The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 11 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3: Because I'm Your Master! (1)

After coming to the East Divine Land, An Lan became a lazy woman.

But everything changed after she encountered Bai Lian.

This is mainly because she slowly took the Qiongming Peak as her second home in life!

The predecessors said well.

After two people form a family, it is inevitable that there will be some disputes.

As long as both parties maintain self-restraint and think of each other, the proper friction will not only not damage family relationships, but will make the family relationship more harmonious, healthier, and more positive!

Of course.

If the friction is too intense and it causes a fire in the house, then not only physical injury is inflicted, but also mental distress.

An Lan was not particularly well-versed in it, so she was trying to understand.

Before she was betrayed by her arch-enemy, she had it pretty easy and didn't face many difficulties that could hinder her progress in cultivation.

Although this event gave her a huge blow, it also gradually made her understand some truths.

"Emotions are a two-way street; if only one person puts in the effort, it will never last."

In layman's terms, one-sided giving will eventually be eliminated.

Only by assisting each other can both sides feel the joy here!

But how to do it?

Very good.

This is a question worth delving into!

In order to understand it, An Lan began reading.

She not only liked the books Bai Lian read.

She often goes to the library to borrow books about strategy.

Whenever she sits crossed-legged on the bed to contemplate life, she can't help but sigh deeply.

"What a meaningful day!"

The second day of January.

The Immortal Heavenly Lord has learned how to fry eggs.

The third day of January.

The Immortal Heavenly Lord has learned how to knit a sweater.


During the process of reading, An Lan also found her favorite sentence.

[Wise people love water, and righteous people love mountains.]

She understood.

She is a savvy operator yet occasionally she reveals a compassionate side. Her favorite thing to do right now is to go mountain climbing and play in the water with Bai Lian.

Isn't this just a true reflection of what she is like?

I like it.

An Lan, in a good mood, quickly wrote down this sentence and hung it up on her own bedside.

"If there are no worries in our hearts, it is a good life in this world!"

It's a pity...

An Lan gently shook her head.

How could she have no worries?

At least today she doesn't have to worry about those troublesome matters anymore.

"Master, here!"

In the crowd, Xiao Jinse's voice suddenly echoed.

An Lan turned around.

Under a phoenix tree, Xiao Jinse and the others clustered around Bai Lian, whose face was pale.

If the Bai Lian of the past was a frosty snow-like Saintess, then the Bai Lian of today is like a delicate porcelain doll.

Lovely, I want to...

Touch her head.


An Lan raised her right hand and waved it slowly.

"I'm here!"

She stepped out.

In the moment her right foot lightly stepped onto the pavement stones, the evening breeze blew through the crowded, long street like a silk scarf.

"Rustle rustle..."

The skirts swayed, the lanterns drifted and swayed, the branches lightly danced, and the bells hung on the street corner also made "jingling" sound.

Everything was so harmonious.


One after another, bright fireworks rose up into the night sky.



Under the shimmering light, amidst the roaring sound, the cultivator holding the Portrait Stone infused his spirit power into it.

A tree.

Six people huddled together.

A jade rabbit pulling its own ears.

A girl dressed in red.

And a night full of vibrant fantasies.

Forever frozen in the Portrait Stone, printed onto the paper!

"I hope it will stay this way."

When Xiao Jinse got the "draw," she and Su Youwei, standing beside her, exchanged a meaningful glance.

Tonight is the day of stopping the fight.

In front of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian, who suffered serious injuries, they could not "kill each other".

[I'll "take care of you" later!]

The two smiled and turned away from each other.

After taking the photo, of course, what they will have to do is to go to the Lantern Festival.

Considering that Bai Lian is unable to do strenuous exercise, they only visited some of the major attractions.

Celebrating the festival together, what they do is secondary, the most important thing is the atmosphere!

The second half of the night.

The excitement of the Lantern Festival didn't let up at all, instead it drew in even more people.

Seeing her disciples constantly probing around, An Lan suddenly had a brilliant idea.

"Go and have fun, I'll stay here and watch Bai Lian."

Ling Xuan immediately raised her head.

She was still a child and had a great interest in play, plus it was her first time visiting the Lantern Festival.

With Ling Xuan leading the way, the others felt more at ease.

Have fun!

Today is a rest day, and they have to start preparing for the disciples' competition tomorrow.

It's also good to have the Master stay to take care of Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

Anyway, the master likes to be quiet rather than moving.

If they played with their master, not only would the master feel awkward but they themselves would feel so too.

Before parting, Xiao Jinse still said cheerfully to An Lan, "Master, I brought you a gift!"

An Lan waved her hand, "Have a nice play."

She said nicely with her mouth but she was screaming to go away in her head, don't interrupt my time with Bai Lian.


Xiao Jinse vigorously nodded her head.

Before she turned and left, she gave Su Youwei a glance.


Shifu is here, no one can sneak back to take care of Elder Martial Sister!

Afterward, she started to contemplate what gift to buy for her master.

Last time, she was feeling down because of the misunderstanding between Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian and the fourth Martial Sister. After her master saw it, she immediately gave her a lot of things to comfort her.

How could she not find a way to repay her master's concern?

"What should I send?"

Xiao Jinse walked while thinking.