The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Martial Sister Bai Lian, Why Do You Become Small?

What's this?!

Tong Yao, who stood in the challenge arena to preside over the competition, was in a dilemma.

Su Youwei's loss rendered her preparations to praise Martial Sister Bai Lian pointless.

But she couldn't be angry with Su Youwei.

She had said that it was because of her internal demon. It's her internal demon!

Could she pull out Su Youwei's internal demon and beat it up?

Anyway, Tong Yao didn't think she had this ability, and few people in the whole cultivation world could do it. Only the rumored Lord of Hades Hall had the method of controlling internal demons.

Lord of Hades Hall.

Tong Yao didn't think that she could get his help.

After all, she was just an ordinary disciple of the Duxian sect, and the Lord of Hades Hall was one of several powers in North Luzhou.

Xiao Jinse was not happy either.

Although she and the third Martial Sister were competitors, the third Martial Sister lost in this unexpected way. This made her really unhappy.

Especially after seeing the happy faces of Yunluo Peak's people, she was even more unhappy.

In her opinion, this matter had grown past the initial, small conflict. After fermenting for ten days, it had become a battle between Yunluo Peak and Qiongming Peak.

Xiao Jinse thought of the expectations that Martial Sister Bai Lian had shown when she taught her for the first time.


The glory of Qiongming Peak should not be borne by Martial Sister Bai Lian alone!

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was already very tired.

As Qiongming Peak's second Elder Martial Sister, she should take the initiative to break the outside world's doubts at this time.

Blowing Snow Sword, it's time to come out of your sheath!

"Elder Martial Sister, I'm not a waste!"

Xiao Jinse said seriously.

Bai Lian said, "You are my Martial Sister, of course you are not a waste."

"Elder Martial Sister, let me fight."


Bai Lian touched Xiao Jinse's head with relief.

The second Martial Sister took the initiative to avenge the third Martial Sister, showing that seeds of harmony have been planted Qiongming Peak!

With these two good examples, it would be much easier to teach the fourth and fifth Martial Sisters in the future.

The environment has a great influence on people!

Not long after, Jiang Haochuan returned to the arena.

He was under great pressure.

Before going on stage, those disciples told him that he could not win again this time.

"If you continue to win, it will become a humiliation to Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

"If so, the consequences will be very serious…"

"Brother Haochuan, it's time to test you again!"

Kill me, hurry up, I am too tired!

After questioning himself, Jiang Haochuan looked at the sword in his hand and then at Xiao Jinse standing like a strong pine.

Intuition told him that Xiao Jinse was stronger than Su Youwei.

In this way, the difficulty of his acting would be much lower, and there would be no mistakes like that just now.

"I, Xiao Jinse, at the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage, please give me your guidance!"

Jiang Haochuan nodded in silence.

With a soft shout from Tong Yao, Xiao Jinse rushed towards Jiang Haochuan as if on a wind and fire wheel.

The heat wave was rolling on the Blowing Snow Sword.

Dozens of spikes appeared in the sky.

Jiang Haochuan stared at the Blowing Snow Sword.

This sword was stabbed toward him without much change, giving him enough time to think.

Next, he swung his sword and hit Xiao Jinse's abdomen.

Of course, he didn't really use much force on his move

He had to pretend that he had been struggling to block the sword, so that he could naturally reveal the flaws that were enough for Xiao Jinse to take the upper hand.

That was the plan.

Seeing that the Blowing Snow Sword was about to fall on his shoulder, Jiang Haochuan moved.


He drew his sword and slashed.


It was too fast.

Before everyone could react, Jiang Haochuan flew out of the challenge arena. He crossed the crowd, the woods, and finally landed in a gurgling brook.

His ass was cut by the gravel in the stream.

But Jiang Haochuan's attention was not here at all.


What happened?

Shouldn't he stand on the challenge arena and continue to implement his plan?

"She is worthy of being the Holy Spirit Goddess! She just released a little potential, and defeated her opponent so easily!"

Besides Bai Lian, even Xiao Jinse herself was stunned.

Did I do this?!

"Damn, how shameless!"

"Can it be like this?"

"He could defeat Martial Sister Bai Lian's third Martial Sister, and then was defeated by the second Martial Sister with one blow? Who believed it?!"

The other Yunluo Peak disciples were stunned.

"Wait, even if you'd planned to lose, you can't lose that bad, can you?"

