The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 12 Part 1

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Chapter 12: Does the Reincarnated Third Younger Martial Sister Dream of the Elder Martial Sister?

One might have learned the doctrine earlier than the other, or might be a master in his own special field.

Elder Martial Brother Zhao was extremely convinced of Bai Lian's character now.

He thought Martial Sister Xia had learned how to care for others after less than a day. If Martial Sister Xia was sent to the Duxian sect for training for three to five months, wouldn't she actually become a heroine?

The only problem was that his Master loved her daughter very much. She wouldn't let her daughter go out for so long.


Brother Zhao shook his head.

If she was not Fairy Bai Lian but Young Master Bai Lian, the situation would have been different.

His Master had been worried that her daughter couldn't get married. If Bai Lian was a man, she might be very happy to see "him" get along well with her daughter!

But now was not the time to consider such a thing. He had to quickly save the Martial Sisters who were caught by Red Moon Sect.

"All of you follow me!"

The blue Taoist robe worn by Elder Martial Brother Zhao floated in the air.

He was a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator. Even the supreme elder of the Red Moon Sect was no match for him, let alone their low-level disciples.

In short, just go straight and things would be solved.

Elder Martial Brother Zhao held a long lance in his hand, like a crazy Berserker. Anyone who tried to snatch Xia Qingqing from him was stabbed to death by his lance and didn't even have time to send a warning to their companions.

Therefore, when they successfully entered the Red Moon Sect, no one noticed anything unusual.

This was Martial Brother Zhao's way of “sneaking”!

Seeing Elder Martial Brother Zhao so fierce, Bai Lian had no worries at all.

Although Xia Qingqing caused so many troubles, without her, it really would not be a simple thing for her to return to the Duxian sect smoothly.

Elder Martial Brother Zhao didn't intend to continue hiding

He stood in front of the Red Moon Sect's gate and shouted loudly.

"Red Moon Sect, get out!"

"Who is shouting?"

Soon the people from Red Moon Sect came out.

The villains in this game are very dedicated.

Even though their strength was not as good as Martial Brother Zhao, they still sneered.

(Translated by Gravity Tales 😔)

"How dare you!"

"You dare to provoke the Red Moon Sect? No one in the world can save you!"

"I'm short of a pleasant-looking rabbit, you look very pretty, come here and get fucked!" (PS: in Chinese, when you say someone is a "Rabbit", it's an allusion to gay.)



Hearing this word, the jade rabbit's ears immediately pricked up.

"Not you."

Bai Lian quickly pulled the jade rabbit back.

This time, even Martial Brother Zhao couldn't bear it.

"Dare to provoke our Tianji sect? Die!"

His eyes burned with anger, and he stabbed the lance at the Red Moon Sect's man-loving disciple.

Pa pa pa!

Elder Martial Brother Zhao stabbed the disciple to death, and the people who were scolding just now immediately scattered.

"No, no!"

The sect leader and elders of the Red Moon Sect soon received the news.

"How did the Tianji sect's people come so quickly?"

"Go to the back mountain and call out the Supreme Elder!"

The disciple who got the order hurried away.

The sect leader and elders of the Red Moon Sect formed a circle in silence.

If they hadn't received the order from "Above", they wouldn't have provoked the Tianji sect. As a result, the Tianji sect's revenge arrived before the person who gave the order had come out.

What can we do?

Half an hour later, the disciple who went to call out the Supreme Elder stumbled back.

The sect leader's eyes lit up, "Did the Supreme Elder agree to come out?"

The disciple knelt on the ground and wailed, "The Supreme Elder has been killed by the villain!"



ε=ε=ε= ┌(;´゚ェ゚)┘


A red pillar of light rose into the sky.

This was the Red Moon Sect's forbidden array.

Bai Lian only felt that the scene in front of her flashed, and the palace that had just stood there disappeared, replaced by a raised stone platform.

A woman with disheveled hair was tied to the stone platform. Her body was full of bloody marks, and the stone slab under her feet was also dyed red with blood.

"Senior Sister!"

Seeing this scene, Xia Qingqing couldn't help wiping the corners of her eyes.

She was so upset.

If it weren't for her willfulness, how could the Martial Sister fall into such a situation.

Xia Qingqing wanted to rush directly, but Bai Lian's figure suddenly flashed in her mind.

She quickly calmed down.

Elder Martial Sister suddenly appeared. There must be some trickery behind it. She couldn't trouble the others with her willfulness!

Bai Lian looked at Xia Qingqing suspiciously.

Why don't you rush this time?

What about the mission?

What about my task options?

Elder Martial Brother Zhao stopped moving forward, and he frowned, "Although this is not a high-level forbidden array, it is difficult to crack in a short time. If I forcibly break the forbidden array, it will inevitably hurt younger Martial Sister Wu. She has been seriously injured, I don't dare…"

Xia Qingqing looked at Bai Lian with pleading eyes, "Sister Bai Lian!"


Bai Lian straightened her face.

Why are you looking at me?

I'm not Doraemon!

"In fact, I also don't know this forbidden array well…"

Bai Lian was about to refuse, and Elder Martial Brother Zhao looked at her with a firm look on his face.