The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: There's Always a Heavenly Tribulation Trying to Hurt Me

Using a jade slip required injecting a certain amount of spirit Qi into it.

With Xiao Jinse's cultivation base, it was impossible to chat with Martial Sister Bai Lian for a long time.

But she was embarrassed to ask others for help, although as long as she spoke, many people would be willing to lend a helping hand.

She had no choice but to find another way.

Because she won first place in the newcomer competition, Xiao Jinse obtained many elixirs that could be used to enhance her cultivation.

So in order to be able to talk to Senior Sister Bai more every day, she started cultivating desperately!

Every day, the spiritual Qi in her Dantian increased, and the number of words she exchanged with Senior Sister Bai increased as well.

Second younger Martial Sister: [Elder Martial Sister, is the scenery in the Sand Region beautiful?]

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian: [It feels like wearing yellow glasses. Even the little rabbit's color changed in my eyes!]

Second younger Martial Sister: [Elder Martial Sister, are people in the Sand Region very fierce?]

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian: [No, no, the people here are very simple and honest. You don't need to worry.]

Second Martial Sister: [Senior Sister, I've broken through to the eighth level of Qi Refinement.]

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian: [I'll bring you some desert specialties when I come back.]

Talking with Senior Sister Bai was the happiest moment of Xiao Jinse's day.

It was these simple words that maintained the relationship between her and Senior Sister Bai.

This may be the happiness brought by cultivation!

If she could be a little stronger, it might be her who goes to pick up Third Martial Sister. That would be great.

That would be great.

Xiao Jinse felt even more motivated to become stronger.

Before Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian came back, she had to completely digest the rewards from the competition!


Bai Lian slipped the jade slip into her chest.

At this time, she was in a teahouse across the street from the Su family's house.

"A private room, please!"

Bai Lian lined up the copper coins used in the mundane world on the counter.


The waiter happily led Bai Lian to the second floor.

Bai Lian came here just to check the Su family's situation with her divine sense. She could observe them from the street, but it would be too conspicuous.

She just wanted to bring the third Martial Sister back to Qiongming Peak safely.

Although Gray Wind Town was small, the various forces within the sand region were intertwined and much more complicated than the relationships between the Ming Dynasty's gentry in the late period. Bai Lian did not want to participate in the local power struggles.

Even if the female cultivators she met on the road could gain a temporary advantage, they would inevitably suffer in the end.

It was revealed in "The Battle of the Gods" that the Sand Region had a complete industrial chain for selling cultivators. There were no restrictions on men and women. If you like it, you could buy and fuck anyone!

After all, it was an R18 gal game. Although the combat system was extremely perfunctory, the players could do various evil things.

At the table.

The little rabbit poured itself a cup of tea with its ears, and then took a sip of tea like Bai Lian.


The stupid rabbit soon stuck out its tongue.

How bitter!

Bai Lian reached out and touched its head, then began to release her divine sense.

On the way to Gray Wind City, she had asked the jade rabbit to go ahead and explore the road. In a deserted desert, she took the Tai Xuan True Yuan Pill and survived the Golden Core Stage's Thunder Tribulation with her hard work, breaking through to the early Golden Core Stage.

The jade rabbit also saw the event, but Bai Lian easily dispelled its doubts.

"Being a Natural Saint is tiring. There is always a Heavenly Tribulation trying to harm me!"

That makes sense!

The jade rabbit nodded carefully, and then it began to rejoice that it was not born a Natural Saint Rabbit. Otherwise, it would be too painful to be struck by thunder from time to time.

After breaking through to the Golden Core Stage, Bai Lian's basic skills had not changed much - because they had exceeded the standard, only her Focus has been significantly increased by 20 points.

However, her strength had been greatly improved. Now even if she really fought with the Saint, she might not lose.

The extra 20 Focus made Bai Lian handier in controlling her own divine sense. After quickly sweeping the whole Su mansion, she found Su Youwei sitting silently under the tree.

Her body shape was barely in line with the word "Small", it might be because the backlog of burdens on her shoulders was too heavy. In fact, her age was not much different from Xiao Jinse's.

The girl's skin was as white as grease, her eyebrows as light as smoke, her hair as beautiful as snow, and her long hair draped over her shoulder; looking from a distance, she was like a beauty stepping out of a painting.

At this time, her lips were slightly pursed, her mind withdrawn, and her face was full of sadness.

After hearing the conversation in another yard not far away, Bai Lian understood what the third Martial Sister was worried about.

"This is a good opportunity for our Su family's rise, and the price is just to marry two girls. Why would the fifth elder refuse? I think he doesn't care about us at all!"

"As members of the Su family, they should have died for the family's prosperity."

"We can no longer allow them to dodge like this!"

"The most troublesome thing is Su Youwei. As long as we dealt with her, things will be easy."

I see!

Bai Lian got it.

These people of the Su family are planning to marry Su Youwei and her aunt to the sect leader's son whose sect was near Gray Wind Town.

In Su Youwei's previous life, this was the beginning of her nightmare!

Although she escaped, the fifth elder and her aunt who adopted her both committed suicide.

Since then, she had embarked on the road of vengeance, but the enemy's background was much stronger than she imagined.

Kill a group of people, and then there comes another group.

She could only keep killing. Even though she got the relics of the "Suicide" immortal, she died under the siege because she had been seriously injured at that time.

Then Su Youwei was reborn again.

This is a very standard beginning of web novels. If this is a novel, the first chapter usually begins with "Su Youwei opened her eyes".

Bai Lian estimated that her third Martial Sister was worrying about how to get through the difficulties.

She returned to her youth, but didn't bring back her cultivation base. It was not a simple thing to escape safely with her relatives.

Bai Lian suddenly got an idea.

It was wonderful timing. Maybe she could try to seduce the third Martial Sister and take her back to Qiongming Peak.

In this way, task options inadvertently appeared in Bai Lian's eyes.

[Task 1: Intimidate the Su family to hand over Su Youwei in the name of the Duxian sect (Task reward: a spell - Thousands of Rivers and Mountains)]

[Task 2: Clarify your intentions in front of everyone and accept Su Youwei as a disciple of Qiongming Peak on your master's behalf (Task reward: a Spiritual Herb - Drunken Dream Flower)]

[Task 3: Meet Su Youwei alone (Task reward: Quick Spirit Pill)]


Bai Lian rubbed her eyes.

The rewards for the first two tasks were very dangerous. This was normal. That sect had their sights on the Su family, it would be no different from suicide to jump out at this time.

The Duxian sect's force couldn't affect Sand Region.

Bai Lian wondered why it was also risky to go to see Su Youwei alone?

Could the third Martial Sister's little fist break her chest?

This is unreasonable!

After staring for a long time, she finally chose Task 3.

It's better to be steady when you have just come to a new place!

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