The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 11 Chapter 2 Part 2

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Chapter 2: An Lan's Brilliant Plan (2)

The Tianji Sect.

The spring breeze was chilly.

Smelling the bloody scent coming from the Valley Mouth, Xiao Jinse's legs trembled slightly.

She was afraid.

She thought she had mentally prepared herself, but after seeing such a bleak scene, there was no way she could calm down.

Even the powerful Tianji Sect has fallen, will Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian really be okay?

Xiao Jinse's eyes saw a face filled with blood, devoid of life.

Immediately she shook her head vigorously.


[My Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian is unbeatable; only she has the power to kill others. Who could be strong enough to slay her?]

Xiao Jinse tightly gripped the Blowing Snow Sword in her hand.

Because she is the second in command of the Qiongming Peak, with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian absent, she takes charge of the situation.

In order to live up to her name, even if the sky falls down, she must stand tall.

It's no use being afraid now.

Charge forward for Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!

Xiao Jinse gritted her teeth and held up the Blowing Snow Sword high.

Although she was scared in this moment, there was not a hint of panic on her face.

Yu Ying, standing behind, even thought that it was Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian who stood forward but not Xiao Jinse.

"However, there are still some differences."

If Bai Lian was here, she would definitely find traces of the Holy Spirit Goddess on the Second Martial Sister's body.

This is much earlier than the game storyline.

At the same time point in "The Battle of the Gods", Xiao Jinse's performance can only be described as "mediocre".

If you look into it more carefully, you would find that it's not her fault.

Her starting point was already very low, so it took several times longer than the average person to lay a solid foundation.

In addition to laying down a solid foundation, she had also to spend a lot of time dealing with the "threaten" of "Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian".

Even though Xiao Jinse was almost exhausted, in the game, she still managed to keep her cultivation base close to the average of other disciples.

Currently, Xiao Jinse has not experienced the tribulations she suffered in the game, but her disposition is no worse than her in-game counterpart.

The experiences of the last two years have made her regard Bai Lian as a goal of life-long effort.

Now this goal is nearing destruction, can she draw back?

She viewed the Qiongming Peak as her new home, she would protect this large family without hesitation!

"Let's rush together!"

Xiao Jinse's voice was full of determination.

She took the lead and strode towards the depths of the Tianji sect.

But after she had only gone two steps, she stopped.

Someone ahead!

"What are you rushing for? Are you stupid? Hurry up and come back with me!"


Xiao Jinse widened her eyes.

Suddenly appearing was the cold-faced An Lan.

Da da da.

An Lan quickly walked up to Xiao Jinse, and without any preamble started scolding her.

"Do you guys even have a brain? Are you able to handle the enemies who destroyed the Tianji sect? You came here not to save people, but to give up your lives!"

"Master, I..."

Xiao Jinse's eyes were filled with tears.

"What? Won't you notify anyone before you come out? If you can't contact me, you can go talk to the sect leader. It's really infuriating. Well, don't just copy the bad ones from Bai Lian!"


An Lan sighed and said, "Forget it. Let's not talk about these pointless things. Come back with me now."

Xiao Jinse unexpectedly shook her head and said, "Master, we have to rescue Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian!"

We will not return before we save our Elder Martial Sister!

Her gaze was unwavering; no one could change her mind.

An Lan shouted, "Save? Bai Lian has already returned to the Qiongming Peak!"


A moment later.

Xiao Jinse grabbed An Lan's sleeve and said, "Master, let's go back now!"

"Follow me."

An Lan waved her hand and sucked the four clumsy disciples and the jade rabbit into the space in her sleeve.

In no time, she crossed the space and returned to the Qiongming Peak.

An Lan scolded, "You didn't encounter any danger this time because Bai Lian took the misfortune for you. Next time if you act recklessly, there might not be someone to save you!"

"Yes, Master."

Xiao Jinse bowed her head full of regret.

The master's tone was a bit heavy, but it's all for their own good!


At the parting, the master also said, "Don't think too much today. After all it is the last day of the year, so let's have some fun."

Xiao Jinse, deeply moved, immediately proposed, "Master, let's go visit the Lantern Festival together. I will invite Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian as well."

An Lan said "reluctantly", "Only this time once!"


Xiao Jinse nodded.

When her relationship with Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian becomes closer, she must respect and show filial piety to her master!