes.

Bai Lian looked carefully for a long time.

Finally, she realized that Su Youwei was full of "Fuck off" in her eyes!

No, I can't, I won't!

"Choose Task 2!"

Judging from the reward, she could cope with this task.

Bai Lian said to the jade rabbit who had been watching carefully, "Go to the teahouse first. If you see someone coming, inform me immediately."


The jade rabbit nodded gravely.

Su Youwei felt a flash in front of her eyes, and then that cute little rabbit disappeared.

Instead of relaxing, she became more nervous.

Something bad is happening!

Bai Lian obviously asked her rabbit to go to the side to watch if someone is coming. Next, she will certainly do something bad to me!

Su Youwei tucked her right hand into her sleeve and pinned a knife there.

"No one will save you even if you shout!"

Bai Lian, who had released the enchantment to envelop herself and the third younger Martial Sister, hummed.

[The task has been completed, and the task reward Nine Turns Earth Energy Pill has been delivered]

Su Youwei shuddered.

The resentment on her face could no longer be hidden.

How unfair is God?

She thought that she could make up for all the regrets of her previous life by living a new life, but she never thought that once she had gotten the Ten Thousand Poison pearl, a terrible demon would come.

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In her last life, she lost all her relatives. In this life, will she even lose her own body?

Su Youwei gritted her teeth.

She didn't understand.

Why were so many people interested in her barren body?

She would feel better if their real purpose was the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

She was ready. Once Bai Lian got close, she would stab the knife into her stomach to show her determination.

She didn't want those vague pictures to come true.

It is better to treat rebirth as a dream before death than to be insulted by Bai Lian!

Bai Lian stepped forward.

Su Youwei waved her knife without hesitation.

But just as the knife was about to plunge into the other girl's abdomen, she felt an invisible force hitting her wrist.

As soon as her body froze, the knife slipped to the ground.

At the same time, Bai Lian's voice sounded in her ear, "Even if you want to die, you have to consider the people you care about."

Su Youwei was in a trance.

The faces of the fifth elder and her aunt flashed in her mind.

If she died like this, they wouldn't have a good life after that.

The girl's body trembled violently.

The world was so dark that even if she got the immortal's relics, she could't see any brightness.

"Is this a threat?"

New task options appeared in front of Bai Lian's eyes.

[Task 1, "Yes, this is a threat!" (Reward: an inferior magic tool - Green Lotus Clothes)]

[Task 2, "Of course not." (Reward: Music +1)]

Of course, choose Task 1.

"Yes, this is a threat!" Bai Lian nodded, "But I prefer to describe it as a 'kind reminder'."

[Task completed. Green Lotus Clothes have been delivered.]

It didn't matter.

Su Youwei didn't even hear the second half of Bai Lian's words.

She couldn't find a way to break the situation. She couldn't leave the fifth elder and her aunt alone. Otherwise, she would completely deny her past.

It was all because of her lacking strength.

Su Youwei laughed miserably.

All right.

It was better to give her body to Bai Lian than to the son of the Red Moon Sect's sect leader. At least, the fifth elder and her aunt might still be saved.

She said, "If you will take my adoptive father and aunt with you, I will cooperate with all your requests."

Bai Lian said, "No problem, you leave here with me first, and I'll find a place that is not easy to be found."


You agreed to save them first, and then you will have my body!

Su Youwei finally swallowed her words. She was afraid to anger Bai Lian at this point.

She had no choice but to trust Bai Lian.

Bai Lian could see that the third Martial Sister bore a deep prejudice against her.

If she dragged on, she didn't know how long it would take to get back to the Duxian sect.

My stupid third Martial Sister, you have to understand that it's not your fault, but the world's!

Just as Bai Lian was about to take Su Youwei away, a clanging noise suddenly came from the next door.

A ferocious dog kicked over the wooden box in front of it and came out of the shadow.


Bai Lian was shocked.

This dog has the strength of the Foundation Establishment Stage!

"Is this one of the potential threats?"

She turned to Su Youwei and said, "Is it responsible for monitoring you?"

Su Youwei shook her head in confusion.

She never knew that there was such a thing. If there was really such a strong spirit dog monitoring her, she could not have escaped in her previous life.


Before the dog howled, Bai Lian cut off its head with a sword, and then put the body into the storage pendant.

In order to prevent the smell of blood from attracting other people's attention, she also sprinkled a little ecstasy.

In this way, even if someone found something abnormal, they would be dazed by ecstasy, and news of Su Youwei's disappearance could be delayed.

"Let's go."

Bai Lian grabbed Su Youwei's hand.

Su Youwei struggled for a while and finally leaned obediently on Bai Lian's back.

She suddenly felt that Bai Lian's back was unexpectedly thin.

If she really had a Martial Sister who cared about her, how nice would it be? She felt tired. Maybe only in her dreams could she find opportunities to laze around.