The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Martial Sister Bai Lian, Whom Everyone Admires!

On the top of the mountains, a stone tablet emitted soft white light.

Endless obscure runes surrounded the stone tablet, like butterflies dancing lightly.

With these runes as the center, the translucent light covered dozens of surrounding mountains, and looked like a transparent thin silk from a distance.

This was the Duxian sect's mountain protection array.

At the foot of the formation, on one side was the small town formed after the Immortality Promotion Meeting held by the Duxian sect over the years, and on the other side was the majestic stone mountain gate.

Su Youwei, standing on the flying sword, was overwhelmed.

The Duxian sect was right before her eyes.

After taking this step, she would say goodbye to the days of hiding and killing in her previous life.

The road ahead was boundless.

She didn't know whether this choice was wrong.

Because she couldn't see what kind of person Martial Sister Bai Lian was.


Believe in yourself.

Su Youwei glanced at the two "正" words on her wrist. Since she had come here, it showed that she had an answer in her heart.

"We will make arrangements for your relatives first, and then go to visit the Master."

Su Youwei had no objection.

She glanced at the fifth elder and her aunt lying on the other flying sword. They had slept for nearly five days. It was time to wake them up!


After completely settling the fifth elder and her aunt who looked confused into the new environment, Su Youwei came out of the newly purchased house in a happy mood.

There was no expression on her face.

Until Bai Lian came over, there was a sound of discussion around Bai Lian immediately.

"Doesn't she look familiar?"

"Stupid, this is Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

"No wonder I feel a little familiarity. She looks like the picture in the romantic novel you sold me last time… HMM."

The man's mouth was immediately covered by the people around him.

Su Youwei's eyelids flutter.

In fact, she heard even more extreme words.

"Who is the girl following Martial Sister Bai Lian?"

"Never seen her before."

"Could she be Martial Sister Bai Lian's daughter… Stop, stop, don't beat me, I know I'm wrong."

Su Youwei glanced at Bai Lian secretly.

She found that Martial Sister Bai Lian's face was as usual as if she hadn't heard those words.

Is this the tolerance of Martial Sister Bai Lian?

From the small town to the Duxian sect's gate, Su Youwei listened to the praise and amazement all the way.

"Hiss -"

"Hiss -"

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is really respected by everyone!

An invisible pressure fell on Su Youwei's heart.

She felt that the air around her was getting cold, and she couldn't help tightening her robes.

But the chill had not been driven away.

"Our Qiongming Peak is one of the five main peaks of the Duxian sect."

Bai Lian introduced the Duxian sect to Su Youwei as she walked.

"Our Master's name is An Lan, and she is the leader of Qiongming Peak. Her cultivation base is first-class in the whole Duxian sect, but she doesn't like to be in charge, and she often goes out for ten days to a half month at a time."

Master? It doesn't matter.

Actually, it's no problem without the master, right?

Su Youwei thought so.

But in front of Bai Lian, she still pretended to be a good girl, listening to Bai Lian's words, and nodding occasionally.

At this time, a group of people suddenly came from the left side of the mountain path.

"Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

This excited call attracted Su Youwei's attention.

She looked away and saw a young man in a white gown with a turquoise ribbon around his waist raising his right hand high in the crowd.

He shouted that sentence just now.

Su Youwei had to admit that this strange man was somewhat handsome, like a warm spring breeze.

This made her unhappy.

He shouted so kindly. He must have a good relationship with Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Someone gave his name, "It's Martial Brother Jiang Ning, the Wind Sword!"


Bai Lian was stunned for a moment.

Isn't your nickname "Jade Sword Hero"? Why did it suddenly become "Wind Sword"?

She had a bad feeling.

Jiang Ning came over excitedly and said, "Thanks to Martial Sister Bai Lian's guidance, I can break through to the Golden Core Stage in such a short time!"

He had upgraded!

His sword was free, no longer heavy, and as elegant as the breeze.

