The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Isn't This Bullying?

"Master, how can we defeat the internal demon?"

When Bai Lian asked, An Lan was silent.

She really didn't know how to answer this question.

Because she had no internal demon at all.

After all, she was An Lan, the Immortal Lord.

In the world she controlled, any mortal delusions towards her would be punished by heaven.

She was the incarnation of the Great Tao and the King of Immortals.

How dare any internal demon appear in front of her?


As Bai Lian's Master, An Lan didn't want to lose face in front of Bai Lian.

She had to answer it!

Thinking of this, An Lan said confidently——

[I know]

She slowly raised her right hand, opened her five fingers, and then clenched it in front of Bai Lian!

"Take your time. You can't solve this kind of thing in a hurry. I hope you can understand."

An Lan sat on the stone bed like a fairy.

Is it over?

That's it?

Bai Lian blinked.

You are so fucking…

Why do all these cultivators like to be vague?

If she could beat An Lan, Bai Lian must cultivate her hands with An Lan's ass!

"I see!" Bai Lian said, "Master means that escape is shameful and useless. The best way to defeat the internal demon is to face the internal demon and crush it with strong willpower!"

An Lan smiled and nodded.

To be honest, she liked this disciple a little.

Her mouth is so flexible!

An Lan said, "The Tao is invisible, and only the appropriate method is the good method."

Well said.

Bai Lian left.

Although she had found a way to deal with the internal demon, how could she make the third Martial Sister summon up the courage to fight against it?

She thought for a moment.

She thought it was better to help the third younger Martial Sister improve her strength and build up her confidence first. For example, take the third younger Martial Sister to seek revenge on the sects that persecuted her in previous lives.

With this in mind, Bai Lian returned to the top of Qiongming Peak.

She was dumbfounded.

"What's going on?"

Bai Lian looked at the broken wooden bed with astonishment.

What did you do in bed?

Su Youwei took the lead in saying, "Elder Martial Sister, it's all my fault. I was trapped by my internal demon, and I subconsciously treated the second Martial Sister as a demon."


Xiao Jinse pouted with anger.

She said, "Elder Martial Sister, it's all my fault. If I were stronger and had better eyesight, I would've definitely found Martial Sister Youwei's abnormality in time!"

She originally wanted to report the third Martial Sister's evil intentions to Bai Lian.

But after careful thinking Xiao Jinse felt that it was inappropriate to do so.

Doing this wouldn't drive the third Martial Sister out of Qiongming Peak directly. Maybe it would make Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian feel that she made a false accusation.


Xiao Jinse snuck a look at Su Youwei.

Anyway, the days were still long, she believed that she could drive this dwarf out!

Su Youwei was unwilling to be outdone and also looked at Xiao Jinse.

She had an immortal-grade weapon in her hand. Sooner or later, she would make this annoying second Martial Sister surrender!

"So it was that."

Bai Lian nodded.

As long as it wasn't because of any conflict.

The internal demon is really too evil!

She secretly breathed a sigh of relief and said, "One month later, there will be a joint trial for all sects. You two must not slack off!"

"Yes, Martial Sister!"

Bai Lian happily hung a sign in the room, which said "Friendly competition".


On Yunluo Peak.

Sect leader Jue Yunzi heard from the Deacon that the Yunluo Peak disciples were defeated by Xiao Jinse alone.

He couldn't help sighing, "Younger Martial Sister An Lan has finally done something good!"

She has very good disciples!

Next to him, Gao Yi pulled a face and didn't answer Jue Yunzi's words.

Yan Yue was resentful.

She couldn't bear to hear that woman's name.

Whether it was boasting or scolding.

Of course, if she was scolding her, it was no problem.

Jue Yunzi put the topic back on track, "Elder Liu went to discuss at the invitation of the Ten Thousand Immortals League a few days ago. The joint trial is about to start, we have to prepare early."

Gao Yi answered, "The most urgent thing is to choose the person who will lead the team to participate in the trial."

This trial was different from the past. Each sect would not only send outstanding disciples out of the door, but also let some elders accompany them.

Gaoyi suggested recommending the leader among the disciples. There were three places in total.

Someone said, "I recommend Gong Juren, the first on the Jade list!"



Gong Juren's strength was recognized by everyone present, and he was calm and suitable to be the team leader, so he soon won full support.

Then someone said, "Qing Luan of Yunluo Peak has good strength and character, and is quite famous among female disciples. I think she is also adequate to take the post of team leader."

Gao Yi nodded gently, "Well, Qing Luan has reached the later stage of the Golden Core Stage at the age of 22. It's really convincing to let her serve as the team leader."



Yan Yue opened her mouth.

In terms of prestige among female disciples, who can compare with Bai Lian?

Ultimately, Yan Yue didn't say anything. Anyway, there were three places, so it was better to let Bai Lian play at the end.

Jue Yunzi said, "Then there is one last place left."

Gaoyi arched his hand, "Let Chen Yizhi of Qingming Peak take the post."

"I agree…"


At this time, Yan Yue finally couldn't sit still.

This was the third person. Unexpectedly, no one had mentioned Bai Lian's name. Did these people want to exclude Bai Lian?

She said angrily, "I recommend Bai Lian!"


Jue Yunzi and Gaoyi looked at each other.

Yan Yue asked, "What's the matter? Is Bai Lian not qualified to be the team leader?"

Jue Yunzi coughed softly, "It's not that."

Yan Yue said, "What else is there to discuss? The last place will be Bai Lian's."

Jue Yunzi shook his head, "Martial Sister Yan Yue, this is inappropriate."

Yan Yue shouted, "What's inappropriate? Although An Lan is unreliable, Bai Lian is different from her!"

Jue Yunzi hurriedly explained, "Younger Martial Sister Yan Yue, I don't mean that. This is mainly because Bai Lian's strength exceeds the standard."

"Exceeds the standard?"

Yan Yue was stunned.

Jue Yunzi nodded helplessly, "Amongst the disciples who went to take part in the trial, the strongest one is only at the Nascent Soul Stage and Bai Lian's cultivation base… Although I don't know what her specific level is, I know even a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator is not her opponent. If Bai Lian takes part in the test, isn't it clear bullying? The Biluo sect won't agree."

Yan Yue was stunned.

She thought what Jue Yunzi said was very reasonable.

"But don't we lose a lot this way?"

Jue Yunzi shook her head, "I'll let Bai Lian go out as an entourage, but she won't participate in the trial. Now is not the time for her to show her teeth."

"All right."

Yan Yue was persuaded.

It was true that Bai Lian must not become another An Lan, who liked to bully people.

The meeting continued, but Yan Yue had begun to yawn.