The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 11 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Chapter 6: What Have You Come to Realize This Time? (2)

In order to create a harmonious family, she must seriously consider the feelings of everyone in the family.

It's tiring to say.

But Bai Lian didn't escape because she was content with it.

She bravely looked up and met Ying Shi's gaze.

Strangely enough, to her, all those who were crowned with the name of Saintess were all ticking time bombs.

She said, "Fairy Ying Shi, even if you have communicated with the Saint Lord of Yaochi, I cannot agree to your request."

Bai Lian's voice was resolute.

She believed that if she had to reject it, she must stick to her decision!

Be a little more weak-willed and the other person might think you're acting.

Ying Shi suddenly became flustered, "White Emperor Bai Lian, you misunderstood me, I don't intend to abandon Yaochi Holy Mountain and turn to Duxian sect, I also don't expect you to personally give me pointers."

Bai Lian asked, "What do you want?"

Ying Shi replied, "I just want to stay by your side. Whatever you want me to do, I will do it. Cooking, doing laundry, warming up the bed - no problem."

Come on.

You are abetting me to commit a crime!

Ying Shi continued, "I don't ask for repayment, I just want to be able to stay near you and watch you eat, practice, rest, bathe… etc."



Ying Shi immediately shut her mouth.

Bai Lian was scared.

Is Ying Shi actually a pervert?

Does she want to watch me bathe? What else do you want to do?

Seeing that Bai Lian had misunderstood, Ying Shi quickly explained, "White Emperor Bai Lian, I didn't mean it like that, I actually…"

After a moment of hesitation, she still spoke out her plight voluntarily.

She really didn't want to do anything bad!

She just wants to get out of her predicament and become as dazzling as Bai Lian.

But she didn't know what to do, so she came up with a stupid way.

Don't you understand?

Look at it closely and it's over!

Looking more often always leads to learning something.

After saying all this, Ying Shi looked at Bai Lian with an expectant gaze.

This gaze made Bai Lian feel uneasy.


So, Ying Shi is also a cultivator with an unstable heart, and might develop an internal demon at any time?

She immediately thought of Qing Luan.

That's even worse.

Under her blind guess, the originally normal Qing Luan successfully had her heart broken.

If it wasn't for Qing Luan being truly the Qing Luan Divine Bird with the power to be reborn from the flames, she would have made a big mistake long ago.

The system tasks that popped up immediately also validated Bai Lian's idea from some perspective.

"The reward for letting Ying Shi stay is Golden Light Green Moon Pearl?"

This is worth almost as much as a mid-level Spirit Tool.

For Bai Lian now, the risk is not that high.

But after taking into consideration that she still had quite a few Immortal Spirit Stones and Immortal Spiritual Herbs, Bai Lian decisively chose the more secure tasks.

She shook her head.

Although I feel sorry for you, I refuse!

Life is already so hard for everyone, why should we make things hard for each other?

Ying Shi could not hide the disappointment on her face.

"White Emperor Bai Lian…"

Most of the time Bai Lian is soft, but when it needs to be hard, she still stands firm.

She still shook her head, "Fairy Ying Shi, I feel like you are taking the wrong path."

"Am I taking the wrong path?" Ying Shi asked, puzzled.

"What you need to do now is to think, think about what it is that you truly want, as nobody else can help you with this; you can only depend on yourself."


Ying Shi was silent for a moment.

The wind blew chill against her.

She seemed to have understood something, yet it also seemed like she hadn't understood anything.

Think slowly!

Bai Lian turned around, "Since you have traveled far to come here, I cannot show any lack of politeness."

Before sending Ying Shi away, she decided to treat her well, so as not to let Ying Shi belittle the Duxian sect.

Ying Shi dazedly followed behind her.

The two of them ran quickly and soon arrived at Bai Lian's room.

"Sit tight, Fairy Ying Shi, I'll be right back."

Bai Lian was going to prepare the ingredients.

It wouldn't take her too much time.

When she returned to the room, Ying Shi was sitting in front of her dresser.

Does it seem that her mind is wandering?

"Fairy Ying Shi?"

Bai Lian softly called from behind, but Ying Shi still didn't respond.

What are you doing?

Bai Lian walked up with a puzzled look.

She probed her head.

When she saw clearly what Ying Shi was looking at, her soul almost flew away in shock.

Damn it!

On the table, in addition to the "Green Emperor's Legend" that she was writing, there were some r18 novels she usually reads.

