The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: This Internal Demon Is So Humiliating!

Internal demon.

Was it a devil born in the heart?

Their wisdom was not inferior to other demons. The only drawback was that they could only live in people's hearts.

There was a saying in the internal demon world——

[If an internal demon doesn't want to replace its master's identity, it is not a good internal demon]

But not every internal demon could win the final victory on the road of bewitching its master.

Some people were extremely determined, and their internal demons would be forcibly extinguished as soon as it was born.

Some people were so lucky that they could always change any desperate situation.

There were also some people who regarded their internal demons as an object to hone their will.

If it truly encountered these situations, Su Youwei's internal demon would surrender.

After all, it couldn't create another internal demon to help it, could it?

But now, it was beaten by the new internal demon imagined by Su Youwei.

If its strength hadn't ushered in a qualitative change recently, it might have been beheaded.

This is too oppressive!

How could a person be so shameless that she wanted to replace her old internal demon with a new one?


The internal demon stared at the "Martial Sister Bai Lian" Su Youwei imagined.

It felt like it was going to be depressed.

We are all internal demons. Why did that bitch easily capture Su Youwei's heart?

The internal demon felt anxious.

It must fight back.

If it went on like this, one day it would be completely separated from Su Youwei. At that time, even if Su Youwei didn't do anything, it would disappear.

The future without it was not the future it wanted!


Su Youwei felt a little sleepy.

It was rare to feel tired in the sea of her divine sense.

Was it because of too much mental exertion?

In a trance, she saw those strange R18 pictures again.

But unlike before, in addition to those "R18" pictures, she also saw many "All-age" scenes.

Although they were not very warm pictures, they could at least be regarded as a "School drama" with tears and smiles.

In these pictures, when she entered the Duxian sect, her second Martial Sister was already at the Golden Core Stage, and was known as the first genius in the Duxian sect.

She was no match for her!

She played the role of the third Martial Sister very frequently. After coming to Qiongming Peak, she spent several months before gradually getting closer to her two Martial Sisters.

Then a lot of things happened, but it was a pity that the pictures jumped too fast. Su Youwei didn't see what happened at all.

She only felt that there seemed to be contradictions in the plot in some places.

One second she was bullied by Martial Sister Bai Lian, the next second Martial Sister Bai Lian was calling her "master".

How strange!

But Su Youwei saw one thing very clearly.

None of the Martial Sister Bai Lians in these pictures had a "Tao halo"!

Su Youwei was in doubt.

In addition to this difference, she now arrived at Qiongming Peak at the wrong time, which was ten months earlier than in those pictures.

Is it true or false?

Su Youwei suspected that the pictures were from her internal demon, which were used to disturb her concentration!

But if what she saw was true, it meant that something would happen to Martial Sister Bai Lian in the next ten months.



Su Youwei decided to at least pay attention to it.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was a famous person and many people bore hostility against her. Even if she was a Natural Saint, she couldn't turn bad luck into good luck every time.


"The early stage of the Foundation Establishment Stage!"

Feeling the strong spirit Qi flowing in her body, Xiao Jinse showed a relieved smile on her face.

She was afraid that she would still be unable to break through after taking the Foundation Establishment Pill, in which case she would feel too sorry for Martial Sister Bai Lian.

In fact, she encountered a lot of trouble in the process of breakthrough.

For a time, because she couldn't absorb spirit Qi to feed the hungry meridians and Dantian, she was so distracted that she almost gave up halfway.

Fortunately, at that time, she thought of the scene on the Immortality Promotion Meeting.

"Obsolete Spiritual Root!”

That sentence without any emotion was like a death sentence for her.

She almost collapsed.

If Martial Sister Bai Lian had not given her hand at that time, she might have killed herself in an unknown place on impulse.

With Martial Sister Bai Lian's help, she could finally cultivate.

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Now, she even owned a top-grade fire-type Spiritual Root.

Although this Spiritual Root was forcibly cast by external forces and could not be compared with the normal Spiritual Root, she would not admit defeat just like that!

It was this idea that prompted Xiao Jinse to be able to release her divine sense before breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Stage.

She was like a lonely traveler sailing across the sea.

When she saw a luminous hole, there was no doubt that it was a passage to the new world!

Xiao Jinse began to desperately absorb the spirit Qi around her. This process lasted for a long time before she successfully broke through to the Foundation Establishment Stage.

Standing in front of the rising sun, she felt that the world in her eyes had become different.

The glow was endless.

Everything was full of vitality.

"Praise the sun!"

Xiao Jinse went out with Blowing Snow Sword on her back. Today was the day of the competition.

To her surprise, the spirit Qi at the top of Qiongming Peak this morning was several times thinner than usual.

Is it because Martial Sister Bai Lian was cultivating last night?

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

Xiao Jinse bowed to Bai Lian, and her respect for Martial Sister Bai Lian came from her heart.

"Keep trying."

Bai Lian's mouth twitched.

What is this so-called protagonist?!

Just breaking through to the Foundation Establishment Stage, she had almost absorbed all the spirit Qi on the top of the mountain.

So outrageous.

The width of her meridians must be several times that of ordinary people.

Bai Lian thought it was not a problem for Xiao Jinse to fight ten ordinary cultivators at the same time.

No wonder the second Martial Sister in the game will choose the heavy sword. It's straightforward and rough.

Bai Lian thought it would be more intimidating to use the mace if she could ignore the mace's ugly shape.

"Come on, I'll stab you with a stick!"

Timid people may be scared when they see the second Martial Sister's mace.

Not long after, Su Youwei also came out of the room.

Her breakthrough process to the Foundation Establishment Stage was much quieter than Xiao Jinse's.

This was very normal. It was not that Su Youwei's talent was inferior to Xiao Jinse's. The key lay in their different strengths.

The second Martial Sister had a great amount of spirit Qi, and her victory lay in persistence.

The third Martial Sister prevailed in one aspect, "Speed".

"Just take it as an ordinary test!" Bai Lian said to the two younger Martial Sisters.

Xiao Jinse nodded.

Su Youwei nodded, but she had other ideas in her mind.

She thought of Xiao Jinse who was injured when she went out for a test a few days ago.

Did she need to fight a fake match this time?

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