The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Carry Forward the Spirit of Righteousness!

The medicinal power of [A Pool of Spring Water] was beyond Bai Lian's expectations.

After walking less than half a mile, she found that the small magic circle she had set up had become a battlefield full of "Gunfire" and "Blood".

After being controlled by the desire aroused by the medicine, the spirit dog immediately pressed the unconscious cultivator with its front paws.


With a shrill scream, its "Small electric motor" launched a charge.

As fierce as fire!

Such a high-frequency attack can't be resisted by ordinary people without training!

Bai Lian couldn't bear to continue watching.

It's terrible!

Although the spirit dog was now brave, its mind would eventually be consumed by the medicine.

The cruelty of war was reflected at this moment.

Bai Lian couldn't help shaking her head.

She glanced to the left and found that Su Youwei was looking at her suspiciously.

"Is there a problem?"

Bai Lian's attitude towards the third Martial Sister was generally very kind.

Which made Xia Qingqing feel she had suffered a little unfair treatment.

Since we were all saved by Bai Lian, why was she only so fierce to me?


Xia Qingqing was so angry that she kicked the stones on the road.

Such a small move didn't attract the attention of the others.

Su Youwei asked after thinking for a moment, "What did you do before you left the inn?"

Bai Lian replied, "I did an experiment."


Su Youwei didn't quite understand.

Bai Lian explained, "If the Elder Martial Brother Xia Qingqing contacted can't come in time, we have to rely on 'that thing' I just used to leave Gray Wind Town."

Su Youwei nodded vaguely.

No matter how afraid she was of Bai Lian at this time, she could only choose to rely on Bai Lian, otherwise, she would not be able to save the fifth elder and her aunt from this mess by herself.

She knew very well.

If it weren't for them, Bai Lian could walk out of Gray Wind Town at ease.

Even if the people of the Red Moon Sect wanted to forcibly stop Bai Lian, it would be difficult. In Su Youwei's guess, this woman must have the strength of the Nascent Soul Stage.

"How envious."

Su Youwei calculated.

Bai Lian was only two years older than her, but now she couldn't even see any hope of catching up to her.

People had different fates, and she couldn't quickly surpass Bai Lian no matter what she did.


Thanks to Bai Lian's powerful divine sense, they didn't encounter any danger along the way.

But when approaching an old house with three entrances and three exits, a cry attracted Bai Lian's attention.

"Let go of me!"

"Haha, shout as much as you can! No one will save you even if you cry out!"

"You beast!"

"Hey, hey, you'd better be compliant, or I'll hand you over to the Law Enforcement Hall and say that you are an accomplice of those disorderly parties. You should have heard how terrible the punishments of our Red Moon sect are, right?"


Bai Lian was stunned for a moment.

Is this the only line you bad guys have?

At this time, as if a special switch was pressed, Xia Qingqing's body stretched out.

Justice is calling!

Bai Lian immediately saw new task options.

[Task 1: treat as if nothing happened (Reward: Shengyou Pill)]

[Task 2: continue to scold Xia Qingqing! (Reward: Tea Ceremony +1)]

Shengyou Pill was a kind of healing medical pill. Even Bai Lian could make it herself, and its value was not as good as an inferior magic tool.

This showed that even if she let Xia Qingqing jump out to punish the evil this time, there was not much risk.


"Choose Task 2!"

Bai Lian made the choice without hesitation.

If Xia Qingqing was in the Tianji sect, she naturally wouldn't have cared about it.

But Xia Qingqing was beside her now, and she decided not to give Xia Qingqing any chance to do anything alone.

Bai Lian said with a fierce look on her face, "Did you forget what I just said? What waste is in your head?"


Xia Qingqing's momentum that had just risen suddenly weakened.

She pouted her mouth. Although she was very angry, she really couldn't show the courage to fight Bai Lian.

She could only bow her head and say, "I was wrong."


Bai Lian snorted.

[Task completed. Tea Ceremony +1]

After scolding Xia Qingqing, Bai Lian didn't leave immediately, but released her divine sense and glanced at the situation in the house.

At this time, the coerced woman had reached a corner and could not retreat.

The Red Moon Sect's disciple seemed to enjoy the woman's fear, so he didn't rush up in a hurry.

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Bai Lian understood.

There is only one pervert doing bad things in it. No wonder the task reward is so low!

She took back her divine sense, and as soon as she looked back, she found something wrong with Su Youwei again.


The third Martial Sister, who had been extremely calm since she left the inn, breathed heavily, her eyes were red, and the murderous intention as sharp as a sword rushed out of her body.

At this time, Su Youwei's past life experience flashed before her eyes like a slide.

If it weren't for the son of the Red Moon Sect's sect leader who took a fancy to her and her aunt, how could her family be destroyed, and how could she become a public enemy of the whole Sand Region, and be given an ugly nickname like "Shura"!

The pain she suffered didn't dissipate with her rebirth, but was temporarily accumulated in the hole in her heart.

When there was a flaw in her heart, the nightmare would come again. Only the blood of Red Moon Sect could fill this hole.

Su Youwei's fist gradually clenched.

She took a firm step.

When she was ready to soothe her past life with blood, suddenly her right wrist was firmly grasped.

Su Youwei looked up.

Bai Lian stood less than half a meter away from her.

Her eyes, which were always as cold as ice, were a little warmer at this time.

"Let go of me!"

Bai Lian shook her head and said, "Do you want to become a slave of your internal demon?"

From the game's plot, the third Martial Sister was deeply trapped by her internal demon. She kept killing for her revenge, and finally let herself fall deeper and deeper on the road of Shura.

In most of the plots, the third Martial Sister fell into evil ways and became the public enemy of the world because she was backfired by her internal demon.

In those good endings, Martial Sister Bai Lian accompanied the third younger Martial Sister as her slave.

Bai Lian guessed that the reason why the third younger Martial Sister didn't kill her was not that she wanted to have revenge on Martial Sister Bai Lian in this way. She was just too lonely and afraid to be alone again.

Su Youwei said, "I don't need you to care about me!"

Bai Lian said, "I have to care about you."


"I'm your Martial Sister." Bai Lian pressed Su Youwei's sword back, "I'll kill this man for you!"

The Dirt Free Sword appeared out of thin air.

Bai Lian was ready to go.

Su Youwei's eyes trembled, "What do you want from me?"

She must want my body.

Su Youwei thought that no one knew she had the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, so it was obvious that her body was the only thing Bai Lian coveted.

"I just want you to know that what you should do now is protect your fifth elder and your aunt, rather than revenge and killing."


Bai Lian suddenly wrote a "正" (righteousness) on Su Youwei's wrist with her spiritual power.

"Your internal demon can't be eliminated, but it's not impossible to prevent your internal demon from becoming stronger. The key is to carry forward the spirit of righteousness! I hope you can remember what I said after seeing this word if you encounter similar things in the future. You're not alone now!"

Su Youwei opened her mouth.

She saw Bai Lian turn and leave, full of admirable righteousness.