The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: I Like Children Best!

Bai Lian heard the breathing sound behind her gradually calming down.

Like a trickle.

After flying for several hours, although the third Martial Sister's body always remained tense, she couldn't endure the mental and physical fatigue and fell asleep peacefully.

Bai Lian slightly released some spiritual power and wrapped it around the third Martial Sister like a rope to prevent her from being accidentally swept down by the strong wind.

The moon was so bright.

When the sky turned dark blue and black, the "Internet addict girl", Xiao Jinse went online again.

Xiao Jinse and Bai Lian chatted awkwardly.

The Second Martial Sister: [Elder Martial Sister, have you eaten?]

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian: [No. It's already this late. Haven't you gone to bed?]

The Second Martial Sister: [I can't sleep. I'm going to run the cultivation method for a few circles in my body before I go to sleep]

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian: [This is not good. You need to combine cultivation and rest together, and not just blindly strive for speed. If you accidentally damage your meridians, the gains are not worth it.]

Looking at the translucent text floating in front of her, Xiao Jinse felt warm.

But she didn't talk to Martial Sister Bai Lian today to say this. She estimated that Martial Sister Bai Lian had seen the third younger Martial Sister.

Since Qiongming Peak would have one more person, she needed to think of a way.

Xiao Jinse has not come up with a good solution for the time being.

But as the saying goes: know thyself and know thy enemy, and thou will never be defeated in a hundred battles!

She had to figure out the third Martial Sister's character before she could decide how to "Deal with" her.

It is better to carry forward the "Tradition" of Qiongming Peak——

The Martial Sister will guide the younger Martial Sister to get started!

In this way, she could teach the third Martial Sister the "Unwritten Rules" well.

Xiao Jinse thought for a long time and summoned up the courage to ask.

[Elder Martial Sister, have you seen the third younger Martial Sister?]

Here is the problem again.

Although the system didn't trigger the task, Bai Lian was careful when replying.

[Yes, I'm taking her back to the Duxian sect now]


Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian was coming back, which should be a happy thing, but it was not pleasant to think that Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian would come back with a strange woman.

When she was brought back from Castle Peak city by Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, she spent two days alone with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, and the third Martial Sister had to stay with Martial Sister Bai for at least four days!

The Second Martial Sister: [What kind of person is the third Martial Sister? I'm afraid I won't get along with her.]

Bai Lian was quite surprised to see this sentence.

She was also worried that the second Martial Sister would reject the third Martial Sister, just as the brother and sister of a family sometimes hated the newborn brother and sister.

But now it seemed that the second Martial Sister's attitude was quite positive.

Her words just showed that she was eager to get along with the third Martial Sister!


Bai Lian clapped her hands gently.

If the Martial Sisters could get along well, ten years later, even if her Natural Saint identity was exposed, who would dare to provoke her?

You disagree?

Humph, my Martial Sisters are Holy Spirit Goddess, the Rebellious Shura…

Bai Lian quickly entered text into the jade slip.

She planned to talk about the third Martial Sister's tragic experience. The second Martial Sister in the game was also a compassionate person.

At this time, the system task suddenly popped out.

[Task 1: Write a touching composition about the experience of the third Martial Sister (Reward: a secret skill - Binding Skill)]

[Task 2: Avoid mentioning the important things and just keep it light (Reward: Gain Qi Pill)]


Bai Lian had gradually dared to try those tasks that were not particularly dangerous.

After all, even if there was a chain reaction, she could run away immediately.

But internally, she should be much more cautious.

She had more and more Martial Sisters who follow her every day. If she chose the wrong options, when the strength of Martial Sisters exceeded her, she would suffer.

Bai Lian deleted all the input words.

In fact, she didn't think she could write a touching essay.

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian: [She is small, like a child.]


That's not a competitor at all!

Xiao Jinse smiled happily.

Second Martial Sister: [I like children best!]

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian: [But our third Martial Sister is a little autistic. Well, it seems more appropriate to describe it as introverted. She is not very good at expressing her feelings.]

Second Martial Sister: [With you, the third Martial Sister will feel the warmth of Qiongming Peak. I will also help the third Martial Sister to integrate into our family as soon as possible.]

Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian: [Thank you.]

The Second Martial Sister: [Elder Martial Sister, you worked hard.]

Bai Lian overlooked the boundless starry sky.

The bright moon in the sky was cold as frost and curved like a hook.

It seems that this considerate second Martial Sister is cuter than the second Martial Sister in the game!


If she doesn't want to kill me, she will be forever my good Martial Sister!

Bai Lian was so happy that she threw a rare spiritual herb at the jade rabbit.


Early morning.

Su Youwei woke up from a deep sleep.

All the way East.

She slowly poked her head out behind Bai Lian.

On the vast plain out of sight, Su Youwei saw the red sun break through the night and slowly emerge from the horizon, covering the earth with a layer of red brocade.

She stepped on the flying sword and felt that her whole body was floating up.

Floating into the distance.

Floating to the "Golden Crow" that once shone brightly in fairy tales!

In the face of the shining sun, she felt that she could rush into the orange disc at any time!

Under such a blazing light, no matter what kind of internal demon, it will be burned to ashes, right?

A flame rose in Su Youwei's heart.

She once heard that there was a brand-new "World" on the other side of the mountain and the sea.

Had she crossed the mountains and seas in her heart now?

At this moment, Su Youwei's spirit Qi cyclone has changed.

Bai Lian noticed the third Martial Sister moving behind her, as if something compressed was about to explode.

Right, it was her spirit Qi that was surging!

In and out. In and out.

The surging spirit Qi of heaven and earth cleansed Su Youwei's body.

After a few breaths, Su Youwei suddenly hit Bai Lian's ass.

"Junior Sister, are you all right?"

Bai Lian asked in a low voice.

Her face looked slightly strange.

Su Youwei said shyly, "Elder Martial Sister, I just suddenly had an insight and accidentally broke through to the tenth level of the Qi Refining Period, and I couldn't control my body at once, so I can…"

Hold it!

Bai Lian's face looked sadly at her.

She knew that these women with the protagonist template were not the same creature as her!

She ate countless medical pills before she had her current cultivation base. The third Martial Sister just had an insight and was instantly promoted by two levels.

Bai Lian felt that she had suffered 10000 points of damage.

Even more painful was that she had to comfort the third Martial Sister, "It doesn't matter!"

A short while later.

After crossing the plain, the Duxian sect finally appeared in Bai Lian's vision.

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