The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Qiongming Peak's Prosperity Is Just Around the Corner!

The room was clean and free of odor.

After all, it was a newly built room, and it had been washed out several times by wind-type spirit Qi and water-type spirit Qi.

Su Youwei sat in the dark.

By the moonlight outside the window, she could barely see her little palm.

As tender as jade.

But the most striking thing is the two "正" words painted on her wrist.

She rubbed the words with her index finger, and the handwriting was still clear. She thought that only with spiritual power could she thoroughly wash these two words.

Su Youwei pursed her mouth.

She hesitated for a long time, but still broke up the spiritual power released by her other hand.

She had no face to continue to stay in Qiongming Peak after making that kind of blasphemy against Martial Sister Bai Lian!

But she couldn't erase Martial Sister Bai Lian's words of encouragement like this.

Take this as the best memory with Martial Sister Bai Lian.

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And seeing these two words, she could also remind herself not to make such impulsive actions in the future.

Unfortunately, if she left Qiongming Peak, she would never have the chance to return the two "正" words to Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Su Youwei wiped the corners of her eyes.

"I'm so stupid."

Don't cherish when you get it, always regret when you lose it.

It was normal for her to be trapped by her internal demon.

Su Youwei stood up slowly.

She had nothing to pack.

Except for Martial Sister Bai Lian, what she cherished was either in her heart or already on her body.

She took one last look.

Imprint the whole room, including the corners, in her heart.

Then she opened the door and walked out of the yard, like a creepy little mouse.

"At least the night sky is clear when I leave!"

Su Youwei looked up and muttered.

All sounds were still.

The crescent moon was getting fuller, and there were a few inconspicuous stars in the clear night sky.


When walking near the gate, Su Youwei's body suddenly froze.

She turned slowly like a rusty machine.

She saw the jade rabbit crouching on a bluestone outside the door.

One ear fell to the ground, and some crooked words that didn't exist in the daytime were engraved on the bluestone.

The jade rabbit is cultivating calligraphy here alone in the evening?

Su Youwei opened her mouth.

Immediately, she pressed her lips with her right index finger and shushed softly.

The jade rabbit nodded suspiciously.

It watched Su Youwei go away, and then continued to cultivate writing hard.

"Fortunately, I met the jade rabbit."

If it was Martial Sister Bai Lian who stopped there, Su Youwei really didn't know what to do.

Her steps were heavy.

With the memory of two lifetimes, for a time, she felt that the world was illusory.

Was everything she heard and saw true?

Could this be her fantasy world?



Another loud noise pulled Su Youwei back from her confusion.

She raised her head slowly.

This time, the second Elder Martial Sister Xiao Jinse was standing in front.

In the night, the second Martial Sister carried the Blowing Snow Sword, which was a palm-wide epee. With only one sword, she split the tree in front of her into debris.

When she turned back and pulled around, another tree next to her was cut off, and was beaten to fly several feet high with a bang.

Su Youwei, "?"

Cutting trees in the middle of the night? Doesn't Qiongming Peak have a normal person?

Her eyes were in contact with the second Martial Sister.


Xiao Jinse was very annoyed.

She tried to forget what happened in the special course, but as she turned over and over, not only did she fail to forget the scene at that time, but began to fantasize about what would happen if she replaced the third Martial Sister with herself.

She got excited when she thought about it!

Thinking again, Xiao Jinse went out with her Blowing Snow Sword.

She lingered at the door of the third Martial Sister's room for a long time, and wanted to break in and teach the third Martial Sister a lesson.

But at last she restrained herself.

It was just an accident (sure)!

The third Martial Sister was in an unstable state of mind. It was normal to suddenly see Martial Sister Bai Lian's slender jade feet and get confused and make mistakes.

As the second Elder Martial Sister, she should be tolerant…

Damn it!

Xiao Jinse failed to convince herself.

After turning around two times, she finally left the third Martial Sister's door.

Anyway, she couldn't sleep. After seeing the two crooked trees on the mountain path, she came up with the idea of cultivating her sword skill.

However, it seemed that the movement of her sword cultivation was so great that she even attracted the third Martial Sister.

Xiao Jinse leaned on her Blowing Snow Sword and silently looked at the third Martial Sister.


The flow of time seemed to exceed thousands of years within this moment.

Rain alternated with sunshine.

The seasons revolved.

When the pointer returned to normal speed, the moon was still high in the night sky.

Xiao Jinse took the lead in saying, "The moonlight is so beautiful tonight. Is the third Martial Sister also out to enjoy the moon?"

Su Youwei gritted her teeth.

She would never say she was going to run away!

"That's right."

"Do you want to compete with me?"


Su Youwei's lips wriggle. How could she be in the mood to do such a thing now?

Xiao Jinse narrowed her eyes slightly, "Do you mean to say that you are going to run away?"


You have the courage to grab Martial Sister Bai Lian's feet, but you don't have the courage to fight with me?!

I'm so angry, you unpleasant woman!

Su Youwei shivered. She felt as if she had been stripped by the second Elder Martial Sister who saw through everything.

She quickly denied, "No, no, I'm not going to run away. I just came out to walk around."

Xiao Jinse put away the Blowing Snow Sword, "Since it's a duel between the sisters of the same sect, in order to avoid hurting each other, let's fight directly with our fists!"


Su Youwei was still confused until she raised her hands awkwardly.

Why did she suddenly compete with the second Elder Martial Sister? Wasn't she going to run away?

"Alas, it hurts -"

Su Youwei fell into a disadvantage as soon as she fought.

A little longer, Xiao Jinse's physical strength advantage was fully reflected.

"Stop fighting, stop fighting…"

Su Youwei scurried.

At first, Xiao Jinse felt that she had successfully established the prestige as the Second Elder Martial Sister, but soon she became worried.

Ten days later, she would challenge the disciples of Yunluo Peak with the third younger Martial Sister. According to the strength the third younger Martial Sister showed now, she would definitely be beaten up then.

She will fail to live up to Martial Sister Bai Lian's expectations!

Xiao Jinse scolded in a hurry.

"Show your true skills!"

"How can you fight your internal demon with such little strength?"

"What are you running for? Shouldn't you attack instead of defend at this time?"

"I'm so angry. You're the worst Martial Sister I've ever seen!"

"Are you going to disappoint Martial Sister Bai Lian? No, you shouldn't. I won't allow it. It seems that I must give you special training!"

This was what Bai Lian saw when she came out of the forbidden array.

When she just saw the second Martial Sister beating the third Martial Sister violently, she was scared and her blood pressure soared. Why did they suddenly start killing each other?

But after hearing the words shouted by the second Martial Sister, Bai Lian sighed with relief.

This is friendship!

OK, keep it up. Qiongming Peak's prosperity is just around the corner!

In this way, she could unload the burden on her body and become an Elder Martial Sister who only needed to eat and wait to die.