The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: I Heard That You Want to Challenge Me?

The efficiency of the construction team formed by cultivators was incredible.

Cut wood with bare hands and cut stones with sword Qi!

After drawing the basic structure of the house, simply recite a spell, and the materials would move by themselves.

Pa pa…

The higher the base, the higher the height.

Like building blocks, the new house took shape in less than half an hour.

If it weren't for the firmness of the house, this speed could be faster.

Bai Lian went out for a walk, and when she came back, she found that the house on the top of Qiongming Peak had been widened more than twice, and members of the construction team came out of the new room one after another.

When the captain saw Bai Lian, he immediately greeted her with a bright smile, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, do you have anything else to change?"

Bai Lian smiled and said, "That's enough."

She took out spirit stones from the pendant.

The captain smiled and put the spirit stones in his pocket.

He shouted, "Brothers, work is over!"

Su Youwei looked at the construction team members walking away.

She had not actually seen this scene before!

Bai Lian explained, "Cultivation is not easy. In addition to qualifications, the most important thing is resources. But the number of spirit stones distributed by the sect every month is fixed. In order to obtain more spirit stones, these disciples have to find ways to make money. Building houses, express delivery, playing with others, writing novels… This is also what the sect hopes. When everyone is busy, conflicts within the sect will be greatly reduced."

Xiao Jinse nodded.

The Xiao family was a typical negative example.

Most of the second and third generations had nothing to do. They idled all day long and didn't realize how much trouble they were causing the Xiao family. If they continued, they would suffer a heavy loss one day.

Su Youwei also sighed with emotion.

Cultivation is really not easy!

People in the world all thought that as long as they ventured into the cultivation world, they could be detached from the mortal world, but the world was so broad that even real immortals could not be truly detached.

She felt the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl in her body.

It was still cold.

She wondered how much time and effort it would take her to wake up the sleeping weapon spirit inside it in this life.


After decorating Su Youwei's room, Bai Lian went to the back mountain and began to experiment with her newly acquired spell - Thunder Abyss.

Combining water spirit Qi and thunder spirit Qi together, its power would be far more than twice the two kinds of spirit Qi alone.

At this time, her conflict with Chen Lu also reached the ears of the sect leader, Jue Yunzi.

"Sect leader, this…"

Jue Yunzi sat cross-legged. He expressionlessly looked at Chen Lu's master's angry face.

This was obviously Chen Lu's fault.

Jue Yunzi did understand Chen Lu's thoughts. It was the imbalance of mentality that caused the disaster!

Before entering the Duxian sect, Chen Lu was a well-known genius, with titles such as "One in five thousand years", "The ferocious tiger of the imperial dynasty", "The future of the country", and so on.

After joining the Duxian sect, she took becoming the next sect leader as her goal of cultivation.

But Chen Lu felt desperate that her cultivation path met a bottleneck, and an invisible wall blocked her ahead.

The growth of her cultivation base had stagnated, and more and more people had surpassed her. Up to now, even in Yunluo Peak, she could barely squeeze into the top ten.

Sect leader?

It's just a castle in the sky!

Chen Lu's arrogance was completely flattened. Under the mental imbalance, jealousy took the place of that arrogance.

Jue Yunzi could figure out with his toes that Bai Lian must be in the forefront of the people she envied.

Qiongming Peak's first disciple in hundreds of years!

Got An Lan's full training! ( ×)

Reaching the Nascent Soul Stage in three years! ( ×)

More and more people proposed to let Bai Lian succeed as the next sect leader!

Any one of these was enough to make Chen Lu jealous, so it was normal for her to choose to be partial to her younger Martial Brother after knowing he made the mistake.

She just didn't expect Bai Lian to be so angry.

Jue Yunzi didn't expect it either.

Maybe this was the Duxian sect's tradition.

Seeing Chen Lu's Master getting angrier and angrier and beginning to accuse Bai Lian of not being qualified to succeed as the next sect leader, Jue Yunzi began to think about whether he should secretly send a message to An Lan.

He was not very good at arguing.

However, Martial Sister An Lan was different. She never lost to anyone in the Duxian sect whether it was arguing or fighting.

[If you want to die, go to Qiongming Peak to find An Lan quickly]

However, as a sect leader, it's a little bad to do such a thing, isn't it?

Jue Yunzi's eyelids drooped.

Just then, there was a sudden crash outside the door.

Jue Yunzi raised his head and said, "Oh, Martial Sister Yan Yue, it's you."

Yan Yue, dressed in a purple fairy skirt, clasped her hands and said, "Elder Martial Brother, I'm sorry!"

Jue Yunzi's breath stilled.

A bad premonition suddenly rose in his heart.

Yan Yue raised her right hand and shouted, "The tree comes!"

Suddenly, the hall where Jue Yunzi lived shook violently.

The beam and column above his head cracked, and with a loud bang, a strange bloody tree fell from the sky and planted straight in the center of the hall.


The Blood Tree Patriarch uprooted by Yan Yue shivered all over in autumn. Wasn't this world too cruel to it? There was the oppression of trees everywhere!

Yan Yue calmly walked in and patted the Blood Tree Patriarch, "I will let you drink some of the most advanced nutrient solutions after we go back."

