The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Only I Can Bully My Martial Sister!

The next day.

Bai Lian opened her eyes.

After lifting the barrier, the first wisp of aura in the morning squeezed into the room, and the gray world suddenly became colorful.

She went to the window and looked at the rabbit lying on the ground and the sword in her hand. She felt refreshed!

In half a day, she could thoroughly refine this new Dirt Free Sword.

The equipment's bonus was still great. Even if she couldn't fully use the power of the new sword, it was enough to fight Gong Juren now.

This made Bai Lian feel a little more secure.

While the external threats decreased, the two Martial Sisters who she thought would fight were unexpectedly getting along well.

"What a surprise!"

Bai Lian gently stroked her chest and breathed a sigh of relief.

It seemed that her game life was finally on the right path!

With Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei, who would dare to provoke her?

Bai Lian decided to spy on the situation in the next room.

She released her divine sense and easily broke through the wall.

The wooden window was half open, and bits of golden sunshine fell on the messy bed.

"Where are they?"

Bai Lian glanced and found that the two younger Martial Sisters had already got up. They were sitting on the ground, running the cultivation method and seriously cultivating.

Were they not working too hard?

Bai Lian felt ashamed.

Although they have extraordinary talent, they are still cultivating several times harder than ordinary people!

At the same time, she was also a little worried.

Don't the Martial Sisters feel cold when they sit on the floor like this?

Won't cultivating on an empty stomach affect concentration?

Won't overwork affect their cultivation base?

Bai Lian decided to treat the two diligent Martial Sisters well.

As the saying goes, work and rest are combined.

It was better to go to walk around the Duxian sect while the weather was good.

A quarter of an hour later, Bai Lian knocked on Xiao Jinse's door.

"Elder Martial Sister?"

Xiao Jinse opened the door and looked at Bai Lian in surprise.

Bai Lian was holding a wooden tray with two portions of porridge on it.


Keyword detection!

Xiao Jinse smiled and took the tray over, "Elder Martial Sister, you are so kind to me. Knowing that I have a big appetite, you made me two bowls of porridge!"


Bai Lian was stunned for a moment.

Looking through the half open door, she found Su Youwei standing behind Xiao Jinse expressionless.

That petite body looked a little lonely.

Bai Lian quickly took the two futons on the jade rabbit's ears.

"Sit on it next time during the cultivation. It's not cold, or change into a practice suit."

"Youwei, I'll get your porridge right away."

"Don't cultivate this morning. Go outside."

"I'll call the construction team to renovate the house later."

"As disciples of Qiongming Peak, you can't lose our momentum outside. You should help each other, as last night was very good!"

The wordy Bai Lian was a little inconsistent with the image of Martial Sister Bai Lian Xiao Jinse imagined.


She liked it!

Although the fairy image was beautiful, it was too distant from her. Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian should be just like this, just like family.

Xiao Jinse and Su Youwei went down the mountain together. Bai Lian went back to the house after seeing them off.

The urgent task was to first refine the new Dirt Free Sword.


Su Youwei was a little depressed, not because the second Elder Martial Sister robbed her bowl of porridge.

It was mainly because when she ran the cultivation method just now, she found that it was not a simple thing to break through to the Foundation Establishment Stage in a short time.

During this period of time, her cultivation base had improved so fast that her body had not responded. It would take at least more than ten days of preparation to continue to break through!

It's too hard.

Su Youwei shook her head in frustration.

Last night, after talking with the second Elder Martial Sister, she finally came up with a way to kick the second Elder Martial Sister out of Qiongming Peak——

Quickly improve the cultivation base and get rid of the incompetent second Martial Sister!

She could see that the second Martial Sister was a person with strong self-esteem. Even if the master didn't come forward to dissuade her, the second Martial Sister would leave silently.

"What a pity!"

When this happened, she had to postpone her plan.

"Just look around here. I'll go to the Cultivation Method Pavilion for a while."

After taking Su Youwei around Qiongming Peak for half an hour, Xiao Jinse was a little tired.

If she wasn't worried that the third Martial Sister would complain to Martial Sister Bai Lian, she would directly throw the map at her and let her walk alone.

Su Youwei nodded softly, "OK."

She liked being alone.

Even if she had to stay with someone, the person couldn't be the second Elder Martial Sister!

