The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 11 Chapter 6 Part 1

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Chapter 6: What Have You Come to Realize This Time? (1)

Yaochi Holy Mountain.

On the Ascending Roof.

The strong wind blew over the roof.

Mountain clouds rolled above the roof, and a woman in a loose white robe gazed far into the distant grey sky.

She didn't move.

Like playing a game of Jenga with someone.

Not until a distinct sound of footsteps echoed from behind, did she slowly turn around.

"Saint Lord."


The woman who came was the Saint Lord of Yaochi Holy Mountain.

This Saint Lord, who had been in power since one thousand years ago, is well-known by many ordinary people who have never practiced any martial arts. Her elegant title has been heard of far and wide.

Although she is well known, her demeanor is very calm and she is not tall.

No matter above or below, one word to describe her would be - ordinary.

Especially when she stood in front of Ying Shi's master, the contrast was even more vivid.

If the Saint Lord was not dressed in a gorgeous dress and kept a cold face, most people would treat her like a little girl.

"Still thinking about Ying Shi?"

The Saint Lord stood beside Ying Shi's master.

Although she looked small, her voice sounded like a big sister.

Ying Shi's master nodded gently, "She is my disciple, how can I not worry about her?"

The Saint Lord leaned against the railing.

Because of her height, she has to stand on her tiptoes.

The mountain wind rolled her jet-black long hair, and the faint scent of a festive flower rose from her body, lingering in the mountains.

Ying Shi's master's mind suddenly settled after being a bit chaotic.

The reason why Saint Lord is Saint Lord is because she has a special charm that ordinary people don't possess!

No matter what kind of crisis comes.

Whenever the figure of Saint Lord appears in view, the people of Yaochi Holy Mountain will gain boundless courage in their hearts.

The Saint Lord held out her right hand, spreading her five fingers apart to block the only bit of light on the horizon.

She said.

"When Ying Shi came to look for me, I didn't hesitate for too long."

"The experiences of her childhood have become a fixation in her mind."

"If we can identify the problem before she goes through her Yin Fire Disaster, things can still turn around. Now…"

The Saint Lord sighed.

Ying Shi's master had to agree with her.

Cultivators are different from ordinary people.

Although one may want to be freed from constraints, once they go beyond the ordinary, they will find more bindings taking effect.

The three Disasters are the most conspicuous hoops.

The Sky Thunder Disaster tests your body, the Yin Fire Disaster tests your heart, and the Guafeng Disaster tests your spirit.

Bearing the scar in her heart, Ying Shi endured the spiritual interrogation of the Yin Fire Disaster.

This is not an embodiment of courage, but a compromise out of helplessness.

She fell.

"I'm no good, I'm a waste!"

Now such thoughts have been stamped into Ying Shi's heart like a steel seal.

No outsider can force their way into her heart.

The whip is beyond reach!!!

If force is used, the end result will be nothing more than widening the cracks on Ying Shi, causing more harm than good.

"The best way is to let her climb out of the well by herself; she has the ability, she just doesn't think she does."

The Saint Lord murmured softly.

"I thought this way, so when she said she was going down the mountain to find Bai Lian, I quickly agreed."

Ying Shi's master asked back, "Because Bai Lian is a reincarnated Immortal Emperor?"

The Saint Lord shook her head, "No, because Bai Lian is a Natural Saint!"

There are two things that can shake her soul.

One is the glorious starry sky above her head.

Two is the noble moral code in people's hearts.

It is hard to find someone among the people she knows that has a higher moral standard than Bai Lian!


The beautiful face of that woman flashed through the mind of the Saint Lord.

She suddenly gave a silly smile.

Light will automatically illuminate the surroundings as long as it is there.

Immediately, she turned her head.

"Actually, it's not just because of Bai Lian, but also because this was Ying Shi's first time wanting to take the initiative to get out of the well."

"I don't know if this path is right, but at least she should try it. The world outside is so big, she shouldn't stay in Yaochi Holy Mountain all the time."

Ying Shi's master silently nodded, that is indeed the case.


