The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 12 Part 2

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"Fairy Bai Lian, I believe in you. Just go ahead. Either way, it can't get any worse!"

Elder Martial Brother Zhao once heard that Natural Saints were extremely sensitive to spiritual power. Even if they hadn't learned their cracking method, they could break simple forbidden arrays by relying on their "special abilities".

Bai Lian opened her mouth.

It can't get any worse? Why do I think your words are very hurtful?

Ok, just give it a try.

Bai Lian remembered that her skill points of Magic Circle had somehow risen to 4 points. No matter what, it wouldn't be totally useless, would it?

"You follow me."

Bai Lian walked towards the Martial Sister surnamed Wu.

To Bai Lian's surprise, when she stepped into the forbidden array, she could clearly see the flow path of the forbidden array's spiritual power.

Following that track, she easily walked through the forbidden array and let Elder Martial Brother Zhao save their Martial Sister Wu.

"Elder Martial Sister Wu!"

Xia Qingqing cried very sadly.

Brother Zhao's mood was not much better, but after seeing Bai Lian, he had a huge wave in his heart.

Her face didn't even change when she broke into the forbidden array!

If this is not a Natural Saint, then what is a Natural Saint?

What made him admire her more was that as a master, Bai Lian retained the heart of a disciple!

"If even she works so hard, why don't I work hard?"

Martial Brother Zhao murmured.


Su Youwei looked at the scene silently.

The palace built on the sand dunes was torn apart by the cold light of Martial Brother Zhao's lance.

The sand rushed and formed a huge vortex, dragging everything around it into the boundless darkness.

After being reborn, she never thought that she would come to the Red Moon Sect so soon, nor did she think that the Red Moon Sect, which was like a nightmare to her, would collapse so easily.

Is this the world in which the strong people, who hold absolute power over lives, exist?

Su Youwei looked at her hands, and she gradually felt confused.

She had never thought about these questions before——

If she succeeded in revenge, what should she do after that?

What can these bloody hands do?

She looked up and a familiar figure fell into her eyes.

Du Fengyu, the son of the Red Moon Sect's sect leader!

The villain who directed all her tragedies in her previous life was frantically escaping from the collapsed palace.

Even the warm "正" word on Su Youwei's wrist couldn't suppress the rage at the bottom of her heart.

Murderous thoughts surged up like a rising tide.

Du Fengyu noticed the abnormality.

"Is it you?"

He recognized Su Youwei at a glance, and his panic was immediately replaced by anger.

The Su family's adopted daughter, a waste, dared to show her killing intent in front of him!

If the forbidden array had not been suddenly broken, he would teach Su Youwei a lesson!

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Su Youwei's body trembled violently.

She knew that she was no match for Du Fengyu, but how could she just watch the enemy escape in front of her?

Bai Lian noticed Su Youwei's expression and saw new task options.

[Task 1: Take the lead for your younger Martial Sister and capture Du Fengyu (Reward: a medium-grade magic tool - Long-life Lock)]

[Task 2: Let Du Fengyu leave (Reward: Spiritual Herb - Virtual Spiritual Root)]

This was not the time to consider risks.

If she just watched Du Fengyu leave, what qualifications did she have to be a good Elder Martial Sister?

Choose Task 1.

"Junior sister."

Bai Lian wrapped Su Youwei's small fist.

In fact, her palm couldn't completely wrap around Su Youwei's fist, but the temperature of the palm had been passed through.

Su Youwei's trembling body gradually settled, she raised her head, and her eyes recovered.

"You owe me! After you go back, reflect on yourself. How can you easily be dominated by your internal demon?"

Bai Lian picked up Su Youwei's left hand and wrote another "正" on her wrist.

Su Youwei stared at Bai Lian flying towards Du Fengyu.

It's too fast.

When she regained her consciousness, Du Fengyu had already sprawled in front of her.


With Bai Lian's voice, the Dirt Free Sword was handed over.

Was this to let her personally end Du Fengyu's life?

Su Youwei slowly stretched out her hand. When the fresh "正" fell into her vision, she hurriedly retracted her hand.

Kill Du Fengyu and I can remove my internal demon?

Endless bloody pictures flashed through her mind.

Probably not.

Su Youwei smiled bitterly, the Way of Shura had already integrated into her soul.

But just then, she found her hand was held again.

Su Youwei silently looked at Bai Lian.

In fact, she couldn't read any emotion from Bai Lian's plain eyes.

But as if she had seen the calm sea and the vast starry sky on a summer night, her panic suddenly calmed down.

It was a feeling of inner peace.

From the day the nightmare began, she had never felt so at ease as she did now.

Su Youwei took the Dirt Free Sword and resolutely stabbed Du Fengyu, who was pleading hard.

Even if these were all lies in a dream, let the dream continue.

At least, she could be happy before she woke up and the lie was broken.


Bai Lian held Su Youwei, who fell asleep from fatigue, and the corners of her mouth rose in a rare smile

What a long night.

The third Martial Sister was curled up like a sleeping kitten.

She blinked and said, "Elder Martial Sister."

Bai Lian laughed more happily.

The third Martial Sister was finally willing to call her Elder Martial Sister!

Su Youwei, "One day, I will personally return these two '正' words to you. Only you are worthy of them."

Bai Lian, "(꒪⌓꒪)"