The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 11 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2: An Lan's Brilliant Plan (1)

After returning to the Duxian sect, this night was very peaceful.

By late at night, An Lan finally emerged from that strange state.

Her spirits looked a little down, and after stretching with a yawn, she nestled into Bai Lian's embrace.


Just rub it!

"Who made you cause me to rush around!"


Bai Lian was astonished.

Does what you are doing now have anything to do with "cause you to rush around"?

An Lan didn't want anything else now, she just wanted to be comfortable!

So it took her head half a quarter of an hour to find a comfortable position on Bai Lian's chest.

An Lan's face sank deeply into it.

She squinted her eyes and smiled at the corners of her eyes, looking like a lazy cat.

She murmured, "Although you are full of flaws from head to toe, at least your chest is not bad!"


"The size is just right, the softness is moderate, and the scent is also of my favorite type, it's perfect to use as a pillow!"


"Good night!"

An Lan closed her eyes and within a breath, she was already sound asleep.

Good night? Not good at all!

Bai Lian was furious.

The sleeping master was still restless, as she would move her head every few seconds, which caused Bai Lian a lot of difficulties.

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"Spare me!"

Although she was immobile, her sense of touch was still there.

Her mental state was already very poor and after being messed around by An Lan, she almost felt like dying.

Until dawn.

She squinted her eyes and looked down at the sea illuminated by the morning sun, with a weary and helpless look.

Bai Lian smelled the dampness in the air and felt an inexplicable sense of warmth.

Listen, the voice of the sea crying~


Bai Lian gently shook her head.

Maybe this is life.

It is impossible not to cause a stir when dealing with someone awkward like the master.

She needs to prepare both mentally and physically in advance.

7 a.m.

The sun shone on the earth.

An Lan rubbed her sleepy eyes and sat up from Bai Lian's body.

She slept more peacefully than ever before in this sleep.

If the future wasn't still full of danger, she would have wanted to sleep on Bai Lian like this forever.

"It's time to go back."

An Lan stretched.

After exercising her muscles and bones, she held Bai Lian with one hand and tore the space in front of her.

It all came too suddenly. Once Bai Lian came to her senses, she realized she was already outside the Duxian Sect.

Is this the true power of the master?

It's so scary!

When An Lan left, she didn't attract any attention and the same was true when she came back.

She laid Bai Lian flat on the bed.

After a moment of hesitation, she still gave up the idea of helping Bai Lian heal.

An Lan's aspirations were far-reaching.

Bai Lian has suffered serious injuries this time. Even with the help of Medicinal Pills, it will take at least half a year to recover.

If she had cured Bai Lian immediately, she wouldn't have been able to explain it to Bai Lian or anyone else afterward.

To avoid trouble, it's better to let Bai Lian suffer a little longer time.

"You should start having a better memory!"

An Lan hummed softly.

Actually, there are more advantages than these.

Bai Lian got injured and couldn't run around everywhere anymore, so she had to stay in the Duxian sect with her.


An Lan suddenly had a bold idea.

Should she make Bai Lian's injury worse, so Bai Lian can stay with her longer?

An Lan secretly glanced at Bai Lian's legs.

What a pity if it's broken.

Forget it.

She is the renowned Immortal Heavenly Lord, how could she break her disciple's legs on purpose?

"Remember it! Don't do this kind of thing again!"

After saying a harsh sentence, An Lan went back to her own cave.

She was not going back to eat melons.

She vaguely remembered that today was the Lantern Festival and she vaguely remembered last year on the first day of the Lantern Festival, she put her toes into Bai Lian's mouth.


Although it was a bit awkward, the feeling was really great.

"Let's have a complete Lantern Festival this year."

An Lan made a decision.

But she was absolutely impossible to make a proactive invitation to Bai Lian.

After all, she can't lose the majesty of the master!

Once her majesty is lost, Bai Lian will never respect her anymore.

This is not good!

So An Lan waited in the cave.

Several days ago, those stupid disciples had been getting ready for the Lantern Festival activities.

"It's time for you to make a contribution!"

Those dumb disciples will definitely come to invite her. She will refuse first, and then agree. In this way, she not only can successfully spend the night of the Lantern Festival with Bai Lian, but also she can successfully create a cold image in their hearts.

It's certainly a good plan to kill two birds with one stone!

"I am worthy of being the Immortal Heavenly Lord!"

An Lan nodded proudly.

Everyone says Bai Lian is smart, actually, she, An Lan, is the smartest!

She only needs to use a few clever strategies and everyone will become her pawns.

An Lan just sat in the cave without moving.

She was extremely patient and waited until seven o'clock in the evening.

At this time, the sun had long since set, and the lights in the small town below the mountain had already been lit, sleepy Bai Lian had gotten up and was packing up her things, but those few foolish disciples still hadn't shown up.

An Lan couldn't sit still.

What the hell?

She quickly released her Divine Sense and enveloped the Duxian sect, then she was stumped.

"Where are they?"

Where did my four stupid disciples and one stupid rabbit go?

Even if only one remains, that's alright!

An Lan jumped up from the bed.

If she keeps going like this, her plan will fail.

She walked back and forth in the cave.

Go and invite Bai Lian proactively?


Then she can only find a way to find the four dim-witted disciples out.

""All of them are fools!""

An Lan angrily left the Qiongming Peak.

Fortunately, when Xiao Jinse and the others left, they didn't do so in complete silence. Soon, An Lan learned of Xiao Jinse's whereabouts from Yan Yue.