She asked again, "What if Ying Shi never comes back?"

The Saint Lord glanced at Ying Shi's master, her voice was soft.

"Are you testing my attitude?"

Ying Shi's master opened her mouth.

"I only allowed her to go down the mountain after careful consideration."

The Saint Lord's words were few, but Ying Shi's master still understood her meaning.

Just go, she has already considered all possibilities.

The Saint Lord…

The Saint Lord shook her head, "No need to think too much, I just received a message from the sect leader Jue Yunzi of the Duxian Sect, Ying Shi wanted to stay by Bai Lian's side to learn, probably there is no hope now."


The mood of Ying Shi's master was somewhat complicated.

She felt relieved yet sad for her disciple's unfavorable departure from the sect.

It will certainly be a hard hit, right?


The road is still long, take it slowly.

The two said goodbye.

The Saint Lord walked up to a stone pillar on the right side of the terrace.

This is an ordinary and plain stone pillar, the only worth-mentioning thing about it is that there are two shallow grooves on the top, one high and one low.

Though fierce winds blew for thousands of years and rain and snow washed away hundreds of centuries, when you come to see it, the two grooves are still carved into the stone pillar.

Because every once in a while, the Saint Lord will scratch it again with her fingernail.


She stood with her back against the stone pillar.

As at that time.

She tilted her head up and her gaze pierced through the centuries. She saw standing in front of her a young, righteous Elder Martial Sister.

[Come back and measure again next year at this time.]

[I'm sure to grow taller]

[Of course]

[I want to be as tall as you, Elder Martial Sister!]

Later she really grew taller, but she and her Elder Martial Sister never measured their height here again due to various reasons.

Afterward, her Elder Martial Sister was sent to the forbidden land to reflect upon her actions as she had angered her master.

After that, her Elder Martial Sister avoided her until finally they could no longer see each other.

"Elder Martial Sister."

The Saint Lord felt her eyes were a bit stingy, and her nose was a bit sour.

If a person's life could be restarted over and over again like in a story, until a good result is achieved, how great would that be?

She didn't say.

She allowed Ying Shi to go down the mountain because Ying Shi was brave enough to walk out when she fell into that "deep well" she was traped in.

That's something she never did.

At that time she could clearly have refused her master and her Elder Martial Sister, but she didn't do so.


After a thousand years.

After two thousand years.

Even longer.

She will always live with guilt towards her Elder Martial Sister.

The wind came from the west.

The leaves rustled.

Bai Lian gently swung her soft arm, and soon everything returned to normal.

It's too scary!

Someone as harmless as her almost got dragged into the "abyss" just now.

Thankfully, she had a voice in her heart calling to her--

[Don't go, it's a dead end!]

She woke up in time and avoided a tragedy.

Now Bai Lian was scared.

Is the danger far away?

Of course not.

As long as Ying Shi isn't sent away, the danger will remain.

Bai Lian is very self-aware.

Her abilities are not bad, but it would be a joke to ask her to teach Ying Shi.

She has been cultivating for no more than six years.

Given her current level of knowledge, even teaching the Second Martial Sister and the Fourth Martial Sister would be too much.

It seems that the only one who can be tricked by her is probably the fifth Martial Sister.

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After all, Ling Xuan was clueless about cultivation, so she just believed whatever Bai Lian said.

If Ying Shi were to stay by her side to learn, over time, Ying Shi would surely find out that this "Immortal Emperor" is too "stupid"!

If it were before, even if she was exposed, Bai Lian could treat it as if nothing happened.

[I don't mind! I'm going to live a life with my avatars!]

Unfortunately, the times have changed.

The presence of Yue Wuyang made Bai Lian not dare to show any flaws.

If her true cultivation base is exposed, Yue Wuyang will definitely do something.

If luck was not on her side, then An Lan's true identity might have been exposed.

That would be terrible.

Therefore, Bai Lian would never dare to keep Ying Shi by her side.

There are other reasons.

For example, she was afraid that her master would not be pleased, and she was also afraid that her Martial Sisters would not be pleased.

After all, she is not alone now.