The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Fortunately, I'm Better at It!


With a crisp order, Su Youwei took the lead in launching the attack.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was still watching.

If she couldn't beat anyone, Martial Sister Bai Lian would be disappointed.

Therefore, she would play fake matches, but it would be after she had defeated several people.

"It seems that Martial Sister Bai Lian's younger Martial Sister is going to win."

Tong Yao's eyes were sharp. After only one look, she figured Su Youwei would win.

Su Youwei's opponent's heart had been confused for a while. He was timid and couldn't even use half of his strength.

His strength was not as good as Su Youwei's in the first place. And now, he seemed to be in a hurry in the face of Su Youwei's stormy attack.

"How great!"

"I remember not long ago, this new Martial Sister was only at the Qi Refining Stage?"

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian taught her well!"

Bai Lian nodded with satisfaction.

The third Martial Sister just reached the Foundation Establishment Stage, and she hadn't learned many spells yet, but her sword skills were enough to deal with these ordinary opponents.

A big fireball just emerged and was scattered by Su Youwei's sword.

After repeating the same scene several times, the opponent was swept out of the arena by Su Youwei with her sword.

Bai Lian asked with concern, "Do you want to take a rest?"

Su Youwei shook her head, "No, Martial Sister, I'm in good shape now."

"Don't force yourself."


Su Youwei lowered her head.

She felt a little guilty and feared that Martial Sister Bai Lian could see through what she was thinking.

At this time, Xiao Jinse couldn't help muttering.

The third younger Martial Sister's strength was far beyond her imagination. Would she personally defeat all the opponents and end the competition?!

If so, wouldn't she have no chance to show off at all?


Xiao Jinse's eyes sharpened.

No wonder the third Martial Sister was so positive before. She was going to leave no benefits to me!

What a scheming third Martial Sister!

Xiao Jinse was deeply upset.

Damn it.

Compared with the third Martial Sister, she was as pure as a noble lotus.

Xiao Jinse was restless with anxiety.

Fortunately, after defeating three opponents in a row, Su Youwei's hand holding the sword trembled slightly.

"Ambition also needs to be supported by strength!"

Xiao Jinse suddenly felt confident.

In terms of persistence, the third Martial Sister was by no means her opponent. If the third Martial Sister could fight five, she could defeat all the remaining eight.

Yunluo Peak's disciples also found something.

They unanimously recommended Jiang Haochuan as the next person to fight.

"Brother Haochuan, it's all up to you!"

"Brother Haochuan, you can't win too smoothly. You have to act like you're struggling!"

"Brother Haochuan…"


Damn it!

What is the feeling of being appointed?

Jiang Haochuan's eyes rolled up.

He really wanted to shout at these people, "You'd better hire someone else!"

But he couldn't say it, because he still had to stay at Yunluo Peak.

Jiang Haochuan turned around, revealing a look of despair.

Jiang Haochuan arched his hands opposite Su Youwei and said, "I, Jiang Haochuan, am at the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage. Please give me your advice!"

The middle-stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage?

Fierce discussions broke out among the onlookers.

Su Youwei was stunned.

What? The middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage?

It's done!

It seemed there was no need to pick another target. After all, she had just broken through to the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage, and it was natural to lose to Jiang Haochuan.

Next, as long as she pretended to be hit, she could monopolize Elder Martial Sister Bai in front of the second Elder Martial Sister!

"I, Su Youwei, am at the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage, please give me some advice!"

Su Youwei specially emphasized the word "Early stage" to ensure that everyone present could hear it.

After the two said so, Tong Yao raised the little yellow flag in her hand.


Jiang Haochuan took a deep breath.

He was not a good actor, but this time, he would try his best.

The garbage sword he prepared in advance was out of its sheath!


The sword blared, reflecting snow-white lights.

The sword stabbed straight at Su Youwei. At the same time, Jiang Haochuan's left hand made a seal, and a dark purple halo appeared out of thin air under his feet.

This was his specialty——

The spell - Ground Collapse Eruption.

Su Youwei held her sword in both hands and stared at the fast-approaching Jiang Haochuan.

His sword was a little too fast.

After a brief hesitation, Su Youwei chose to fight back.

It would be too humiliating to be defeated too quickly.

Ding Ding Ding——

The two of them moved very fast, and they fought dozens of times in the blink of an eye. Some disciples with relatively low strength didn't even see what happened.

After Su Youwei distanced herself from Jiang Haochuan, dozens of fist-sized cracks appeared on the flat arena, and dark purple lights gushed out of the cracks.

Suddenly, a purple whip appeared in front of Su Youwei.

It's time to pretend to be in a hurry!

Su Youwei brandished her sword "In a hurry", and anyone could see that her move had become slow.


What's going on?

Bai Lian frowned. It shouldn't be. The third Martial Sister's reaction speed was amazing in her memory.


Su Youwei was about to fall to the ground when the sword blade touched the purple whip. She was stunned to find that the purple whip was as feeble as paper, which was broken at one touch.

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Ah, this…

Was she too strong, or was Jiang Haochuan too weak?

Su Youwei couldn't make up her mind for a moment.