"Alas, it's all my fault. I wouldn't have proposed that if I knew it. Who knew Brother Haochuan's acting skills were so bad!"

"Maybe this is an honest man."

"What should we do?"

Everyone was at a loss.

If this continued, the conflict with Qiongming Peak would become deeper and deeper.

Until Tong Yao began to call the next opponent to fight. A Yunluo Peak disciple reluctantly stepped into the arena.

Never repeat your mistakes!


Jiang Haochuan had a friend sitting beside him.


Tong Yao cried.

Xiao Jinse stared at her hands.

After defeating two opponents in a row, she suddenly realized that there was something wrong with her strength, not that her opponents were too weak!

Comparing Martial Sister Bai Lian's meridians to a wide and watery sea, she could barely be counted as a small stream, and the person hit by her just now was just a ditch.

Xiao Jinse looked up. She decided to be willful for once, and shouted, "I want to fight ten!"


Humiliation, awe, worship…

All kinds of eyes fell on Xiao Jinse.

Doubts were completely broken.

Even in the face of the eight people's siege, she achieved the final victory.

The Yunluo Peak disciples' initial dissatisfaction was completely dispelled.

Eight vs one, and you are defeated? Stop cultivating and go back to raising pigs!

Jiang Haochuan came over with his buttocks covered.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian…"

He apologized for Su Youwei's experience.

If Su Youwei had not been fighting with him she would not have been attacked by her internal demon.

Bai Lian said, "I don't blame you. All right, go and do your own business. I also want to consult my master."

Another [Hard Skill +2] task came out, and Bai Lian was in a good mood.


Jiang Haochuan left trembling.

Bai Lian returned to Qiongming Peak with her unconscious third Martial Sister in her arms.

Now was not the time to pay attention to external influence. She needed to ask the Master if there was any good way to subdue Su Youwei's internal demon.

In the yard.

Bai Lian lowered her voice and said to the second younger Martial Sister, "Take care of the third younger Martial Sister first. I'll come back soon."


Xiao Jinse immediately responded.

She didn't take care of people much, but she just had to follow what Martial Sister Bai Lian asked of her.

After Bai Lian left, Xiao Jinse came to Su Youwei's room.

She fetched a basin of water, boiled it with her spirit Qi, and put a hot towel on the third Martial Sister's forehead.

Maybe she felt the temperature on her forehead, Xiao Jinse heard the third Martial Sister's cry.

"Elder Martial Sister."

Did she wake up?

Xiao Jinse hurried over.

She watched for a long time and found that the third Martial Sister was talking in her sleep.

"Elder Martial Sister, I'm so cold {(> _< )}"

"Ah, monster, don't come here!"

"Elder Martial Sister, I'm afraid!"

Su Youwei's small body huddled in the quilt and looked extremely poor.

Even Xiao Jinse, who couldn't deal with her very well, was moved.

Xiao Jinse put her hands into the quilt and wrapped Su Youwei's little hands.

The third Martial Sister seemed to grasp the life-saving straw. She turned over, held Xiao Jinse's hand in her arms, and rubbed it from time to time.


But Xiao Jinse didn't say anything. It would be bad to wake up the third Martial Sister.

She also squatted down just for the Third Martial Sister to rub her hand.

But Su Youwei gradually leaned toward her.

"Elder Martial Sister, how did your hands get fat?"

(` Δ ´)!

Forget it.

I won't be angry at a dreamer!

Rubbing, Su Youwei arched into Xiao Jinse's arms again.

"Well, it's so warm ~"


Heads up!

Su Youwei in "Sleep" shamelessly plays a "Three-dimensional pinball game".

Xiao Jinse wriggled uneasily.

What's this? Rub your own balls!

Oh, you didn't have balls? Forget it.

Su Youwei gradually began to feel that something was wrong.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, why did you get smaller?"

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian?

Xiao Jinse was stunned for a moment.

She lowered her head and looked at Su Youwei, who secretly opened her eyes.

"Second, second Martial Sister…"

Su Youwei's face turned green.

Xiao Jinse's face turned green too.

She got it!

The third Martial Sister was obviously pretending to sleep.

If it was Martial Sister Bai Lian who was here just now…

It would be the end of the day. It's terrible!

Xiao Jinse glanced out of the window. If I throw her down now, she should instantly crack her head, right?

If I hurry to dig a hole, I should also be able to cover the soil before Martial Sister Bai Lian comes back.