The two separated.

Xiao Jinse walked into the Cultivation Method Pavilion.

She knew that she was too lacking in theoretical knowledge compared to others, so she went to the Cultivation Method Pavilion to read about the cultivation experience of those predecessors.

This benefited her a lot.

During this period of time, Xiao Jinse had a strong interest in alchemy, but she had too few spirit stones, and she didn't dare to go to the medicine garden when Bai Lian was not around, so she hadn't practiced it yet.

Just when Xiao Jinse secretly guessed the methods of alchemy, a disciple hurriedly ran in from outside the Cultivation Method Pavilion.

"Where is Martial Sister Xiao of Qiongming Peak?"

"What's the matter?"

Xiao Jinse put down the book.

The disciple walked quickly, out of breath, "I saw that the little girl who followed you just now was bullied!"


Xiao Jinse's lips pursed slightly.

She didn't hesitate too long, because Bai Lian's sentence "Don't lose Qiongming Peak's momentum" suddenly flashed in her mind.

In any case, Su Youwei was now her third Martial Sister.

The third Martial Sister was bullied. If she was indifferent, what face would she have to continue being the Martial Sister?

"Thank you for telling me, younger Martial Brother!"

As Xiao Jinse said this, she had dragged the heavy Blowing Snow Sword, appearing at the door of the Cultivation Method Pavilion. She didn't need to deliberately look for Su Youwei's position. The gradually gathering crowd had pointed out the direction for her.

The disciple breathed a sigh of relief. Next, he should go to Qiongming Peak to inform Martial Sister Bai Lian.

It's a good opportunity to see Martial Sister Bai Lian up close and even have a few words with her!


Bai Lian looked cold.

After receiving the news, she immediately said goodbye to the deacon in charge of the construction team and left.

Great crisis!

Her third Martial Sister was bullied!

Su Youwei's "Shura" name was not fake. If the killing demon in her heart was released, it might cause killing sins.

If she did that, she might be expelled from the sect or even be directly executed.

This was not the future Bai Lian wanted to see.

Otherwise, all her efforts so far would have been in vain!

Not long after, Bai Lian brought the jade rabbit to the Cultivation Method Pavilion.

The onlookers consciously made way for her.

Seeing Xiao Jinse, who had several injuries on her body, stubbornly stopped in front of Su Youwei, Bai Lian was both relieved and unconsciously inflamed.

"What's going on?"

Bai Lian glanced at Chen Lu and others standing opposite and said to Xiao Jinse.

"Elder Martial Sister!"

Xiao Jinse's tense body relaxed, and deep fatigue surged into her heart, but she still insisted on telling Bai Lian the story.

It originated from a misunderstanding.

Su Youwei accidentally bumped into a passer-by because she was thinking about a problem.

She apologized at that time, but the passer-by was unwilling to let go, and even collaborated with his companions to blackmail Su Youwei.

With the addition of Xiao Jinse, the conflict escalated, and finally alerted the Elder Martial Sisters of those passers-by——

Chen Lu, the Elder Martial Sister of Yunluo Peak!

Bai Lian grabbed Su Youwei's arm and lifted her sleeve up, revealing the blue and purple marks. Su Youwei struggled but couldn't get loose.

"Why didn't you fight back?"

Bai Lian sighed. In fact, she already knew the answer.

Su Youwei's strength was no worse than Xiao Jinse's.

Su Youwei stared at the "正" words on her wrist and said, "I don't want to trouble you, Martial Sister."

Bai Lian shook her head, "I'm not afraid of this trouble."

New mission options emerged before her eyes.

[Task 1: Draw your sword and seek justice for the younger Martial Sister (Reward: Magic - Thunder Abyss)]

[Task 2: Peacefully resolve disputes (Reward: a secret skill - Phaseless Fingers)]

Of course, choose Task 1.

Bai Lian said to Chen Lu with a cold look on her face, "You know, only I can bully my Martial Sister! No, to be more exact, even I haven't bullied my Martial Sister!"

Chen Lu frowned and said, "Bai Lian, this is just a misunderstanding."

"Maybe at first, but now it's not."

"What do you want?"

"Draw your sword!"

Bai Lian stretched out her right hand, and the Dirt Free Sword made of crystal appeared in her palm out of thin air.

The water rippled, and even the air was distorted.

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