The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Who Is the Villain?

Bai Lian finally discovered the danger of catching Du Fengyu for the third Martial Sister.

After watching beside the sleeping third Martial Sister for a long time, a sharp sword suddenly flew out of the sand.


Large pieces of sand and gravel burst out, sticking on Xia Qingqing's face.

Seeing the sword was as white as frost and flying straight towards the back of Bai Lian's neck, she immediately grabbed Martial Brother Zhao's sleeve nervously.

"Martial Brother Zhao, go and save Sister Bai Lian!"

Unlike Xia Qingqing, Elder Martial Brother Zhao didn't show any anxiety on his face. He comforted Xia Qingqing instead , "Younger Martial Sister Xia, Fairy Bai Lian is strong, and even I'm not necessarily her opponent. How can a cultivator at the Golden Core Stage hurt her?"


OK, that seems right.

When Xia Qingqing looked at Bai Lian, she was sitting on her side on the ground, even her eyebrows didn't move a little.

She couldn't help scratching the back of her head in embarrassment.

She worried too much!

If she could be as mature and steady as Sister Bai Lian, her strength would be far better than now.

Thinking of this, Xia Qingqing lowered her head in shame.


Bai Lian was speechless.

Seeing Elder Martial Brother Zhao put his right hand on the lance, she thought she didn't have to work hard.

As a result, Elder Martial Brother Zhao not only didn't do anything but also let Xia Qingqing misunderstand her real strength.


Am I as strong as you?

Seeing the jade rabbit raising its head, Bai Lian thought she didn't have to work hard.

As a result, the jade rabbit turned its head, lay on the ground, yawned, and was ready to sleep.

What use are you?! Why did I even bring you here?!

Bai Lian wanted to kick the jade rabbit's ass with the tip of her shoe.

Bai Lian was very sad.

But she didn't want to pretend to be strong and work hard.

There is no way.

Bai Lian quickly took out the Dirt Free Sword and chopped the seemingly unbeatable sword Qi to pieces.

Fortunately, it was only an attack from a cultivator at the Golden Core Stage, and she broke through to the Golden Core Stage on her way to the Sand Region.

Otherwise, she would have been killed.

The problem now was that it would take her a lot of time to defeat the man in black who suddenly came out. If Elder Martial Brother Zhao and the jade rabbit saw it, Martial Sister Bai Lian's reputation would be destroyed!

I can't wait to die.

Bai Lian stared at the man in black.

Only, she didn't know how much pressure the man in black was feeling.

He was sweating all over, his muscles trembled uncontrollably, and he didn't look like an excellent shadow assassin at all.

But he didn't dare to flinch.

The man in black gritted his teeth and said, "I know I'm no match for you, but I was born to protect Master Du. Since you have killed Master Du, all I can do is brandish my sword at you!"

Bai Lian advised, "Actually, you can change your lifestyle. Do you want my recommendation?"

There's no need to be so grumpy.

The man in black suddenly shouted, "No! Thank you for your kindness, but my faith doesn't allow me to do so. I won't be afraid, never. Although I will die in your hands today, I won't be forgotten. After many years, the world will still praise my courage!"


Even though he stood on the opposing side, Elder Martial Brother Zhao couldn't help applauding the man in black.

Xia Qingqing nodded repeatedly.

People are so complicated!

The experience of this night made her feel that she had grown much more than in the past two decades.


Looking at the man in black with grief and anger on his face, Bai Lian was confused.

Something's wrong.

Who is the villain here?

Why do I feel that I am the demon?

Don't come here. If you come here again, I will really kill you!

At this time, Su Youwei, who was curled up, fell into Bai Lian's eyes.

Oh, yes!

Bai Lian took out the Dirt Free Sword, and countless ice butterflies surrounded her. The white fog was like a cloud, resembling a dream.

This was Fairy Bai Lian under the moon.

The ★ at the corner of her eye was like a little firefly.

The man in black held his sword in both hands and stared at Bai Lian. It was said that when the ★ in the corner of Bai Lian's eyes turned into a meteor, her opponent would already be standing at the gate of death.

