The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment – Volume 11 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Chapter 1: An Lan's Past (2)

In fact, An Lan was not doing anything bad.

She is a serious and awkward person.

At least she is more proper now than most people in the world.

Her favorite disciple almost died, how could she still want to do something naughty at this time?

She only realized during the flight that the seed she had left in Bai Lian was gone.

"Then add another one."

Thinking this way, she stretched her hand and drew a mysterious magic seal on Bai Lian's stomach.

Under the blessing of this transparent magic seal, the seed of Thousands of Flowers becomes more vigorous.

So, even if Bai Lian ran to the ends of the world, she could still bring Bai Lian back whenever she wanted.

Of course.

The magic seal she left behind was not only a bridge connecting her and Bai Lian, but also a switch that could cut off all her ties with Bai Lian at any time.

An Lan did this for Bai Lian's safety.

She was afraid that one day her nemesis would come knocking on her door.

She couldn't save herself, but at least she couldn't let Bai Lian be implicated and die because of her.

"Bai Lian is innocent, she's just a child!!"

When it comes to children, innocence and close relationships, An Lan's body tensed up even though it had been relaxed.

That beautiful face was also filled with gloom.

An Lan clenched her fists and said, "I only have myself to blame for trusting her too much."


Bai Lian, who was originally looking at the scenery, immediately turned her head.

She saw An Lan pulled out her Heavenly Lord's Lance.

She gave it a quick flick, and the lance barrel, which was three fingers wide, instantly expanded to be as wide as half an arm.

What is this to do?

An Lan placed Bai Lian's body on the Heavenly Lord's Lance.


Ride together.

The two people sat facing each other, no more than a foot apart.



Bai Lian couldn't help feeling embarrassed.

Faced with An Lan's wise and bright eyes, she felt completely exposed and that there was no longer any secret between them.

Could the master have already discovered that she was "pretending" to sleep?


It's not her fault.

She didn't commit the crime of wiretapping out of her own accord; she was coerced by some mysterious force. She wants to appeal for a reduced sentence!

After a while.

An Lan sighed softly.

"You have fewer death words on your body, which is a good thing."

Hum? Is there such a thing?

Bai Lian was startled.

From An Lan's perspective, the death words piled up on Bai Lian's body ten days ago seemed like a thick black bodysuit.

After removing a layer of death words, it is in the shape of black silk now.

An Lan is not an indecent woman, but she likes it.

Everyone loves beauty!

After looking at it a few more times, she felt much better.

She originally wanted to severely educate Bai Lian, but now thinks there's no need to be so intimidating.

Take it slowly.

An Lan looked up at the moon and said, "You once said that you hoped one day I would recognize you and take the initiative to tell you about the difficulties I was facing."


Bai Lian nodded to herself, so there was something to it.

That can be said to be the key battle in the great campaign to [seize An Lan's high ground].

In the New Year's Eve before, she took the initiative to attack and successfully opened the defense of her master's heart.

In a state of shock, An Lan tried to end the tug-of-war by fleeing.

How could that be?

She, realizing something was wrong, immediately launched a frontal assault after reorganizing her forces.

Her troops were given a good thrashing by their master.

But this sacrifice is well worth it, and the unprepared master had to go back to the battlefield to continue arguing with her.

Without this battle, she would have parted ways with her master by now.

Suddenly An Lan hugged her chest with both hands.

She had a solemn expression on her face. Even the air around her was awe-inspiring.

"I now accept you."

No, I can't say that. An Lan suddenly thought.

She hastily supplemented, "Don't be too proud, I don't approve of your strength, I only approve of your filial piety! Well... In the end it has been approved, you may be a bit pleased."


Are you going to perform a boring monologue?

An Lan said, "Even if it's like this, don't expect me to tell you the truth. The people and things on that level are not for you to come into contact with. Just be a good Elder Martial Sister of the Qiongming Peak, and that's enough."


Generally speaking, that's right.

After all, An Lan's enemies are also Heavenly Lords.

If her master's foes want to kill Bai Lian, they only need a thought to make her disappear, and she will never be able to revive.

However, Bai Lian won't be scared and run away directly. Those people need at least a hundred years before they can find An Lan. Plus, she still had four trump cards up her sleeve!

The second Martial Sister, the third Martial Sister, the fourth Martial Sister, and the fifth Martial Sister!

" My Martial Sisters have the potential to be Heavenly Lords!"

Bai Lian thought in proud array.

That's not bragging, her Martial Sisters really have the potential to be Heavenly Lords!

You know, there are four protagonists!

Although there is not a law of [protagonist won't die] in this world, as long as her Martial Sisters can grow up successfully, they will at least become Heavenly Lords and even Faramita Immortals.

The key still lies in the four words, "can grow up successfully"!

In the game "The Battle of the Gods", the four Martial Sisters often fight with each other.

Bai Lian thinks that "The Qiongming Peak: Player Unknown's Battlegrounds" is the correct name for this game.

