The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 2 Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Gray Wind Town

The land of the East Divine Land was vast and expansive.

The southern sand region alone occupied nearly a tenth of the East Divine Land.

Legend had it that this place was once filled with the sound of birds singing and the fragrance of flowers, with lush green trees providing shade.

But around three thousand years ago, an unknown immortal fell here. He had been severely injured and intended to recuperate here. However, his condition worsened, and he became engulfed in madness due to the onset of a potent poison.

The immortal went crazy.

He knocked down the highest mountain and drained its clearest River.

Unable to find a target to vent, the immortal who fell into wrath in his madness began to beat himself.

Of course, ordinary people wouldn't cause too much damage by beating themselves.

But the immortal was different!

He hurt himself, and the aftershock annihilated a city; he cut off his [Immortal Base] with a sword, then the immortal power that burst out caused a storm that lasted for several months.

The earth overturned and the mountains and rivers broke.

Since then, Sand Region had become what it was now.

It was also because of this legend that the Sand Region had the nickname of "Immortal Graveyard".

The land of the East Divine Land was stained with the blood of the immortal!

Every year, countless people who believed in the legend came to the East Divine Land to seek treasure. Even if they couldn't find any immortal relics, finding ancient sects' ruins buried under the sand was still a great thing.

Year after year, the sand region gradually became synonymous with chaos, and many powerful sects deliberately chose the sand region as a place to train their disciples.

Bai Lian, who was familiar with the game plot, knew that this legend was true.

This was not just because the third younger Martial Sister, who was reincarnated, picked up the immortal weapon [Ten Thousand Poison Pearl] that was on the verge of collapse.

Furthermore, in a good ending related to the third Martial Sister, the third Martial Sister annihilated Qiongming Peak, and Bai Lian became her third Martial Sister's slave!

In that [Flames of War] episode, Bai Lian learned many secrets related to the third Martial Sister.

For example, the third martial sister was actually a reincarnator.

Before her reincarnation, the third martial sister had not been with the Duxian Sect and had a very unhappy life.

Before her transmigration, the previous timeline's Bai Lian was a scheming woman and a bad person, which was also one of the reasons why she resisted joining the Duxian Sect.

Moreover, after repairing the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl, the younger Third Martial Sister obtained a very rare bloodline of a demonic god.

The reason why the third Martial Sister wasn't called the "Heaven-Defying Demonic God" but the "Heaven-Defying Asura" was probably because she killed too many people!

Bai Lian thought to herself.


There shouldn't be any other reasons.

At the thought of bringing such a terrible third Martial Sister back to the Duxian sect, and making her live in harmony with the second Martial Sister…


Looking at the weathered ancient city in front of her, Bai Lian sighed.

Life wasn't easy.

She took out the map that her master, An Lan, had given her. For now, she needed to locate the third martial sister's exact location before considering a plan of action.

Because the plot had deviated slightly from the original game, Bai Lian couldn't be sure whether An Lan had broken the third Martial Sister's [Golden Finger], the Ten Thousand Poison Pearl.

"If it is really broken, the third Martial Sister's danger will be greatly reduced!"

Bai Lian felt quite excited at the thought.

For the second Martial Sister, Bai Lian hoped that she could regain her courage and become the resilient Holy Spirit Goddess like in the game, occasionally playing the role of a righteous ally.

But the third Martial Sister was different.

Bai Lian hoped that after revenge, she could cultivate her character and enjoy her leisure time planting flowers and grass, wouldn't that be beautiful?

"What do you think?"

Bai Lian suddenly asked the rabbit squatting at her feet.


The jade rabbit lay back and fell into the sand with its feet facing the sky. Its two long blue and white ears fanned like a fan.


Bai Lian understood its meaning.


She lightly shook her right hand, and suddenly more than a dozen ice butterflies appeared out of nowhere. They slowly flew around the jade rabbit, and a mobile air-conditioned room was created just like that.

Deeply moved, the rabbit's stiff ear softened.

"Let's go."

Ahead was the place where An Lan had discovered the third Martial Sister, Gray Wind Town.


Gray Wind Town was just a small town in the Sand Region.

But the liveliness of this small town was no less than the elegant ancient cities with their pavilions and towers along the Eastern Divine Continent's coast.

As soon as Bai Lian crossed the dilapidated town gate, she heard the cries of the vendors on both sides of the wide street.

"Water, water, buy some sweet water!"

"Take a look, take a look, the fluffy tree bark, with its built-in warming effect, a must-have for home travel to dispel loneliness, can't be taken advantage of or deceived!"


The jade rabbit looked at the white fluffy tree bark that looked like a cylinder with a puzzled expression.

Bai Lian quickly pulled it back.

"That's not for eating, it's for use."


The inexperienced rabbit was confused. Was it a kettle for boiling water?

Bai Lian didn't plan to explain. Even if the female rabbit knew what it was for, it wouldn't matter.

As Bai Lian walked towards the third Martial Sister's residence, a quarrel suddenly erupted at a roadside stall.

A gorgeously dressed, cold-faced woman walked up to the vendor selling fluffy tree bark.

"You, shameless! How dare you sell this kind of thing in broad daylight!"

The vendor became unhappy: "Miss, I'm not stealing or robbing, and I'm not violating any rules in Gray Wind Town. Why can't I sell this?"

The woman's face turned red, and she scolded: "You're vulgar!"

"I'd like to be upper-class too, but I don't have the chance." The vendor muttered.

The woman drew her sword with a "clang". At this moment, her martial sister ran over from afar and stopped her anxiously.

Seeing the conflict about to escalate, three options appeared before Bai Lian's eyes:

[Task 1: Assist the woman (reward: a medium-grade magic weapon)]

[Task 2: Spend money to buy all the tree shells (Reward: Qi Gathering Technique)]

[Task 3: None of my business! (Reward: Painting +1)]

In order to avoid attracting the attention of those evil people in the game who existed solely to harass women, Bai Lian deliberately used magic to change her appearance and wore a veil to cover her face.

"It's none of my business!"

She didn't want to cause trouble at this time.

From the task reward, it could be inferred that the stall owner must have a backer.

The villains in this game are very typical of xianxia novels. After she worked hard to defeat them, the third martial sister might have already run off somewhere. Bai Lian wisely stayed away from trouble.

[Task completed. Task reward: Painting +1]


Apart from being a little hot, Bai Lian likes Gray Wind Town very much.

No other reason but the abundance of white-haired people!

Half of the people she saw on the way were white-haired.

Thinking that third martial sister also had white hair, her slightly heavy heart relaxed.

Half an hour later, Bai Lian arrived at the gate of a large mansion.

[The Su family of the Gray Wind Town]

As far as she knew, the Su family was a small-scale cultivation clan, and the strongest person in the clan was only at the Foundation Establishment stage.

The third Martial Sister is the adopted daughter of the fifth elder of the Su family.

Her full name is——

Her full name was Su Youwei.

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