His temperament also became like a carefree swordsman.

The name "Wind Sword" came from this.

As Jiang Ning said, it all benefitted from his duel with Bai Lian that day.

"Follow the wind!"

He took this sentence as his motto.

At this time, although Jiang Ning shouted "Martial Sister Bai Lian", he actually regarded Bai Lian as his teacher in his heart.

The reason why he came here was not only to thank Bai Lian, but also to show his progress to Bai Lian, the "Teacher"!

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian must also be happy to see her "Student" grow up, right?

Jiang Ning arched his hand and said, "Martial Sister Bai Lian, I want to show you my progress in the past two months. Please give me some advice!"


Bai Lian's face turned green.

What are you doing? What are you doing!

Want to thank me? Is that how you thank me?

She looked at the calm third Martial Sister, and then at Chen Lu and Gong Juren standing on the edge of the crowd.

If it hadn't been for her recent rapid rise in cultivation base, she would have been beaten up by Jiang Ning.

If that happened, she wondered what Gong Juren would do, and even the third Martial Sister would secretly plan to overthrow her.

Something's wrong!

Jiang Ning and Tong Yao should be my teammates, right?

"Why do my teammates want to pierce my disguise all day long, while my opponents rush to flatter me?"

Bai Lian was so angry.

At this time, the system task slowly emerged.

[Task 1: Refuse him, "It's inconvenient today. Why don't we fight tomorrow?" (Reward: a top-grade magic tool - White Silver Lance)]

[Task 2, "Draw your sword!" (Reward: Focus +2)]

The difficulty of the task is reduced!

But what made Bai Lian puzzled was why the risk of fighting tomorrow so high.

She hesitated for a moment and chose to fight decisively, "Draw your sword!"

"Worthy of being Martial Sister Bai Lian. This calm is admirable!"

Standing in the distance, Gong Juren couldn't help admiring.

He talked with Chen Lu for a long time. Chen Lu told him that only facing fear directly can eliminate his fear. He thought this sentence was very reasonable, so he had long wanted to challenge Bai Lian again.

But since Jiang Ning spoke first, he decided to slow down and observe Bai Lian's fighting style first.

[Discussing the sword]

This was the competition method chosen by Jiang Ning.

He thought that his strength was far inferior to Bai Lian, and he could only compete with Bai Lian in sword skills.

"Please give me your advice, Martial Sister Bai Lian!"



Xiao Jinse came out of the practice room.

After only two steps, she saw a fellow disciple running past her in a hurry.

"I heard Elder Martial Brother Jiang is going to challenge Martial Sister Bai Lian again!"

"Where, where?"

"Yufeng Cliff!"

"Is Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian back?"

Xiao Jinse was stunned.

She estimated the time. Indeed, she would probably return in these two days.

Xiao Jinse didn't care to return to Qiongming Peak to change her clothes. She tried her best and soon arrived at Yufeng Cliff.

"Brother Gong."

Beside the mountain road, Xiao Jinse shouted quickly when she saw Gong Juren coming with a sad look on his face.

Gong Juren didn't seem to see her. He bowed his head and muttered, "It was so fast. Martial Sister Bai Lian didn't even use her spirit Qi, and she ended the fight in one go. If she uses her spirit Qi, how can I block Martial Sister Bai Lian's sword with my strength?! I thought wrong. I should focus on improving myself and forget to challenge Martial Sister Bai Lian."


Xiao Jinse watched Gong Juren go away.

Immediately, a surge of pride surged in her heart.

She likes watching Martial Sister Bai Lian being praised most!

Xiao Jinse pushed towards the front of the crowd. She saw Bai Lian talking to Jiang Ning. Beside Bai Lian stood a young girl who looked very pretty.

Is this the third Martial Sister?

She looked cold, and as expected, she was a little autistic as Martial Sister Bai Lian said.

But it didn't matter. Xiao Jinse had decided to use her warmth to let her quickly integrate into Qiongming Peak!