Bai Lian said, "Let's fight somewhere else. I don't want to wake up my Martial Sister. She's already very tired."

If the man in black refused, she would shout out "You dare to look down on me" and then let the jade rabbit fight him!

But the man in black agreed after a pause.

He followed Bai Lian until he could not see Elder Martial Brother Zhao and others.

[He is a strong man. He is gone and will never return, but I will remember his courage.]

The cold wind rustled.

Looking at the thin figure of the man in black, Elder Martial Brother Zhao sighed.

If this man in black was not Du Fengyu's shadow guard, they might have been able to be friends.

It's fine now.

If Bai Lian could fulfill the righteousness of the man in black, it's also a kind of good ending!

In the sand.

The man in black raised his long sword, "I will show all my strength!"

"I'm looking forward to it."

"My sword is poisoned. Even if you're at the Nascent Soul Stage, your actions will be affected if you're poisoned."


Bai Lian looked at her Dirt Free Sword.

In fact, my sword is also poisonous. It can be called "A Pool of Spring Water".


The man in black swept out with a sword and rushed towards Bai Lian with a harsh roar like a river's tide.

Behind him, the lightning danced like a silver snake.

This was not his most powerful sword skill, but it wass the strongest sword skill he could launch in a short time.

The man in black who declared his will to die turned into light at this moment!

After defeating the ice butterflies, this light collided with the huge wave of [Cutting Clouds and Water].



"He is not a good man, but a pure man!"

Elder Martial Brother Zhao was wondering why Bai Lian had been gone for so long. Then, he saw Bai Lian walking back with a serious look on her face.

Bai Lian's words immediately resonated with his thoughts.

He nodded and said, "Pure people are rare in the world!"

Bai Lian said, "Because of this, I don't want his body exposed in the wilderness and become the food of the beasts, so I buried him under the sand."

I see!

Elder Martial Brother Zhao understood at once.

Bai Lian was choosing a grave for the man in black, so she returned so late.

He didn't expect Bai Lian to know Fengshui.

After hearing Martial Brother Zhao's explanation, Xia Qingqing looked at Bai Lian with adoring eyes.

Sister Bai Lian is worthy of her title!

Seeing that Elder Martial Brother Zhao believed her nonsense, Bai Lian immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

When people believed that she was a Natural Saint, much of her nonsense seemed to become wisdom.

What a sin.

At the thought that she stabbed the man in black to death with [A Pool of Spring Water], she felt that the system was right. She did have "Zero ethics".

Could this be the price of becoming mature!?

But soon Bai Lian felt that she was thinking too much.

"Since I'm a water-type cultivator, it's reasonable for me to fight with [A Pool of Spring Water], right?"

This is reasonable!

She quickly believed what she said.

At this moment, Martial Sister Wu had woken up under Elder Martial Brother Zhao's treatment.

Xia Qingqing apologized repeatedly.

Martial Sister Wu was also a kind woman. After all, Xia Qingqing's mother arranged for her to protect Xia Qingqing. After comforting Xia Qingqing, she asked Elder Martial Brother Zhao to quickly find the scattered younger Martial Brothers.

By the time a glow lit up the sand's horizon, it was time for everyone who had long been away from Gray Wind Town to say goodbye to each other.

Xia Qingqing hid behind Elder Martial Brother Zhao.

She looked at Bai Lian reluctantly and wanted to invite Bai Lian to the Tianji sect, but she was afraid of being scolded for saying the wrong words.

Finally, she could only watch Bai Lian and her younger Martial Sister go away.

She was an outsider after all.

"(ノ Д`)"

Elder Martial Brother Zhao comforted her, "Younger Martial Sister, don't be sad. This is not a farewell. Two months later, Fairy Bai Lian should lead the Duxian sect's team to participate in the joint trial organized by the Ten Thousand Immortals League."

Xia Qingqing nodded.

She decided to learn from Bai Lian!

One day she would become a real heroine like Bai Lian!