The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 11 Chapter 3 Part 2

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Chapter 3: Because I'm Your Master! (2)

Pooh, pooh, pooh.

Watching Xiao Jinse's figure gradually fade away, Su Youwei couldn't help but widen her eyes.


Xiao Jinse tried to win the upper hand by pleasing the master?

Too bad!

Su Youwei became instantly on guard.

She carefully analyzed it and found that Xiao Jinse's plan has a lot of operational space.

Who is Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian?

The most filial disciple of the Qiongming Peak!

She was not afraid of danger, having run for thousands of miles to the unfamiliar North Luzhou to search for a healing relic for her master.

Throughout the Duxian Sect and even among the hundreds of sects surrounding the Duxian Sect, no one understood the importance of "respecting one's master" more than Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Although Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian doesn't listen to her master in all matters, she definitely treats every word of her master carefully.

If Xiao Jinse could establish a good relationship with her master, then she could ask her master to take extra care of her.

For example——

"Bai Lian, if you have time, go to teach your Second Martial Sister more. She is a serious and good student."

"Bai Lian, leave this to you and your Second Martial Sister to do together."

"Bai Lian, your second Martial Sister has been bullied by your third Martial Sister again. Go tell your third Martial Sister to stop being unreasonable."

"Oh, Bai Lian..."


Su Youwei's blood pressure suddenly shot up by a lot.

Can this be allowed?

She cannot let Xiao Jinse's evil scheme succeed!

Su Youwei angrily marched towards the lamp stall.

Now she has no interest in going shopping; the urgent task is to pick a better gift for the master to suppress Xiao Jinse's arrogance.

Even if she can't seat Xiao Jinse beneath her own butt, she has to hold onto Xiao Jinse's legs to prevent her from standing out.

"Master, don't be fooled by Xiao Jinse!"

After a few seconds.

The alley finally quieted down.

An Lan's eyes were slightly narrowed, hiding only a faint smile on her face.

Ok, now it's only her and Bai Lian left here.

Of course the thing she wants to do is "play in the water" with Bai Lian!

"I will take you to a nice place."


Bai Lian was taken aback.

When the willow tree caught her eye, she realized that her master must have been referring to Jingming Pool.

This is exactly the place where she was in contact with her master at arm's length during the last Lantern Festival.

The reflections of the pool surface mirrored her emotions at the moment.


"Sit down, Bai Lian."

An Lan's voice sounded in the dazed Bai Lian's ears.


Bai Lian unconsciously sat down on the stone bench by the pond.

In the moment the chill reached her buttocks, she quickly stood up again.


It should be her who gives the master a foot wash.


"Sit down!"

An Lan grabbed her arm.

Four eyes looked at each other.

Bai Lian was taller than An Lan, and when she stood on the stone steps, An Lan's head couldn't even reach her chest.

But small An Lan has a great aura.

In just a moment, Bai Lian realized that she was being suppressed.

It seemed as if she had seen the master who suddenly came out and slapped her on the ear.

She doesn't feel aggrieved.

But she felt that the cold winds on this spring night were becoming warmer.

It's actually quite nice to enjoy the master's services once in a while.

Bai Lian obediently sat down.

She placed her hands neatly on her knees with her legs crossed.

This is it!

An Lan sat down opposite Bai Lian.

Bai Lian was about to take off her shoes, but was stopped again.

"Reach out!"

An Lan patted her thigh.

Last time, her shoe and socks were forcibly removed by Bai Lian. This time, she's going to take the situation into her own hands and get it back!


Bai Lian replied.

She figured it out; even though her master looks domineering now, in reality, all the energy is actually pumped in with an "inflator"!

[She is just pretending to be tough!]

She only needs to take a stick in her hand, gently poke forward, and the master will soon fall soft on the ground.


[Why would I do that?]

Bai Lian gave a faint smile.

She would never give up the possibility of making her master her wife just for a moment's joy.

She obediently stretched out her foot and placed it flat on her master's thigh.

An Lan was a bit dazed for a moment.

Will Bai Lian's feelings be the same as they were back then? If not, wouldn't she be at a disadvantage?

She took off Bai Lian's shoes and socks one after another in her daydreaming.

The facts prove that Bai Lian's feet don't sweat!

Therefore, An Lan didn't despise Bai Lian at all, but felt a sense of intimacy from the fragrance emanating from Bai Lian's feet.

She lightly held Bai Lian's palm.

It looks great.

It is as delicate as jade.

It is also fun.


An Lan's gaze fell on Bai Lian's toes.

The toes are round and moist, as white as frost and snow. An Lan unconsciously evoked the snow cones sold by street vendors.


The atmosphere suddenly cooled down.

Bai Lian was somewhat anxious.

No, no!

The master won't suddenly "lose his sanity" and bite her, right?

That would be too...


Should she intentionally create an "accident" and put her toe in her master's mouth to speed up the process?

Suddenly, a new task appeared at that moment.

[ Task 1: Proactively stick your toe into An Lan's mouth (Reward: Frostbite Lava)]

[ Task 2: Make a cute and cunning expression (Reward: Light Skill +1).]

Frostbite Lava is a relatively rare forging material, with a value equivalent to that of a top-grade Magic Tool.

For Bai Lian now, there is still some risk involved.

If she is really going to do this, then her master might get angry and cut off her toes and stuff them inside her body.

Better be steady.

Choose Task 2.

Bai Lian looked at her stunned master with an innocent and adorable face.

On this chilly spring night.

An Lan unconsciously raised her head.



She felt like she was shot in the heart.