There are a total of five people participating in the game, and the ultimate reward is Elder Martial Sister Bai Lian.

"Internal friction is too serious!"

Bai Lian shook her head.

She needs to remove friction between her Martial Sisters and let them enjoy their days together.

"We must strengthen the spiritual and cultural construction of the Qiongming Peak!"

When Bai Lian was thinking of the future, An Lan was also reminiscing about the past.

She cursed while recalling.

"Bitch, yet I cared so much for you!"


An Lan glanced at Bai Lian and suddenly sighed.

"She was similar to you."


This is the first time the master has mentioned her past.

What she said was something never seen before in the game, and Bai Lian immediately perked up to begin taking notes.


An Lan stretched out her hand, trying to mimic the motion twice.

But when her hand reached near Bai Lian's chest, she shrank her hand back.

No small.

Much better than when they first met.

"She looked just as pitiful as you."

An Lan changed her adjective; she spoke of her past with great bounciness.

"That was before I ascended to the Immortal World..."

With An Lan's guidance, Bai Lian's heart arrived in an unimaginably distant world under the glittering stars.

It was still a beautiful morning with the wind and sunshine.

It was still a small town bustling with people coming and going.

An Lan, who was chasing after a Demon Lord, had picked up her own archenemy.

"I saw that little girl looked as heroic as when I was young, so I allowed her to follow me and cultivate together."


No, didn't you just say that you were only 20 years old back then?

As heroic as when you were young? What time is it?

An Lan couldn't hear Bai Lian's ridicule, she muttered to herself, "This woman is too scheming, ten thousand bad words are not enough to describe her, and ten thousand Yan Yue aren't as bad as her!"

If Yan Yue heard this, she would cry!

"It's a pity that I was too blind. Until she schemed against me, I finally realized her true nature!"

An Lan was about to give Bai Lian a punch while speaking.

Fortunately, she woke up in time, or else Bai Lian would be beaten to death by her.

Will Bai Lian cry? It's hard to say, but surely her Martial Sisters will cry loudly.

"Son of a bitch!"

An Lan shouted, not knowing who she was cursing.

"I feed her, clothe her, and lead her on the path to cultivate."

"She encountered a bottleneck, so I searched through the four continents to find an expert to give her advice."

"She was in danger, and I was the first one to rescue her."

"In order to take care of her, I delayed my ascension to the Immortal World for forty years."

"Even if I reach the Immortal World, I will still often leave the best things for her."

"The result was ironic; I treated her like a sister, but she treated me like an ox, even plotting against me when I was about to make a breakthrough in my cultivation. If it wasn't for my good luck, I would have lost my life in the Immortal World with no chance to live again!"

An Lan was so angry that her hair was standing on end.

Bai Lian was speechless.

So the master has experienced this kind of blow.

It is no wonder that she, who just arrived at the East Divine Land, was indifferent to everyone; this was not only because she didn't want to involve anyone else, but also because she was afraid of being betrayed by others again.

At this moment, An Lan suddenly stretched out her right index finger and poked Bai Lian's chest.

"You hastened to approach me, if you dare to do something wrong to me, I will kill... lock you up!"

She threatened, "Don't think I'm joking. I am the Immortal Heavenly Lord. Do you understand? I can single-handedly support the sky and stomp through the nine underworlds. Even though my strength has been greatly reduced now, it's still more than enough to teach you a lesson!"

Yes, yes.

Bai Lian was not beaten by the master's words.

Under the rage, her master was still full of tolerance towards her, and she was too happy to contain it.

To put it another way, the master looked fierce but actually, her finger poked at her chest didn't make much strength.

After a few seconds, An Lan, exhausted, put her hand back.

She leaned to the side and sat down, no longer facing Bai Lian.


An Lan sighed.

She waved her hand.

"Just take what I said earlier as if it were the wind in your ear. Oh, I forgot, you don't even know what I said, so let it be like that."

An Lan curled up.

She crossed her arms and hugged herself.

She bowed her head, looking at the bright moon reflected on the sea surface, and was silent for a long time.

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At that moment, Bai Lian saw endless loneliness and desolation from her.


Bai Lian whispered softly in her heart.

If she were not pretending to be asleep, she would have to gently embrace her master from behind and say to her, "I will stay with you until you no longer want me."

She might be thrown out by her master with an over-the-shoulder toss.

But it doesn't matter.

Pain is temporary; it is a good thing if the master can understand her feelings.

Under the bright moonlight.

Above the boundless sea.

The Heavenly Lord's Lance slowly flew towards the Duxian sect, carrying Bai Lian and An Lan.

Far away in the East Divine Land.

With Xiao Jinse leading, the Martial Sisters' team finally arrived at the Tianji sect's mountain gate.

"Follow me!"

Xiao Jinse pulled out the heavy Blowing Snow Sword, with a solemn look at the valley where the smell of blood drifted.