"East God Twin Phoenix Chronicles", "Witch Mountain Goddess Record", and "The Great Elder Martial Sister's Romance"… these erotic novels all scattered across the dressing table.


Bai Lian's hands trembled lightly.

It's over.

Ah ↑ ah ↑ ah ↑


Bai Lian only wanted to cry.

Her fame, her life, her future…

Everything vanished in an instant.


She was regretting it now.

Just now she was reading at the dressing table, then the second Martial Sister rushed in, disturbed by this incident, so she forgot to put the books away.

If she were more cautious…

It's a pity that there is no Regret Medicine in this world.

Even with the blessing of her Immocent Heart, Bai Lian's expression was still extremely solemn.

"Oh, White Emperor Bai Lian."

At this time.

Ying Shi suddenly emerged from a trance.

She was startled when she saw Bai Lian so close.

How close!

Not long ago she was the one who pulled Bai Lian to touch her heart, but now she's so nervous her heart beats almost stopped.

After a moment, Ying Shi hurriedly explained, "White Emperor Bai Lian, I really didn't mean to peek!"

Whether it was intentional or not, the outcome was the same.

Should I take this opportunity to kill Ying Shi?


Bai Lian was just thinking.

She couldn't do such a thing.

Since force can't be used, she can only take the roundabout way.

She whispered, "Fairy Ying Shi, you must never tell anyone about this!"

To Bai Lian's surprise, Ying Shi agreed right away.



Bai Lian was greatly startled.

She originally thought Ying Shi would use this as an excuse to threaten her to do things.

Wrong, Ying Shi doesn't dare to threaten her.

At least she should make a deal with her, right?

Ying Shi didn't do it either.

Instead, she revealed a sudden look of understanding, "White Emperor Bai Lian, you don't want outsiders to know that these books were written by you?"

I'm not, I'm not!

How can I know how to write novels?

Bai Lian mumbled, "Only the book Green Emperor's Legend is written by me, not the other books."

She was weak and exhausted as a defeated rooster.

Ying Shi asked, "So, these books are for reference?"

Bai Lian nodded her head slightly and explained vaguely, "I just want to learn the structure of writing essays from them. Really, these stories are very rhythmic. I'm here to learn!"

"I see."

Ying Shi let out a heartfelt sigh.

As they continued to extol the great achievements of the Green Emperor, White Emperor Bai Lian had already begun to write in praise of the Green Emperor.

White Emperor Bai Lian is too warm-hearted!

There was a rush of enthusiasm in her.

"I suppose those stories written must be about heroic deeds as same as the story of the Green Emperor?"

"Of… course…"


Bai Lian suddenly paused.

Does Ying Shi mean that she hasn't read the contents of these books yet?

Doesn't it mean that she still has a chance to make up for it all?

Bai Lian immediately became energetic.

Ying Shi said to herself, "East God Twin Phoenix Chronicles should be the story about the two founders of Yaochi Holy Mountain, and Witch Mountain Goddess Record should be the biography of Master Green Leaf. As for The Great Elder Martial Sister's Romance… I really don't know who she is."



This is a big misunderstanding.

But Bai Lian has no intention of correcting Ying Shi.

Basically, these books are only circulated within a small circle, so if she takes them away, Ying Shi won't be able to verify them.

She calmly held the books in her hand and said, "You guessed right. The book 'The Great Elder Martial Sister's Romance' merely records the story of an unremarkable cultivator, so it's normal that you wouldn't know."

Ying Shi asked, "Do you often read biographies?

"Right. As Bai Lian tucked the books into her chest, she carried on, "It's not just tales of distant heroes that are worth reading - ordinary people's stories are worth studying too."

Ying Shi nodded silently.

Bai Lian said, "No matter how high we stand, essentially we are still people. With people as a reference, it is clear to distinguish gain and loss. In my opinion, this is a very good way to cultivate the heart!"

This is a very good way to cultivate the heart…

The words "cultivate the heart" burst into Ying Shi's heart.

She understood.

Bai Lian was trying to guide her.

She can't find the answer now, but she can go back to the past to look for it!

"White Emperor Bai Lian!"

Ying Shi's eyes lit up, and she stood up abruptly, bowing deeply.

"Thank you for showing me the way, I will never forget your kindness!"

"Ah? Oh."

Bai Lian had a confused expression.


What do you realize?