At this time, Jiang Haochuan had rushed up with his sword. His sword was wrapped with fire, and half the arena was illuminated red by it.

The special effect was very eye-catching, which made people feel that this move was very strong at a glance.

"Younger Martial Sister, be careful!"

Jiang Haochuan shouted and stabbed the sword at her.

Su Youwei, who came back to her senses, fought with Jiang Haochuan again.

"Elder Martial Brother Jiang, you're not bad either."

The two fought dozens of times, and the more they fought, the more frightened Jiang Haochen felt.

He and Su Youwei were both a little injured, but he actually forced Su Youwei to retreat with his sword skill! Su Youwei would fall under the challenge arena if she continued to retreat like this.

No, you can't!

Jiang Haochuan didn't have time to pay much attention. After his sword was stabbed sideways, he came to the middle of the challenge arena. It seemed that he had consumed a lot of physical strength and his breathing became heavy.

"Younger Martial Sister, I didn't expect that you are so strong. You even blocked my 'Deadly Thirteen Stabs'. It seems that if I want to win, I have to use unique skills!"

Jiang Haochuan looked more serious than ever.

He was sweating all over when he spoke, which made Su Youwei stunned.

How did she feel that they were just some very ordinary continuous stabs?

Maybe she was not able to see it.

Su Youwei shouted, "Let's decide the outcome with one move!"

Then she turned warily around towards Jiang Haochuan.

Jiang Haochuan was waiting for Su Youwei to attack, but Su Youwei just turned around him and didn't rush up.

No way out.

He could only keep using small spells to contain Su Youwei's actions, waiting for her final blow.

In this way, after a lot of dazzling spells, Jiang Haochuan stroked the sword in his hand with the palm of his right hand.

For a moment, orange-red light surged from the blade, and even the challenge arena was shrouded in this light, making it difficult to see.

It's time!

Su Youwei rushed into the center of the orange-red light like a hot-blooded heroine.


The onlookers held their breath waiting to see what would happen.

"Please, Martial Brother Jiang!"

Some of the Yunluo Peak disciples prayed secretly.

We will fight with our Wills.

Close, close!

Su Youwei saw the sword close at hand and swung her sword, cutting without any hesitation.

She only used 70% of her usual strength in this sword. Under the shock, the sword would definitely be blown off. After she lost her weapon, she could only admit defeat.

Su Youwei smiled.

Seeing Su Youwei launch an attack, Jiang Haochuan also smiled.

This was his last trump card!

His sword was common on the surface, but it was actually folded. As long as it was heated, it would become particularly brittle.


At the moment when the two swords collided, the crack on the sword's body quickly enlarged.

Su Youwei stared at her sword cutting through Jiang Haochuan's sword and heading straight to his chest.

Jiang Haochuan was stunned by the sudden accident and didn't hide at all.

Oh no.

If this went on, she would win.

After this, Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian would definitely let her rest for a while. Since she had defeated this cultivator at the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage, wouldn't it be very fake for her to lose to others?

No way.

In a panic, Su Youwei had an idea.

She stabbed Jiang Haochuan's shoulder with her sword, then her legs softened and she lost control of the sword.


What's going on?

Jiang Haochuan heard the startled cries from around him. In order for it to not look like a fake match, he had to punch.


Su Youwei flew backwards and fell down after rolling on the challenge arena a few times.

"I won?"

Jiang Haochuan looked at his fist with a silly look.

Beside the challenge arena, Bai Lian and Xiao Jinse ran toward Su Youwei.

Changes came too fast.

One second before, Su Youwei still had the upper hand, and the second after, she was suddenly defeated. No one could have imagined this situation.

"What's going on?"

Xiao Jinse asked nervously.

Su Youwei tried to cheer up and sobbed, "It's my internal demon… Elder Martial Sister, I'm sorry. I have failed to live up to your expectations!"

After saying that, her eyes closed and she pretended to have fainted.

Bai Lian believed it. She hugged Su Youwei and comforted her, "No, it's not your fault. You've done a good job".

Damn it.

She thought that the third Martial Sister had defeated her internal demon, but she didn't expect that it was just an illusion. Fortunately, this was just an ordinary duel. If the internal demon came out like this in a fight of life and death, it would get her killed!

She must find a way to help the third Martial Sister get rid of her internal demon as soon as possible!

After hesitating for a while, Tong Yao shouted, "Winner, Jiang Haochuan!"


Standing in the challenge arena, Jiang Haochuan was at a loss.


How did he win? It was clear that he had tampered with his sword.

Jiang Haochuan grabbed the broken sword and wanted to cry.

He walked towards the crowd with a sad look on his face, and his ears were full of compliments for a moment.

"Brother Haochuan, good fight!"

"Brother Haochuan, you did well!"

Get out!

Do you know how sad I am?

If Martial Sister Bai Lian is angry with me for this…

Jiang Haochuan felt that he was going crazy.

He didn't know that Su Youwei, who pretended to be dizzy, quietly opened her eyes and looked at him.

Although she had an accident halfway, fortunately, she was better at it and used her internal demon as an excuse for being defeated at the critical moment!