The Blood Tree Patriarch was suddenly full of energy, "Say it, who are you going to beat today?!"

Jue Yunzi glanced at the void directly above the hall with an expressionless face.

The weather today is really good.

"Yan Yue!"

Chen Lu's Master stood up angrily.

How could she not be angry when her complaint was disrupted?

Yan Yue took out a big axe from under her clothes. She was going to kill today!

"Come on, come on, I heard you want to fight me?"

Chen Lu's Master murmured, "Martial Sister Yan Yue, what do you want to do?"


Yan Yue sneered, "You framed Bai Lian. Do you treat Mount Zhuyan as nothing?"

Chen Lu's Master was stunned, "Isn't Bai Lian a disciple of Qiongming Peak?"

"It won't take long for her to become Mount Zhuyan's disciple!"

"But An Lan…"

Yan Yue angrily waved the axe, "Why do you care about my affairs with An Lan? Don't talk nonsense. Do you want to be reasonable or unreasonable today?"

Chen Lu's Master clenched her fist, "Do you want to bully me?"

Yan Yue didn't care. As long as she had no remorse, no one could accuse her.

"Blood Tree Patriarch is my close sister, you can also call your sister to help you!"

The Blood Tree Patriarch, 'I'm a dioecious tree!'

Chen Lu's Master was so angry that smoke was coming out of her head, "I… I won't argue with you!"

"You're speechless! I say, Bai Lian beat Chen Lu so well that your useless disciple will destroy her own internal demon."

Chen Lu's Master, "…"

Jue Yunzi said, "Well, that's it. I'll tell Bai Lian to pay attention next time."

How can you beat others to the point they end up crying?

Chen Lu's Master walked back and forth in the same place several times, and finally left annoyed.

Jue Yunzi breathed a sigh of relief.

Although Yan Yue's means were a little rough, it made Chen Lu's Master calm down.

Although she looked annoyed, it seemed that she would not retaliate against Bai Lian.

Jue Yunzi looked at the hole above his head, and then at the mighty Blood Tree Patriarch. For the first time, he felt that younger Martial Sister Yan Yue was cute and reasonable.

"Let me see what Bai Lian is doing!"

Jue Yunzi released his divine sense, and Yan Yue also followed him curiously.

On Qiongming Peak's back mountain.

Dark clouds suddenly appeared in the clear sky, and Jue Yunzi was shocked to see an irritable web of lightning around Bai Lian's body.

The electric snake flew up and down, and all the spirit fish in the cold pool were roasted to ashes. The cold pool looked like a pool of plasma from above, with a strange dark purple glow.

It was so violent that it seemed to destroy everything that fell into it.

"Huh?" Yan Yue looked at this scene in doubt, "Shouldn't Bai Lian's Spiritual Root be a water-type Spiritual Root?"

Jue Yunzi didn't hurry to answer Yan Yue.

If it's not a Spiritual Root mutation, it can only be explained in another way!

"The Natural Saints can control Qi with Tao!"

This was the explanation he saw in ancient books.

Spiritual root attribute was just a decoration for Natural Saints. Even without Spiritual Root, when the Natural Saints awaken, they could also rely on the care of the great Tao to control the spirit Qi of heaven and earth, so as to embark on the path of cultivation.

This is the strength of Natural Saints. There is no limit to them!

Not long ago, Bai Lian awakened the Tao halo. Unexpectedly, only after two months, she awakened her ability to control Qi with Tao again.

Even if we look at the records of Natural Saints in history, they have never had such a terrible awakening speed as Bai Lian!

"Is this the woman of fate?"

Jue Yunzi thought of the doomsday prophecy spread in the East Divine Land.

Too strong!

He didn't know whether he could survive until then, but if Bai Lian grew up smoothly, the Duxian sect might survive the catastrophe.

Jue Yunzi hurriedly warned Yan Yue that she could not say a word to others. If an outsider asked, she would say that Bai Lian had double Spiritual Roots.

Yan Yue nodded lightly.

She said, "Elder Martial Brother, let me repair this house for you."

Jue Yunzi refused and said, "No, I'll fix it myself."

"I'll feel guilty."

"Younger Martial Sister, why should you care about such a trivial matter!"

Don't help me! You will only mess things up!

Finally, Jue Yunzi drove Yan Yue away. After thinking about it, he called Bai Lian over. The theme of the discussion was "How to create harmony in the Duxian sect".

After seeing Bai Lian off, he went to see Chen Lu again.

Chen Lu became depressed after the fight.

"I'm a waste!"

From one extreme to the other.

What made Jue Yunzi's eyelids jump even more was that Chen Lu's internal demon had been changed and become [I will not tolerate cowardly acts!] Edition.

"Well, it's better than [Jealousy makes my face twisted]."

Jue Yunzi left silently.


After nightfall.

Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei looked at Bai Lian nervously.

"Elder Martial Sister, did the sect leader punish you?"

Bai Lian shook her head, "I had a cordial and friendly conversation with the sect leader."

The two younger Martial Sisters immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

That's good.

"Okay." Bai Lian took the lead in entering the room and lit a red candle, "Since you have nothing to do now, let's have the first group lecture!"