The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 11 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5: People Cannot Be Generalized (1)

Making such a choice is very challenging for a person.

At least that's the case for Ying Shi.

Because she's a person who likes peace, this is not a very safe thing to do!

In order to be stable, Ying Shi was willing to step down from the position of Yaochi Holy Mountain's Saintess.

Even if that spot isn't hot, there's no steel needle that can poke someone there!

To be honest, it's not really stable to delve into.

Ying Shi was stunned by what she saw in her childhood.

When she was in the center of the crowd, when she was looked upon by countless people, when one after another person flattered her in front of her, she always felt that one day she would be caught by a madman and tied up with ropes and then pierced from head to toe with a red-hot iron rod.

This is a nightmarish event that Ying Shi will never forget for the rest of her life.

Especially the scene where the blood splashed out from the wound of that tragically killed Elder sister, like lightning, fell into her heart.

The pressure of the blast blew through each capillary on her body like a hurricane, leaving a huge scar on her young body.

Ying Shi was perpetually falling.

This was an abyss, winding, dark, and damp.

No matter how deep she goes in, or how immersed she is, she cannot find happiness from the abyss.

All she had is pain.

It is like a deep rift entrenched in the heart, which will never be filled no matter how many years have passed.

The reason why this trauma didn't evolve into an internal demon is because she encountered a "kind" senior.

The senior was also a Saintess of Yaochi Holy Mountain.

Thanks to the guidance of her predecessors, she realized that not everyone standing in a superior position will get beaten by fiery sticks.

They could possibly have their hands and feet cut off by someone!

They could directly be beheaded by someone!!

Of course.

The senior smiled and patted the young Ying Shi's head, "They will also pass away peacefully. After their death, countless people will be sad for their passing and countless people will send them off spontaneously."

"What about you, senior?"

Looking up at the brilliant stars in the sky above Yaochi Holy Mountain, the senior muttered, "I'm just a forgotten person."

Ying Shi held the senior's withered hand and gently shook it as she cooed, "Senior, I still remember you!"

"Yes, you still remember me."

The senior laughed aloud heartily.

This smile became imprinted as a last impression of Ying Shi on her senior.

After that, only half a month later, the senior had passed away.

The senior was too old.

Her cultivation base was unable to be broken through, and even the Medicinal Pills that could extend her life were no longer effective.

That surprised Ying Shi.

On the day that senior passed away, the wind whistled outside the window. The Saint Lord who was instructing her on cultivation suffered a bolt from the blue.

Clap, clap, clap.

Bamboo slips fell to the ground.

But the Saint Lord seemed not to have noticed, and it was a while before she finally showed a very forced smile.

"The wind is making this house sway."

The Saint shakenly supported herself on the bedside rail.

It has been many years since then, but Ying Shi still remembers the fleeting thoughts that crossed her mind.

The Saint Lord looked ten years older at that moment.

No matter how sophisticated the magic is, it cannot conceal the wrinkles that emerge in the corners of the Saint Lord's eyes.

After that.

Everyone at the Yaochi Holy Mountain had changed into white clothes.

White clothes with a crown are a kind of mourning clothes.

On the Ascending Roof of Yaochi.

Countless people lined up in two neat rows facing the raging wind, with young Ying Shi standing with her master at the front of the group.

The coffin flew slowly by.

The Saint Lord said nothing and conducted Yaochi Holy Mountain's highest standard of sky burial for the senior.


Ying Shi's master said, "The Holy Lord and the senior are sisters…"

They together entered Yaochi Holy Mountain, practiced together, and grew together.

There is a good saying——

People can't be lumped together!

No matter how hard she tried, the cultivation speed of the Holy Lord still cannot keep up with that of the senior.

Therefore, in the eighteenth year of her initiation, the senior was elected as the new Saintess of Yaochi Holy Mountain.

The moon has two sides.

The senior has become a shining example to the world.

And the Saint Lord has become a secret dark side.

The change of events happened after the former Holy Lord found a spiritual treasure that helped with cultivation.

If there are no surprises, the Spirit Treasure will be given to the senior, helping the senior to condense [Field], breaking through to the later stage of the Transcendency Stage in one go.

But on the night of the former Saint Lord giving her the treasure, the senior made an unexpected decision.

She refused the former Saint Lord and was very stubborn when urged to relent, not yielding a single step.

The originally harmonious master-student duo erupted in a fierce argument because of this.

Afterwards, the former Holy Lord took away the title of Saintess from their predecessors in the name of disobeying the Saint Mountain Law.

The new Saintess is the current Saint Lord, and the Spirit Treasure has accordingly changed its master.

The young Ying Shi asked, "Why did the senior quarrel with the former Saint Lord?"

Her master sighed and said, "She once said to the former Saint Lord…"

[Because you are better than me. I have talent but I'm not a determined person. Only you can ascend to the Immortal World, and only you can make the glory of Yaochi Holy Mountain last.]

The young Ying Shi was very shocked.

"Is that all?"

Her master nodded, "That reason is enough."


The more you grow up, the more you understand what it means to give up, what it takes to be courageous, and what is needed to know oneself.

Not every soldier has the ability to become a General.

The soldier who was first to rush deep into the enemy's ranks with his head full of blood is also a good soldier.

That night.

Ying Shi actively sought out the Saint Lord.

After a brief communication with the Saint Lord, she resigned gracefully from the position of Saintess.

Perhaps it was because the Saint Lord thought that the sentence she said sounded familiar.

"I cannot erase the scars on my heart, I am not fit for the position of Saintess, let alone the seat of Saint Lord. I, in my current state, don't have the capability to keep the splendor of Yaochi Holy Mountain alive."

The heart is like running water.

Once it has gone far away, it will be impossible to bring back.

The Saint Lord had her younger sister take up the position of Saintess.

Ying Shi knows.

This is not only because of her sister's amazing talent, but also because the Saint Lord has high expectations of her.

Come back.

This place is reserved for you.


Ying Shi sighed softly to herself.

Everything can't go back.

No, to be precise, she shouldn't have been in that position.

Saint Lord, I'm sorry, I'm now in the form of White Emperor Bai Lian!

Since having a close encounter with White Emperor Bai Lian in Qingxu, she would even recall her lance while dreaming.

It's really too powerful!

At that time, Bai Lian was as dazzling as the sun.

No matter how strong the wind, or how thick the clouds, or how heavy the rain is, it cannot be dispersed.

Ying Shi vaguely remembered.

Such a Bai Lian is the kind of person she used to aspire to be.

Last night.

After a night of wind blowing on the Moon Tower of Yaochi Holy Mountain, Ying Shi made a terrifying decision.

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This time, she is no longer seeking stability.

She wanted to reach out and touch the crevice, even though she could get burned, but at least she went in!